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Racing Stripe Flakie

Today’s them in the OMD2 Challenge was “negative space.” This prompt had me worried, since my nails are kinda…um…stained. And pitted. And really there is a reason I always wear manicures! But I found a solution, one that exposes minimal nail surface and I had been dying to try…racing stripes!


The thought here is that you have two stripes of color up the side, something different in the middle, and a bit of exposed nail between them. I cheated a bit and used a nude shimmer over my naked nail, and then striping tape to delineate the sections. My initial plane was just to use my rainbow flakie, but it wasn’t dense enough after 3 rather substantial brush-overs, so I added my blue/green flakie as well.



Although many of the designs I see popping up over the internet matte this particular design, I actually rather like the shiny version better! I did matte it just in case, but still. That being said…my matte coat is dead. It is a dense thick gloppy mess. I bought a new one (it is on my pinky) but it doesn’t mattifying nearly as much as my dearly beloved and departed Matte-ly In Love polish. Does anyone have any matte top coat suggestions? I need a new one!


  • Nude shimmer: Revlon – Calla Lilly
  • Red: OPI – Visions of Love
  • Rainbow flakie: piCture pOlish – Festival
  • Blue/green flakie: Zoya – Maisie


Hope you enjoyed!

Comments on: "Racing Stripe Flakie" (15)

  1. LaraLeaf said:

    I love this design, and your polish selections! I have a couple of manis with this design pinned to one of my boards and love seeing the different polishes used. I like some of them in matte but I do like your colors glossy. I have only one matte coat – the Essie one. It is Very mattifying! I am looking for one that doesn’t flatten the gloss quite that much! Thank you for the wonderful photos!

    • thanks! I can safely say that the NYC top coat does not flatten quite as much and is very cheap (if you have a rite aid near you). I think I might be investing in essie

  2. Nice! And this is totally the challenge prompt where we’re all like, “Oh crap, our nails are garbage…”!

  3. I love this mani, the inocuous striping tap that delineates the colored section from the bright/glossy black space but especially where the glitter shows brightly the reds, blues and greens (holo)!
    Can you use polish thinner to un-goop all polishes or would it change the “matting” formula?
    Did you see the email I sent?

    • i saw the email, thanks! I just…i hate julep. The forumla is crap.
      I don’t know that you can use polish thinner on matte coat, actually. Regardless, I don’t own polish thinner! And I don’t think it would get rid of the crusted blobs of white that keep coming out on my nails when I use the matte coat anyway :-/

      • Thanks for the Julep info. A little too late for me.
        About the matte, aren’t Sally Hansen and Sette vich products good; is there matte better than what you use?

  4. Beautiful! The flakies add the perfect amount of bling.

  5. Omg I love it!!! Your idea is gorgeous, there are negative spaces, dark nail polish and flakies… I’d love to try your design, I’m sure it will be so fun!!! ^-^
    Have a wonderful day

  6. That looks amazing! I think the shiny version looks the best, but both versions are beautiful 🙂

  7. Wilma Shirling said:

    However you achieved this, it came out Amazing! Super Groovy Amazing!

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