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Glue. Normal, good, old-fashioned elmers glue. If you like glitter polish, just go buy some. Squirt it into an empty polish bottles (I know you have some). Paint it on your nails, let it dry, and go straight for your lovely shiny glittery polish.

When it comes time remove, just peel it off! If it doesn’t completely come off (nothing is ever that easy with polish removal), run your hands under warm water and push it off with your other nails. You guys have not seen this manicure yet, but it is 4 coats of pure glitter polish….gone 🙂


Think about it. If you were anything like me as a child, you used to smear glue on your hands and when it dried peel it off. Same thing applies when you use polish! Just don’t paint all the way to your cuticle bed (you want the polish to stick directly around the edges, as the glue is water soluble…so glue the middle to the edges of your nail, with a thin border of just polish around your cuticles).

IT IS WONDERFUL. I can finally wear glitter polish without hating myself when I remove it. Takes 5 minutes to remove (although application is longer, you need to wait for the glue to turn clear, about 15 minutes).

Ok. Sorry. I’ve just been trying this a few times and it has changed the way I view glitter polish. Bring on the shinies!! And yes, it lasts through showers and daily life. I’ve worn it for 3 days so far, before removing the polish because I was bored (not because it flaked off).

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  1. Yep, I’ve known about it for a good while 🙂 I don’t get such good wear out of it and it takes for-freaking-ever to dry, so I rarely bother with it. But it works well for it’s purpose!

    • it does take a bit longer to dry, but i think its worth it. glitter removal is the bane of my existence! and you are just better at nail tricks than me :-p

      • I don’t think I’m better at nail tricks! I can’t do half the designs you make 😀 I just happen to read the right set of blogs XD Since you haven’t heard of glue until now, let me share a couple of really good other tips: One, put the glue in an empty (or if you can swing it, brand new empty) polish bottle and paint it on just like polish! Two, a little glue around your cuticles and on your fingers saves a ton of mess when you’re doing marbles and gradients and other messy things. You can make all the mess you want and then just peel the mess right off your skin!

        By the way, a PSA: Although I haven’t tried it personally, what I’m hearing about the new OPI Glitter-Off base coat is that it is essentially the same thing as elmer’s glue, so it’s not worth bothering with the price. I’ve yet to hear a really positive review of it, but then again, who knows?

      • i’ve got the glue in a polish bottle, and was thinking of using it on my cuticles for an upcoming gradient :-D. and i totally agree about the OPI peel off base. It seems to just be….glue. but glue is cheaper!

        thankie hun!

  2. amymyers51967846 said:

    I have Elmer’s on right now. It’s my second try with it. The first time I had a heck of a time peeling it off. I went with a slightly thicker coat this go. So far, after about 24 hours, it’s wearing great! I had one nick but that was because I scratched my nail. It would have nicked with anything. No tip wear yet either. How did you start the removal? Did you just pick at it (what I did last time and why I think I may have had issues) or use and orange stick or something similar?

    • so, i usually pick at my nails (its an issue). I started by picking and then grabbed an orange stick to push up from my cuticles. I have tried this 4 times now…once I got everything off beautifully, the other 3 times I get 60-80% off with the orange stick and then run my hands under warm water while pushing the polish off with my other fingernails. The warm water seems to help make the glue gooey again and able to remove! I had no tip wear while I was wearing glue, surprisingly!

      • Using two coats of glue helps to remove it easily, and in one chunk. I’ve had it last for 8 days maximum on me. Though there are days when it has chipped off in one. I guess the kind of polish used also makes a difference. But you are right, with glue by my side, I can take on any glitter polish 😀

  3. Claire Kerr said:

    I’m jealous that you get three days’ wear out of it. Every time I’ve ever used it, I get a nail ping off randomly on day one. So I gave up using it a fair while ago now 😦

    • a friend of mine did that yesterday! she painted her nails with the same polish I have shown here, but hers lasted <24 hours. Maybe I just put on a really thin coat? I never go to the edges of my nails with it to avoid letting the glue touch water. I dunno!
      that's unfortunate though. its a nice trick!

    • Wrapping the tips with your topcoat helps it last longer. Also, your nails need to be clean and dry while applying glue. And, don’t wash dishes or put your hand in water soon after the polish is dry. That helps

  4. […] bring myself to not have ALL THE GLITTER. So this is 4 coats. Of course, my base coat here is glue so this peeled off SO […]

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