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Pink Pirates

I have saved the best (and worst) for last. Here we have Caroline* by Paint Shop Polish. This beautiful, impossible polish is the last of the Vampire Diaries I have to share with you!


Caroline is difficult. Very difficult. Which is really unfortunate because I LOVE this polish. It is a mix of small and large hot pink matte hexes, pale pink matte circles and squares, and a smattering of light pink skull-and-crossbones glitter. The base is mostly clear with a slightly pink tint. …the base is also as thick as glue.


I ended up applying 3ish coats of Caroline over a grey polish. I had to keep dipping back into the polish bottle, brushing off as much base as I could, and just dabbing the glitters on and hoping that they stayed where I put them. In the end, my nails were really fat with base, and still didn’t have as many glitters as I would have liked! That being said, this is the first polish with pink matte glitters I’ve ever played with and it is stunningly beautiful. I went out out my way to avoid the skull-and-crossbones glitters (which is why you don’t see any, yes they do come out of the bottle) so I could use one on my accent nail. Next time, I am just going to paint this on a makeup sponge and dab the glitters directly on the nail. That why I don’t have to worry about the darn thick base. Luckily, the super-thick base meant everything was really shiny at the end, even without top coat.


I knew what art I wanted to do with this polish as soon as I looked at it. Pink? Skull-and-crossbones? PIRATES! I went for a in-jail theme. I don’t know if you can tell. The boyfriend thinks it looked like stained glass (the skull-and-crossbones glitter just confused him). I love how this came out though.

Unfortunately, what I wanted required stamping. I waited almost a full hour between my 3 coats of Caroline and fast-drying top coat to begin stamping. Even with the long wait time, a lot of polish came oozing out the side of my stamp. Which is to say, with this much base, the polish took well over an hour to dry! Luckily, the glitters stayed, so all that squished out was clear polish. It ended up fine. Except my thumb….I almost gave up there and ended up double stamping and still having to go back in and add details with a nail art brush.




  • Grey: WOW – #333
  • Pink glitter: Paint Shop Polish – Caroline
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow – HK Girl
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 208 and 209


Despite the application issues, I really like Caroline. I just need to either thin the base and content myself with digging for glitters, or apply using a make-up sponge. If you want this glittery pinkness for yourself, head over to Paint Shop Polish’s etsy site, where you can find Caroline for $4 (mini) or $8 (full).

Comments on: "Pink Pirates" (5)

  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award 😀 Check it out here:

  2. This is really pretty. The glitter is awesome

  3. LaraLeaf said:

    I cannot tell you how much I love the pink matte glitter over gray, one of my favorite combinations. Using a sponge to absorb the base of the glitter is a good idea. lol, I don’t care for the skull/crossbones glitter – would chunk them. But like all the other pinks!

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