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Green Hex and Hexagons!

Out of the entire KBShimmer blogger collection, the polish I was most looking forward to playing with was Green Hex and Glam, designed by one of my polish idols, Kayla Shevonne. But, I had to come up with a way to not completely cover the polish! I was inspired by the hexagons in the polish to make my own spirally hexes!


You know how glitter bombs are a disaster to work with and end up patchy and thick? Not so with this polish. Fresh off my disappointment with a Different Dimension glitter bomb, I was expecting to wrestle with this polish. It was (almost) a dream. I had stored the polish bottle upside down overnight, and didn’t have to dig at all (and I do mean that) to get the larger glitters. If anything, I had to wipe them off the brush! The first coat was (predictably) patchy, but the polish looked amazing at 2 coats. I added a third just to get rid of some VNL on one nail, and WOAH. I didn’t add top coat (yet) because I wanted to add my design first, but let me reassure you, two thin coats of top coat and this polish is completely smooth.


I am in love. I was always a fan of dark colors with big glitter, but the variation in size and the emerald green of this polish…just woah. And it was easy to use! Ahhhh! I need to come up with more ways to use this glittery awesomeness!


The spirally hexes were free-handed with Excalibur by A England. They actually came out almost exactly as I had imagined.



Just to make it clear…this was painted with my left hand. So I was able to get perfect glitter coverage with my non-dominant hand. I did end up needing to clean up some of the green that had gotten on my cuticles (no one is perfect) but since it is a jelly polish, it came off easy!


I am so excited to use the rest of the glitters in this collection…maybe I won’t end up swearing off glitter polish! I’ll just have to stick to buying them from KBShimmer :-p


Comments on: "Green Hex and Hexagons!" (9)

  1. I love those hex spirals! Great pairing!

  2. such a gorgeous polish

  3. What a beautiful swatch and such a pretty polish. I absolutely adore the design you decided to use. It works perfect and it reminds me of like alien script or something. 🙂

  4. I *really* need to get my hands on some kb shimmer polish… this green is gorgeous!

  5. […] #2: KBShimmer – Green Hex and Glam […]

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