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Sugar Plum

I heard word that the new Julie G Frosted Gumdrops Holiday collection had been released early in some Rite Aid stores. Within 24 hours I ran to my Rite Aid…and low and behold, glittery textured beauties! I limited myself to three polishes (green, blue, and purple if you must know. But I am sorely tempted by the silver as well). Of course, I had to start with the purple.


First, I have to confess I am biased. Julie G was my first textured polish and it will always be my favorite. They are very pigmented, dry incredibly fast, and are awesomely gritty and sparkly without catching on clothing. They also have decent wear time (…and thus are difficult to remove, but glitter is glitter). My only complaint: I loved the small circular mirror glitters in the first collection, and these new polishes don’t appear to have the circle glitter…they fall more into the general trend of glitter+texture but without the distinctive glitter type. Oh well…maybe there will be ANOTHER collection with MORE circle glitters! A girl can dream, right?


This beautiful deep violet is Sugar Plum Fairy. I spent 10 years dancing in the Nutcracker, so the name of this polish gave it a special place in my heart from the start. I was never the sugar plum fairy, I was always a flower (which is to say I was an attendant but was never a soloist. I can’t pull of a triple pirouette on pointe, only a double :-p). ANYWAY. This polish was opaque in one coat. Yes, one. I added two (because this is a blog), but I really didn’t need to. It also dried very quickly (5-10 minutes). This is without any clean up. The control and flow with this polish is just incredible. The polish is slightly more red and less blue than in these photos…it is a true purple, not a blue! (See two more photos down. For some reason if I color corrected the polish my hand looked awful so I didn’t).


I then had to add some art. I wanted to add flowers (because the sugar plum fairy gets all the attention!) and so tried my hand at roses. Needless to say…I need some practice. And roses with texture on texture? Not the best starting idea!


I still think it looks cool, but you can’t tell they are roses. Except of course on my thumb and ring finger. I’m pretty proud of those. The lighter pink is another Julie G textured polish, which I then mixed (2 light: 1 dark) to create the middle purple color. I like the blend and I love the flower! The next photo is probably the truest to color for the polish….



  • Dark purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Light purple: Julie G – Crushed Candy
  • Silver: Revlon – Metallic


If you live near a Rite Aid, I highly suggest you see if they have this polish! It is stunning. I have been holding out on buying Carter from Zoya for a few months, because a $9 price tag just seems too steep. But for $4? That I’ll do! What’s more, Jesse’s Girl is having a promo sale for the entire new textured polish collection from today at 1pm until tomorrow at noon! If you want to buy all of them (I am sorely tempted) check out the sale…and if not the individual polishes will be going on sale at shortly! Enjoy!

Comments on: "Sugar Plum" (17)

  1. The roses are so pretty! And argh, I wish I lived closer to a Rite Aid now D:

  2. serendipityidhuna said:

    Wow! What a beautiful nailart! I like the roses!

  3. Oh. I need these.

  4. the roses are amazing!

  5. You did the roses on your thumb & ring finger free handed?? That’s really cool. I will have to try that too. I like how it looks. Did you use a special tool??

    • Yah, I free handed them. It was surprisingly easy (at least with textured polish). I just used a small stripper brush and put polish just on the tip. Make some concentric C-shapes that get progressively a bit larger as you move out from the center.

      • That’s a good tip. I will try that. Thanks 🙂
        I need to practise more nail art (at least that’s what i’m thinking in my head lol) and i feel mega proud for finally buying a dotting tool 😛

      • I don’t even own a dotting tool! I have a toothpick, an unbent hair pin (for big dots) and an unbent paper clip (for little dots). 😀 Good luck with the roses!

  6. You’re a ballerina and a nail artist! WTG!

  7. This looks gorgeous — I love the textured look! And the roses look beautiful as well 🙂

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