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Pink Nails…?

So, remember how I said that Pink Diamond was a hot pink polish and that it stained? Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned.


But really. I have hot pink nails. Luckily, I just plan on covering them with polish again…but for those of you who sometimes have nude nails, I recommend multiple layers of base coat before using that polish!!


Even after adding base coat it still looks pretty awful. And yes, I peel off my polish which is why there are awful patches on the nail. Also, I am still waiting for the part that was damaged by the gel polish to grow back. My nails are a mess 😦

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  1. I remember the first time I used China Glaze “running in circles”, a gorgeous grass green… I had read reviews about staining but for some reason I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to wear it without top coat… what a mistake! BRIGHT yellow nails! 😦

    • Oh no! Yah, for some reason I can handle pink…when I get blue (as has happened I think twice) or yellow (only once) it makes me sad. Blue nails look sickly, and yellow nails make me think I have jaundice! Pink is just…goofy? I don’t know. But, lesson learned!

  2. For some reason my ring finger on my left hand is yellow. It’s about half grown out at this point but even at the time of discovering it I had NO clue what caused it! I couldn’t even remember wearing a ring finger accent recently! I want it to finish growing out already so I can do sheer every now and again like I used to.

    I’m curious, what nail strengthener do you use? At some point last year I realized that my nails were in terrible shape, so I kicked things up to high maintenance mode- my nails stopped peeling entirely after I started loading upon Nail Envy and going way heavy on the cuticle oil. Once they were mostly healed I toned it down.

    • Weird! I’ve been using Nail Envy (sensitive and peeling) to try and combat the…well, peeling. I don’t really do cuticle oil (I just put on Vaseline before I go to bed). The worst part is, this is better than the used to look. Any suggestions??

      • *sings “I can show you the world” quietly*

        Cuticle oillllllllllll! Cuticle balm! Hand moisturizers! Starting to use them was such a revelation, I can’t even tell you. Vaseline is good for some purposes, but there’s no beating something that’s specifically formulated for your fingers to find tasty and nutritious. I have sensitive hands (in the nerve endings way rather than the easily-drying skin way) so I love finding exactly the right kind of moisturizer that isn’t too greasy but keeps my hands feeling soft. Right now I generally use OPI AvoJuice and just a local brand of cuticle oil, but I’m hoping to get my hands on some Glisten&Glow cuticle oils and balms some day- the shipping here is ridiculous, but they have like fifty different scents and I am so tempted.

        Also, more than once a day is better- do some heavier moisturizing before bed, definitely, but don’t hesitate to add a dab here and there throughout the day. I spend most of my time in front of a computer so it’s just sitting right there. Plus if it’s a nice scent you get a refreshing whiff of whatever every time! What I’m using now is lavender scented- not my favorite, but definitely a good pick me up.

      • hahahahaha *shining shimmering splendid…* and yah, i know. I’ve been told before. It just seems so weird to me to have to apply stuff to my nails beds all the time! I probably should invest in some dedicated cuticle oil. The big problem is that I take on and off gloves all the time in lab, and I can see the oil getting EVERYWHERE!

  3. Tooth whitening polish is supposed to help with nail staining. Also, Orly’s Nail Repair kit is great for peeling! It can be used to fill in & protect peel damaged areas while they grow out & help keep them from peeling more. It does have to be reapplied every few manis, since its acetone soluble, but having smooth nails to paint on & knowing that the damage will grow out without getting worse is worth the effort.

  4. oh. my. gosh. How horrible! I hate staining. bleh 😦 Well, on the bright side, they could have been stained blue, and that’s really bad too 🙂

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