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**these products were provided as part of a promotional gift. All thoughts are my own**

Essie’s summer 2013 collection is an odd assortment of pale colors and neons. There are six colors in total, 5 of which are shimmers and one of which is a creme (the bright green, The More The Merrier). I have never used an Essie polish before (the $8 price tag was too steep and they never seem to be on sale), but the polish is wonderful. Unless otherwise noted, my swatches each show three thin coats, no top coat. All the polishes were wonderfully self-leveling.


Full Steam Ahead – light purple shimmer

This polish only needed two coats and dried very quickly. There is a subtle blue/silver shimmer in the polish, but it is hard to find unless you are looking for it! Please ignore the color of my fingers, I tried to color correct to the polish.


Full Steam Ahead is a pale purple but blue leaning polish.


The More The Merrier – neon green creme

This polish took three thin coats, but dried very fast. I did not use a white base, this is the color on its own! It dries brighter than it appears in the bottle, and is slightly yellow-leaning.


I’m usually a dark colors type of person, and this was a surprise favorite for me. It might be my favorite in the collection! It didn’t give me lobster hands, and really just looked fun. I thought it would be relegated to the nail-art-only nail polish section, but I think I might be using this as a base for art rather than just leaves!



Sunday Funday – bright coral polish with shimmer

This color went on beautifully, although is still a tad sheer at 3 coats. I think the color would pop more over white. The color gave my camera a lot of problems, so this is the best I can do! Its a really bright coral/pink with a lot of red in it. I don’t really know where to put it color-wise!


It’s not as orange as the pictures look, its more pink. But definitely bright!


You can see a bit of the shimmer on the nails, but its mostly hidden.

The Girls Are Out – magenta shimmer

This polish is a wonderful bright purple that leans red. The shimmer was clearly visible (the only polish in the collection where that is true), and it made this polish look a tad more interesting.


Again, three coats with no top coat. I’m not sure how much this color works with my skin (I tend to like blue-leaning purples rather than red-leaning such as this), but it is a pretty color!


Naughty Nautical – teal shimmer

I love teals. There are more blue/teal polishes in my collection than anything else (they make up close to 1/3 the total collection), so it is no surprise that I love this polish. This is only two coats.


I’m actually wearing this right now, with some art on it. It dries fast.


Naughty Nautical leans a bit more blue than most of my teal polishes.

Rock the Boat – light blue/grey shimmer

This was the problem polish. All of the other polishes in the collection went on like a dream, were the perfect thickness to stay exactly where  put them, and did not pull when I added extra layers (even if the polish wasn’t dry yet). This polish was runny, patchy, and dried slowly. I went in thinking I would love this color (it’s such a pretty periwinkle blue) but I honestly don’t know how much I’ll wear it with the application issues.


The shimmer in this was visible, it looks to me like a bluer version of Illamasqua Raindrops (I don’t own that polish). In the bottle, Rock the Boat looks blue, but on the nails it is a bit more grey.


Comparisons! I told you guys that the L’oreal summer collection is shockingly close to the Essie one. I didn’t swatch the purples (oops) but I have a comparison of the blue and the coral.


L’oreal Orange You Jealous vs Essie Sunday Funday…


Please imagine both of these polishes as more pink than red! The l’oreal is on my pinky and middle finger, and as you can see is both a creme (rather than shimmer) and much paler in color. It is a simple coral/pink creme. However, the brush is much wider than the essie brush, and left brush strokes on my nail. This is three coats of both polishes.

L’oreal Not a Cloud in Sight vs Essie Naughty Nautical


Again, the l’oreal does not have shimmer, and is a lighter color. It is also more of a sky blue than a teal.


Two coats of both. I like both colors!

My recommendations: it depends on what colors you like. I think all of the Essie’s are great except Rock the Boat. My favorite is The More The Merrier, then Naughty Nautical. I think Sunday Funday is great, but would probably look best on someone tan/darker skinned than me, while The Girls Are Out would look great on someone with less red skin (aka someone paler than me. I just can’t win!).

Ok. Too much text and too many photos. Nail art starts up again tomorrow.

Comments on: "Essie – Summer 2013 Collection" (3)

  1. Essie polishes are so cheap in the US compared to the UK – where you are $8 we are £8 which is sometimes double the price!

    I’m not too impressed with the new Essie collections this year. Nothing really stands out as overly new or interesting.

    • Honestly, I tend to go for cheaper polishes anyway. The only polish Essie makes that I REALLY want is Penny Talk…I haven’t found a similar rose gold metallic polish anywhere else. But yes, 8 euros for a polish is crazy! Although, the bright green in this collection was surprisingly fun. I’m sure there are other (cheaper) ones out there, I just never went looking!

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