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Other’s Nails (Again)

The OMD 31 Day Challenge (hosted by brijitsdigits, craftynail, eeeknailpolish, and nailthataccent) begins tomorrow. Most of my manis these last two days have focused on preparing for that, so today you get to see some nails I have done on other people rather than my own! Most of these manis (three out of 4) were done on my baby sister.

My baby sister has a problem: she refuses to cut her pinky nail. So I had to do it for her…and then I went to town in June doing a bunch of designs! All three of these are ones she found on my blog and wanted to replicate on herself.

Waves: she requested a creme version of the holographic teal-to-blue pattern I did here. I’m not going to list the colors, but if you are curious about a specific one just ask. The fun part about this was making the sparkly teal lines on her middle nails using the striper she bough me!


Gradiented Dots: Despite loving the color purple, my sister continued requiting blue and green nails, specifically, and blue/green version of my yellow/coral divided nail art, here. I actually didn’t even do these nails…I had to leave for a day and told her how to do them herself! I’m going to pretend that is why the lines are less-than-perfect, but they still look pretty cool.


Green Chandeliers: One of our second cousins got married, and my sister wanted nails to match her dress…green (I sense a trend). She fell in love with my “half moon chandeliers” but wanted a GREEN version with Green Hex and Glam on her accent nails (she actually requested that color by name. I didn’t know anyone actually looked at my Polish List page, but apparently my sister does. It helps that this polish is drop-dead gorgeous). I didn’t know if this mani would look good at all, or if I would even have time in the hotel room (I also had to do her hair and my hair) but it all worked out! I’m pretty proud of these.


It also never occurred to me how hard it is to describe how one should hold their hand to be photographed. Go figure! I need to bring props for other people to hold.


One of my old friends from middle school (many many years ago) came to visit me in Philly (…and attend a wedding…) and asked me to do her nails. Apparently she reads this blog (hi Sam)! She asked for something simple, black and gold, to match her dress. Since I love dots and stamps, we went ahead and combined them! Unfortunately, I forgot how hard it is to stamp on another person’s nails. I need to work on that. But they still ended up pretty!


This post does make me wonder if nail shape is genetic though. My sister and I both have similar nail beds and shapes, yet many of my friends have completely different ones! Wider, deeper, broader…curious. Very curious.

Enjoy! And stay tuned throughout July for daily posts. Including weekends. If I can keep it up. Wish me luck!

Comments on: "Other’s Nails (Again)" (4)

  1. I love that you re-did your airport nails hehehe

  2. I really like the green chandeliers

  3. […] refused to let go! She wanted yet ANOTHER rendition of this mani, which I have in fact done on her before in green. She just likes half moons and […]

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