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Elven Cloak

When I first completed this manicure, I was unhappy. It didn’t look like how I intended. My boyfriend informed me that it looked like an elven forest design from Lord of the Rings and I was instantly cheered up! (He keeps either helping or hurting my opinion of my nails. This is normal, right? :-p)


I had not yet swatched Green Diamond from Darling Diva, so I decided to center this manicure around her. I As with all other Darling Diva diamond collection holos, this polish took two coats but I could have gotten away with one. This polish is a beautiful medium green with a holographic flare! I am a sucker for green polishes, so this one was a hit with me. It dries to a stain finish, so if you want shiny you need to add top coat!



The design is based off a stamp combo from Sarap898 (I don’t have instagram so I can’t just link to her design. I feel bad, but for now I refuse to get instagram!). I actually tried to copy her accent nail tool, but Green Diamond dries so fast that it will not stamp. Yes, I tried. So I just free-handed the design! The other polish used here is the wonderful Saint George by A England with a stamp from BM 225.


Since both of these greens are holos, this mani came to light in the sun! Both green AND glittery. Go nail polish! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed!

Comments on: "Elven Cloak" (7)

  1. I really like green too. And this design is gorgeous.
    I’m just not sure, I have like few awesome greens but they stain. Doesn’t matter how many or which base coat layers I do or if I top them on another colours. I have managed to lighten the stains but so far nothing really seems to work unless I just buff off the yellow hue that stays. So I kind of tend to keep away from greens 😦

    • so sad! I love greens. Most of mine don’t stain…especially the cremes are fine. But then again, most of my green cremes are cheap (sinful colors)

      • One from Barry M stains (and it’s a jelly), a lovely mint green and one from China Glaze too, it’s called Entourage. Some cheaper ones that I have don’t stain though 😀 So I’m always scared to get a new one, cause some that stain for others don’t on me and vice versa.

  2. Oh I LOVE it! It’s gorgeously Springy, and yes, very Tree of Gondor!

    • 😀 thank you! I had a friend comment (on fb) if I meant “Tolkien elves or santa elves”? and I’m really glad you got it!!!

  3. Wow, love this! Green is one of my favourite colours 🙂

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