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The lovely Leah from Fedoraharp has the honor of being my first ever guest post! Not only is Leah talented, she managed to do RAINBOWS (my favorite thing ever) inspired after my blog header! More than that, she is based in Israel and under her guidance I shall hopefully be picking up some Israeli polish to bring back to the US! So here we have Leah, from Israel, posting for me while I am in Israel (I love the symmetry!) And just try to tell me that her nail art isn’t stunning…


Hi everyone, I’m Leah from Fedoraharp, and I’m here filling in for Eva while she cavorts around the Holy Land! Since she’s in Israel, it’s only fair that there should be a guest post from an Israeli blogger, no?

Since I’m visiting Flight of Whimsy, I decided to do a manicure loosely inspired by the header here. Although that may just have been an excuse to do rainbow gradients, which I’m basically always in the mood for. Plus, that way I get to showcase a ton of different colors from a bunch of different local brands!





Here are my nails pre-white scribble (also pre-topcoat, so they look kind of matte. And imperfectly cleaned up!)




The sponge from this actually came out looking really adorable:



And finally, as promised: Showcasing some new polish brands!


  • Red: Chic 420 (Must Have)
  • Orange: Ga-de 424 (Orange Poppy)
  • Yellow: Ga-de 426 (Lemon Lime)
  • Green: Loka 20
  • Teal: WOW Cosmetics 422
  • Blue: Ga-de 464 (Dazzling Cobalt)
  • Indigo: Ga-de 458 (Purple Iris)
  • Purple: WOW Cosmetics 366
  • White: Chic 031 (White Flag)

Okay, until I was putting this post together I had no idea that all the polish numbers were in more or less the same numeric range! It’s a total coincidence, I promise.

There are another three or four really prominent brands here, Chic, Ga-de, and WOW are really the best. They’re the only brands that also follow international trends- both Chic and Ga-de have lovely lines of liquid sands, for example, and WOW has magnetics and is starting to come out with some great glitter bombs. Of all of these, it’s hard to say which is my favorite brand- it might be Ga-de, but that’s just because they look so pretty on display. Honestly they’re all pretty great brands! When I first started getting into polish, I was frustrated because all the cool bloggers talked about OPI and China Glaze and Zoya and stuff, and you can’t get anything like that here, not without paying an arm and a leg. But I’ve learned to love my local brands. They don’t have as many gimmick polishes, but they really are very nice! And once I have a bigger income I’ll start ordering Zoya online 😀

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it!

Comments on: "Guest Post: Leah from Fedoraharp" (7)

  1. I hope you’re having fun here so far! 😀

  2. Pretty design! Very bright and fun! Those polishes look great! 😀

  3. So so pretty! Love this 🙂

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