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Nerdtastic Tuesday: Aces

I don’t know if card games count as nerdy, but I love them anyway. The most used game app on my iPhone is a set of 5 different card games. 😀


This was inspired by a pinterest pin (this is a trend…) by marce7ina of well, aces. Because face cards are too difficult. [Translation: my boyfriend grabbed my hand and went “cool! but why didn’t you put on face cards???” to which I responded “this took 45 minutes. That would have taken hours” and then we played mariokart].



I have to say, I didn’t realize how easy it was to make a club shape! Its just three dots with little lines at the bottom. I thought it was going to kill me. Turns out diamonds are harder to paint on nails.



  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black



Comments on: "Nerdtastic Tuesday: Aces" (7)

  1. Hi! For “diamonds” you can easily use striping tape to get straight lines but I was thinking I could print whatever I wanted in terms of geometric masking if I could find paste-backed regular-size sheets that could be printed with, say, “chevrons” and then cut and pasted on nails to keep the undercoat of polish unaffected by the next coat. I feel sure it exists somewhere but I don’t know how to look for it because I think my language may not be what will pull up my concept. Any ideas, anyone? TIA.

    • mmmm no idea! you’re right about the striping tape for diamonds though

      • I still “owe you” my experience for making decals for my non-dominent hand but so far I did a “splotch” mani of colors and, 2nd, a gradient plus topper of large glitter. I had trouble using a wedge makeup sponge getting the creme polish to stick but I subsequently read one uses a courser “kitchen sponge” for the polish and a fine-guage sponge for glitter to “strain out” the polish and leave the glitter on the surface for easier application by use of “dotter” or some other object to lift each piece of glitter for placement.
        There are several other techniques I want to try before going to the decals such as stamping but I keep reading that my thought about using decal technique with Elmer’s Glue as first coat on nails for easy removal is right. Also, trying to keep the whole decal lightweight (and flexible, as you mentioned) was suggested.
        What are you focusing on in your lab work if you don’t mind discussing it?

      • i do neuroscience research on transport in cells

      • I AM SOOO JEALOUS! A few decades ago, when Arielle was talking about medical school (which she had long considered because of encouragement from the sister after me, Judy, who was a radiologist), and my oldest child, Ira, who from nearly birth had wanted to study engineering, I said the future was in setting down “how ‘normal’ works in the body” and bringing “sick people” back to that standard so by becoming a doctor, you do the “engineering part” within medicine but no one “asks you to get coffee” because you are NOT the doctor and he is!
        I realized that to me, it all turned on the brain and I would love to study that subject.
        Now with the diagnostic equipment that is part of everything we do in life, neurology and neruosciene are integral to nearly everything.
        Since I became a basket case – a hare’s breath (or “hair’s breadth?”) away from disintegration – I have a neuropsychologist who has a PhD in that subject help me retrain my brain to not have “distracted thinking.” I can’t stay focused on one subject which may be from super-anxiety and super lack of confidence in myself, funny as it is so totally opposite to how I was my whole life before Arielle’s diagnosis.
        Any way, you made a great choice, the basis of all biology, right?

  2. sibling, you should do 2048 (cause you love it) for your next tuesday design.

    • LOL oh jojo. I’ll be out of town at a conference next tuesday so I don’t even know that I’ll have a nerdy post up. But I will keep 2048 in mind, thats a good idea!

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