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Sunset Chevrons

This week’s Golden Oldies theme is “chevrons.” Now, I really like chevron gradients, but I wanted something different (as always. I can’t ever just do the normal prompt!) so I settled on a fishtail (because that looks like a chevron, right?). Now, a while ago I had pinned an absolutely stunning fishtail mani from Nuthing But A Nail Thing, and had decided that whenever I had time to do a braid with 12 colors, I would do it. So, here we go…


Although my lines are not quite as even as hers, I am ok with this. As my boyfriend pointed out, I don’t have any dark oranges, so this really just looks like a yellow-orange-red-black rather than a true gradient. Darn. I probably should have done a blue or a purple version of this. Oh well. Still cool.


As I mentioned, there are 12 polishes here. I am not going to list them, but at least 6 of them are over a year old…the most recent acquisitions are 3 months old. If you want to know a specific color, ask!



I decided to spice things up a bit (read: I love sparkly things) so I added yellow, red, and black gems to my accent nail.


Hope you enjoyed these! Maybe next time I’ll use colors that I can turn into an easier gradient…oops! 😀

Comments on: "Sunset Chevrons" (14)

  1. Loving this, looks really good. And don’t worry about the gradient, it’s gradient enough for me :D, gorgeous!

  2. This is so gorgeous! Did you freehand it? It looks amazing 😀

    • yup! and it didn’t take as long as I had feared in fact. The freehand is the reason most of the lines are not even close to straight :-p
      and thanks! 😀

  3. Absolutely love it!

  4. Gawjus…simply gawjus.

  5. A chevron gradient is an awesome idea and honestly, it turnedo out great, I love it, want to do a mani like this now! But maybe with blues and greens :3 How long did it take you?

    • mmm probably 45 minutes all told? i was working on my right hand at the same time, so while waiting for the lines to dry i would just move to the opposite hand. I would usually try to get 2-3 “lines” done at a time (so both yellows and the lightest orange, then the other three oranges) and wait about 5-10 minutes for each set to dry before coming back to do the next set. My biggest bit of advice is try to keep the polish layers thin! I only did lines, I didn’t paint the entire rest of the nail with whatever color I was working with to avoid making the whole nail all thick with polish.

  6. Wow… just wow. This is incredible! Love the colors, love the freehanded chevrons, love the sparkly gems!
    I nominated you for the Shine On Award since I admire your blog so much!

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