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Zoya Swatches: All Of Them

I leave for Israel this afternoon!! The rest of the posts for the next two weeks are scheduled…so if something goes wrong I promise it isn’t my fault. The rest of this week will be filled with my own nail art that I haven’t gotten around to posting (for one reason or another) while all of next week will be guest posts!


Since I know Zoya is up to something for the start of 2014, I thought I would share swatches of all my Zoya polishes before I leave! I own 23 Zoyas (the photo shows 24, but I have never used Dhara because it is a dupe for a polish I already own). Last year they had a 3-for $10 deal (where it was 3 for free and just pay $10 for shipping) and I bet they will do something similar this year! So, if you are new to the world of nail polish, or just looking to acquire more pretties, I strongly suggest Zoya!!

I will be moving from left to right, top to bottom from the first photo. Starting with:
Zoya Alegra
Alegra is a beautiful bright pink glass fleck glitter polish. Shown here is two coats with no top coat. This polish is super glittery and super fun! Although the polish is hot magenta pink, there are blue flecks in it as well. Despite being a glitter, this polish does not suffer from the difficult clean up that I usually associate with glitter (read: it comes off like a normal polish).

Zoya Blaze
Blaze is a beautiful cranberry red with fine holographic glitter. It is not like indy glitter shades…it almost has scattered holographic flecks throughout. This is one of my favorite reds of all time! Shown here is two coats, no top coat. Easy to clean despite the glitter load. However, be warned that the rainbow in the glitter can dull if you add top coat. Although I still got red/orange/green, I lost the end of the rainbow when I added top coat!

Zoya Isla
Isla is a mysterious blackened red metallic polish. If you like metallics, this is the right red for you. Isla is a true red, and goes on in two easy coats (shown here with top coat). I have used this polish a number of times, and twice it bubbled. I don’t know if that was the air conditions or something else! Despite being metallic, Isla dries without noticeable streaks.

Zoya Thandie
Thandie is a bright creamsicle orange creme. Do not be fooled by the photo on the website: this polish is BRIGHT, and lighter than you would think. If you are looking for a subtle orange, look elsewhere! Thandie is a beautiful cream, and spreads nicely. Shown here is two coats, no top coat. I don’t own many oranges, but I do like this one!

Zoya Penny
Penny is a copper metallic polish that leans orange. Out of all the zoyas that I own, Penny is the only one I don’t like. The color is a bit too orange, the golden glow shows brush strokes, and this polish ALWAYS bubbles. Maybe it is just my nails, but it is unfortunate! It is a very interesting color, but I own other “true” coppers that I like better. Shown here in three coats, no top coat.

Zoya Solange
Solange is stunning. A yellow-gold textured polish (their PixieDust line), Solange manages to look almost metallic while still being a matte glitter. Many textured polishes have glitter in them…solange IS glitter. Shown here is two coats (with an accent of Zoya Isla). I dislike the color yellow but I love this polish. Keep in mind that this is intended to be textured, and should not be used with top coat. Also, it is very difficult to remove, due to the gritty texture. But it is so worth it!

Zoya Ziv
Ziv is, quite simply, gold on your nails. Shown here in two coats without top coat, you can see Ziv in all her sparkly glory. The polish goes on easily, and appears to have a foil/fleck finish. It looks like tiny flakes of gold on your nails. This polish carries a lot of bling, and the flecks give of a varied gold appearance from yellow gold to more of a white gold. However, since the glitter is so dense, this polish can be tricky to remove.

Zoya Tomoko
I am not a subtle person, and I tend to go for bold colors on my nails. So when I tell you that I love this color, it means there is something special here. Honestly, if I had to pick only one PixieDust polish of those I own, I think it would be Tomoko. Solange is a close second…but nothing can quite compare to this polish! Tomoko is a champagne gold glitter, with so much sparkle it’s insane. Shown here is three thin coats. You get better texture with thin coats! Again, this polish was difficult to remove due to all the texture (but then, why would you want to? :-p). The accent nails have both Zoya Dea and Zoya Louise on them (the two darker browns).

Zoya Vespa
Vespa is another PixieDust polish. However, the glitter in this one is more subdued, there are bits of silver sparkle but the base is clearly a moss green. Vespa took 4 coats to reach opacity, and is not as textured as most of the other Zoyas I’ve tried. The color is subtle, and is one of the more wearable shades (as opposed to bright gold, deep grey, dark blue…you get the picture). That being said, this color is just not my favorite.

Zoya Holly
This is probably the most aptly named polish I have ever found. Holly is a brilliant holly green metallic polish, complete with slight blackening around the edges! I love this polish…it is my go-to green for the holidays (or really, almost anything). Shown here is two easy coats without top coat. I have never had any trouble with this polish and I just love how deep the color is! You might be able to get away with one coat of this polish if you’re careful. Cleanup is straightforward.

Zoya Maisie: Discontinued. Order Opal instead
Maisie is one of the fleck effect top coats, in this case with a green-to-blue flakie shift. Opal is slightly greener than Maisie, but the color shift is almost identical and from what I hear, the glitter load is slightly higher. I adore Masie…for spicing up almost any manicure! My favorite looks involve putting Maisie over black or dark blue and then adding matte top coat. You can click the links to see what that looks like…the photo below is two coats of Maisie over Zoya Wednesday, no top coat. Just a fun polish!
Wednesday + Maisie

Zoya Wednesday, Rocky, Yummy
I’m showing you an ombre with Yummy (pointer), Rocky (middle finger), and Wednesday (ring finger) (…just ignore the pinky) for a better comparison between these three blue/green cremes! Yummy is a true blue creme, just a happy summer blue color. Rocky is a beautiful blue that leans slightly green, more of an ocean surf blue. Wednesday is a dirty turquoise color, halfway between blue and green. Although I love all three polishes (and use all three) my favorite is probably Rocky. All three polishes shown as two coats without top coat. Don’t they make a lovely ombre?
blue ombre

Zoya Sunshine
Sunshine is another PixieDust, the darkest one I own. She is a deep true blue matte textured sparkle polish. Despite looking incredibly glittery in the bottle (almost grey with glitter), on the nail the glitter is more muted and the blue comes through more. I wasn’t expecting to like this polish as much as I do! The control with this polish is wonderful…but it does stain (so make sure to wear a base coat). Shown here is two thin coats. Like all PixieDust polishes, Sunshine can be difficult to remove!

Zoya London
London is the last PixieDust I have for your viewing pleasure today. Unfortunately, my photo is not the best, the polish was not completely dry when I took it! London is a beautiful dirty grey glitter, described by Zoya as “fog grey.” There is a subtle silver sparkle that combines beautifully with the grey and the texture to make this color more interesting. Shown here is three thin coats of London. And I promise she dries better than this looks! Clean up is difficult, again with the glitter and texture.

Zoya Purity
Purity is a simple white creme. She goes on slightly thin, but you can do one coat if you are very careful. I usually do two. She dries glossy. You can stamp with Purity without difficulty. *shrug* this one is pretty straight forward!

Zoya Louise
Oh Louise, what to say? I thought I didn’t like brown polish. Then I met Louise and she changed my mind. Deep chocolatey brown, looks like melted tasty on your nails. Louise leans slightly red. Excellent control, perfect application. Shown here as two coats, no top coat. If you are looking for a good brown and don’t own one, this is my recommendation.

Zoya Dea
If Louise is chocolate, then Dea is caramel. This is an almost nude brown, a flattering unassuming color. Wonderfully glossy, and opaque at two coats. For a direct comparison between Dea and Louise, scroll up to the photo with Tomoko 🙂

Zoya Faye
I don’t quite know how to describe Faye except as stunning. This polish is slightly sheer, so I needed three coats in my swatch. The base is a pinkish purple color, with incredibly strong gold and copper shimmer. In some lights, the polish looks purple, while in others it is gold. The best discretion is probably “fairy wings”! This polish is crazy beautiful, and if you like wearing sparkly ridiculous things on your nails, go for Faye! The polish is not hard to remove, but if you are not careful you can flood your cuticles as the formula is a bit runny.

Zoya Malia
Malia is a lilac creme, shown here as two coats without top coat. Although Zoya claims Malia is dusty, I disagree! I think is is a bright pretty purple, with a hint of blue. Malia is probably my most used purple polish…not too dark to paint over, yet not so light it fades away.

Zoya Valerie: Discontinued. Jem is very close (see description below)
I adore Valerie, and it makes me really sad that Zoya no longer carries her! That being said, Jem has the same exact deep purple base with hints of red, and contains the same pink-to-gold glitter as Valerie. The difference is that Valerie has glitter in it (you can see individual flecks of pink and copper) while Jem has the pink/copper as shimmer rather than flecks. I do not own Jem so I cannot compare, but the internet is full of swatches of both of these! This is two thin coats of Valerie without top coat (great coverage…I probably could have done one coat).

Zoya Storm
Storm is stunning. Pure black polish with dense holographic flecks. This is the black sister to Blaze’s red. The holographic flakies are denser in Storm than in Blaze, and you get more rainbow pay-off. That being said, they often just look silver unless you are in direct light or sunlight. Regardless, I love this polish! Shown in my swatch is two coats without top coat. I do not know if top coat dulls the glitter…I wore this without any top coat at all 🙂

My advice? Buy Zoya! My favorites are Blaze, Valerie, Alegra, and Tomoko…but then again I love glitter. Faye is unique and beautiful, and I’ve never seen another polish as glittery as Solange. Skip Penny.

I hope this helps any decision making process!

Comments on: "Zoya Swatches: All Of Them" (13)

  1. So many goodies! I hope you have a good time in Isreal. Just got my first proper zoya haul ordered 😀 so exciting.

  2. Its funny that we dont own ANY of the same zoyas!
    Have a marvelous trip Eva! See you when you get back 🙂

  3. So many swatches in one place! I love Zoya, I don’t have any but the bottles look so unique and they reliably bang out amazing color after amazing color. One day I’ll get me some!

    Also, have a great flight and an amazing trip! I think you’ll like it 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous! I only have 3 zoyas, the shipping to Israel is quite expensive 😦
    Have fun on your trip! Can’t wait to read all about it!

    • I’m trying to decide how much to post here…this is a nail art blog after all, but CAMELS and BEDOUINS and Tel Aviv is awesome…

      • Haha I’m glad you like it! I personally would love to read all about your experience, and off course to see what you ended up buying!
        Ga-de are actually launching a new collection these days, there are supposed to be some pretty awesome glitters 🙂

      • I couldn’t find ANY Ga-de! I did wander into a WoW and picked up 4 polishes (oooh more shinies)

      • Seriously? Did you go to any of the drugstores? It’s practically everywhere!

      • I did! All the ones were either tiny and didn’t have polish, or only had chic. I was saddened (just ask the two poor girls I dragged around with me)

  5. I love the dark green, the white, and the golds! I need to try Zoya one of these days 😀

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