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~My heart and well wishes to go those affected by the Boston explosions. All those who I know made it out safely. I am so sorry for those who did not. Stay strong, Boston~

Today I have earrings, rather than nail art, for display. I made these back and January, and just never found a good time to post them.

1) Goldstone and gold earrings. I love the color and sparkle in these, and they were so fast to make


2) Purple crystal and silver, simple loops


3) Jade and black. I had two sets of Jade stones, and decided to combine them. I really like how unique these are…I’ve never worked with my black chain before


4) Pink foil, crystal, and silver. These are intended for a friend of mine, to whom I promised pink earrings for the winter holidays. Oops.


5) Turquoise and feathers. I love feathers, and I love blue. These earrings are rather long, but they might be my favorite from today.


6) Hematite and silver. Very tribal


And, finally, a picture of my set-up


Summary: I like bright colors. And silver.



Brief earring post, because these have been sitting around in my photos for about 3 months.

I made these in october, the last time I sat around making earrings (but that will probably happen again soon)

IMG_0507 copy

I was asked to make a pair of earrings halfway between two others that I have made, hence the middle green pair!

IMG_0508 copy

I also¬† made a few others, pale pink crystal loops with black pearl, clay roses (the clay beads were a gift from my boyfriend’s mom and sister. I love them!), the green you saw above, silver loops, and pale pink and blue crystal on a loop.

I usually make more dangly earrings, but I’m running low on silver chain, so I’ve been playing with other modalities. But always crystal and pearl!

/earring interlude

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