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Odd, when you search “mouse nail art” all you get is Mickey and Minnie! I wanted to do REAL mice (you know, the kind I work with every day in lab. Brown and fuzzy), and so this manicure was born!


The base is the last of my new Israeli polishes, Wow #301, a greyed out yellow. It is an interesting color, even if it is a yellow. This polish was a bit runnier than the other WoW polishes, but did go on evenly in two coats.


I specked on some orange (with a coarse sponge) to make the background look like cheese. At least, that is what I was going for. I then painted on the mice with textured polish (because really, mice are fuzzy!) and went from there. If you want to see how I actually did it, look at the end of the post for a tutorial!


I had a lot of fun with this manicure. I have gotten so many new polishes recently that I just keep doing simple geometric things rather than “art”! It doesn’t help that I am trying to figure out what to do with the KBShimmer blogger holiday collection. I just do NOT want to cover those beauties! Ugh.


  • Colors
  • Yellow: WoW – 301
  • Orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
  • Grey: Zoya – London
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever

What do you guys think? Adorable or just weird?


Mouse tutorial

Step 1: Paint nails yellow. Since it is yellow, it will probably take 2-3 coats :-p
Step 2: Dab orange polish onto the rough side of a sponge and dab the sponge to your nails. Alternately, crumple up saran wrap and put orange polish on it. Dab the saran wrap on your nails for a similar effect.
Step 3: Top coat your nails. After this you will be using textured polish, so if you want the surface smooth you have to do it at this stage.
Step 4: Paint the mouse’s body with grey or brown textured polish. It should look like a symmetric teardrop.
Step 5: Add small semicircles of black for the ears. Make them extend beyond the edge of the mouse’s body.
Step 6: Add whiskers and eyes in black polish.
Step 7: Add a small pink dot for the nose
Step 8: Add a small amount of pink in the ears. It should not be totally opaque.
Step 9: Add a tail with black polish. Done!

Comments on: "Mouse" (15)

  1. Adorable! I’ve had a mini mouse and also a rat. I had to give my rat away before coming to the UK, I was so sad..
    I find them cute and interesting so adorable for sure. And I am so glad to see that you made real mouse nail art, not Mickey or Minnie.

  2. Definitely adorable!

  3. These are soo cute! Love em! 😀

  4. Super cute, I love actual nail art!! Also that looks like a good yellow, which is kinda hard to find lol.

    • it is, oddly enough. it is the only creme yellow i own, and its actually…nice. well, as nice as a yellow can be :-p. i miss doing REAL art!

  5. Adorable times ten. Love how you did the cheese! And the mice are divine. You put so much thought and effort into this mani, and using a textures polish to make these little cheese-thieves look furry is just genius! I am in awe!

    • CHEESE-THIEVES!!!!! Oh my god. I just squealed out loud. And yah, I have been planning this one for a while (actually, the ballet shoes as well). I keep a list on my computer of “manis to do when I have lots of spare time”. Which is to say this was done while the boyfriend was away for the weekend

  6. These are so cute! xx

  7. too stinkin cute! great tutorial

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