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So, I have only been blogging for a little over a year. Which is the same amount of time I have been doing my nails. This means that my favorites are not necessarily FROM this year, merely that I DISCOVERED them this year. Which is to say that these are my favorite polishes out of the 200 that I currently own (ok, 197 polishes that I own).

2013 Best

Also keep in mind, my criteria for “favorite” is “I would wear this without nail art because it is so darn PRETTY”. Some of these are almost impossible to art with, but I love them anyway!

Honorable mention: these two polishes are not ones I would wear alone, but they are so useful in nail art and such a shocking color that I almost would….
Sinful Colors – Endless Blue

Petites Color Fever – Figi

And now, my top 10 polishes of the year:
#10: Zoya – Faye
I just cannot get over the beautiful duochrome + glitter! The color is a bit pale for my tastes (everything else on this list is a darker color), but this does make my top 10.

#9: China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
Ruby Pumps is actually the ONLY china glaze I own (go figure). It is also the most beautiful deep glittery red, and as I love reds, this had to make the list. It narrowly beat out my second favorite red…Blaze by Zoya.

#8: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
Although this polish takes quite a few layers to be opaque on its own, the rainbow payoff is worth it! The deep pond glittery look just blows my mind. It also dries smooth and shiny, putting it ahead of most of my linear holo polishes.

#7: A England – Saint George
I love A England polishes (all 3 that I own). I think the color of Saint George is just a bit more unique than Tristam. I will say that Excalibur is my go-to silver stamping polish, but I don’t think I would wear it alone!

#6: Zoya – Alegra
For someone with almost 200 polishes, I have surprisingly few pinks. However, Alegra was a polish I knew I NEEDED to have. Beautiful, glittery, bright, and just generally wonderful. It is pink without being subtle!

#5: Zoya – Valerie
I love a good purple. I own holographic polishes, glitters, shimmers, metallics, cremes…but for some reason, Valerie, with her pink and copper glitter, just stands out.

#4: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
Blues and teals make up the vast majority of my polish collection. I love all of them. That being said, the beautiful duochrome glitter in Mermaid’s Tale really calls to me! I don’t use this polish often enough…maybe because I never want to cover it up with art!

#3: butterLONDON – Scuppered
Now we get to the good stuff. Scuppered makes my top three for a few reasons…the glitter load is incredible, the control of the polish is great, and the depth and variety of color is amazing. I would never think to mix copper, pink, and green. But it works. And I love it.

#2: ILNP – Birefringence
This was a hard call. My top two choices for this year are BOTH indy polishes, possibly because they are intended to make a statement! I put this polish second, if only because I do own other multichromes. None are quite as beautiful and spectacular as Birefringence, and none go on quite as well. Also, this polish is blue/purple/green…my favorite combination.

#1: Emily de Molly – Cosmic Forces
I cannot get over this polish. I stalked restocks at Llarowe for weeks trying to get my hands on Cosmic Forces, and I am so glad I did! I don’t own anything like it, with the large holographic glitters, the deep violet jelly base…it’s incredible. I have NO idea how to use it in nail art, but every time I want to just wear something (which granted, is seldom) this is the polish I gravitate towards!IMG_3770


And that is my top 10. How about you guys, any favorites?

(If you want to see all the polishes in my collection, to give you an idea how hard it was to pick and choose, check out the “Polish List” tab at the top of my page!)

Comments on: "My Favorites: Best Polish of 2013" (4)

  1. I think I was also about a year into collecting when I realized how little pink I own- I gravitate towards cooler or darker colors, so I still have nearly zero orange and yellow, but I think I finally have a respectable number of pink (of course, what a polish addict would call respectable is what most people would call “you have HOW MANY??”)

    Now I’m debating making a post like this too- does that make me a copycat? I’m not sure I could do it though, I might only be able to narrow it down to 20 or so.

    • Hahahah I spent the last month staring at my collection and trying to get it down to 10! And go for it, I’m always curious what other people like 🙂

      Honestly…I have about 4 yellows (0 of which I bought for myself) and maybe 3 real oranges. Most of the rest are corals.

      • I did buy some yellows and oranges, but mostly to round things out/for art purposes. Although I *do* occasionally chance across the odd glowy orange shimmer or burnt orange that I think I could actually wear. And one neon orange and neon yellow because I was buying the whole collection, but I never wear them. I think I have one yellow in my entire collection that I have worn on its own.

        Maybe that’ll be my new year’s resolution- expand my horizons and wear more colors that I don’t normally wear!

      • oranges (especially burnt and glowy ones) can be fun. I have never worn a yellow alone….and don’t plan to! Then again, I just don’t like yellow.

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