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Purple Tipped

This manicure comes from a surprising place…Nail It! Magazine! My nails were published in one of the earliest editions of the magazine, and my wonderful boyfriend went hunting to buy me a copy! While browsing, I found the design you see here in various shades of blue. It has taken me 6 months to grow my nails long enough (without breaking) to feel like I can do justice to this design!


It is actually very simple. Base color, tape and striping tape, and voila! You don’t even need a special brush…I just used the polish brush for the lines (although I almost went over the tape lines on my pinky). I had thought this would be time consuming, but it was very simple!




  • Light purple: Sally Hansen – Lacy Lilac
  • Medium light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
  • Purple: Zoya – Malia
  • Medium dark purple: Sinful Colors – Fig
  • Dark purple: Station – Happy Wine-y People


For something so simple, this came out really well! Enjoy!

Comments on: "Purple Tipped" (9)

  1. Gawjusss! So understated even with all the different polishes next to each other.
    BTW, how did you succeed in getting your nails to stay growing and stop breaking? I know from biting my cuticles for decades the nails aren’t properly supported but this is ridiculous how, even with taking calcium and multi-vit pills, they just break from “a breeze!”

    • Base coat! And wear gloves to wash dishes. Other than that, I just try to be careful. I break my nails more in lab than anywhere else, and I have been working on data analysis for the last few weeks so they have managed to get longer. But really, I’m going to go with base coat!

      • Hi, Eva,
        I keep cuticle cream next to my bed but haven’t been using it. I’ll do that each night and do you mean keep just base coat on the nails even without polish and top coat or all of the layers, all the time? Then, since I seem to be washing my hands very frequently after touching something dirty, I have to keep a pair of gloves near each sink!
        **I have an idea/question following the “stamp onto a stamper and then color in the outline” before stamping onto the nail: have you ever considered doing the whole polishing part of the mani including base coat on the stamper and then lifting the “decal/sticker” and transferring it to the nail? I thought I could trace each finger on both hands and copy the outline on the back/bottom of heavy gauge plastic (from Walmart, etc.) so I could build up the layers of decal to the exact size for each finger. That way, all I would have to do is manage to paste the decal/sticker onto each nail (using top coat or white glue?) including the left hand fingers that are otherwise impossible for me to do on myself.
        What do you think, please?** Tamara

      • cuticle cream should help! i just use vaseline before bed. and my nails are never bare anymore…i find that they break almost immediately without at least two layers of polish (usually base coat + color). I just use base….all the time. and i really do think it helps.

        as to the stamping decal idea…i have not had great success actually getting decals that i’ve made OFF plastic sheets! Granted I usually use thin plastic bags (like sandwich bags) but they almost always rip or end up so thick I can’t get them to bend around my nail in an appealing way. Doing it on the stamper allows me to squish the rubber around when I try to remove the decal. I don’t know how it would work with the whole-mani-on-a-decal thing…you do need to have a wet nail to work with, so I would imagine at least base coat would have to go on the nail and not the decal. If you get it to work let me know though, that sounds pretty cool!

      • OK.

  2. Such a fab concept and perfectly executed!

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