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Love Letter

I promised myself that I wouldn’t make another Valentine’s mani…but I lied. I remember the “love” bundle monster stamp and decided this was the one time I was allowed to use it, so I must! Unfortunately, mine is…um…mis-etched. The “e” in love is incomplete and looks like a “c”. Darn. I’m also not quite sure this counts as my Golden Oldies challenge mani, because the only old polish here (which granted is 1.5 years old) is the black. It is also technically the only one used for the valentines part of the mani…so I’m going to pretend it works! 😀


I decided to use only holographic polishes for this (other than the stamping in black) and so reached for the ones I had nearest…the diamond collection by Darling Diva. Since all the ones I had tried so far were one-coaters, I figured this would be a quick manicure! I was right 🙂


The base color is Pink Diamond, a pale pink that leans purple. I have been told that this stains badly…the base is actually a very hot pink with a LOT of holo sparkle tossed in! This was one easy (and quick drying) coat. Unfortunately, some of the rainbow when away when I added top coat, but I do like this polish. It’s subtle, but stunning, and since it leans blue/purple, I don’t end up with lobster hands!


This mani took a few steps. I added brown holo using the saran wrap method, to make it look more like crumpled paper. (You can’t really tell that I did this in most of the photos as the effect is subtle, but I rather like the dimensonality it gives). I then stamped with bundle monster 311. Unfortunately, the base wasn’t quite dry (I had only waited about 10 minutes between applying the pink base and trying to stamp over it) so it squished the polish. Crumped paper effect! Win. I then free-handed roses with dark pink, light pink, and green and black/grey for the leaves.


Honestly, I’m not sure why I just walked you guys through that. This mani (remarkably) took about 45 minutes. Everything just dries really fast! And that was WITH pausing to take photos all the time.




  • Light pink: Darling Diva – Pink Diamond
  • Brown: Darling Diva – Chocolate Diamond
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Dark pink: Darling Diva – Rose Diamond
  • Green: Darling Diva – Green Diamond
  • Grey: Darling Diva – Black Diamond
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 311


Hope you enjoyed! The love themed manis end tomorrow (I promise) and then back to your regularly scheduled Eva’s-fun-with-colors-that-aren’t-red-or-pink 😀

Comments on: "Love Letter" (17)

  1. Totally amazing!

  2. Stunning love letter! I was thinking about trying to copy this until I read about the freehanded flowers…

    • freehand flowers are EASY. Really. You just blob on some dark color (using an unbent hair pin…) and using a small nail art brush or a tinier dotting tool draw a few curvy lines in a different lighter color. Like, really. Not bad.

  3. This is gorgeous. Very different from most Valentines manicures… I didn’t even notice the e was messed up!!!

  4. dear sibling. i’m impressed. you should do this to my nails. love the littlest one…

    • awww! at some point. this one was not hard. you should come visit for a while even if you don’t get the internship thingie in philly!

  5. These turned out so awesome! I love that you added the little flowers. 🙂

  6. Beautiful design! I love that Darling Diva Pink Diamond!

  7. Simona LightYourNails said:

    I find it awesome!

  8. how the heck do you stamp!! This is just awesome!!

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