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Peacock Gradient – 31DC2014

Bundle Monster has this peacock feather stamp. I own it. And it will not stamp (it isn’t engraved deep enough). I am too lazy to email them and request a replacement (although I really should, I keep meaning to test ALL THE STAMPS and then email them for the ones that don’t work. I know of at least two plates of mine that just won’t stamp) ANYWAY. I wanted to use it and I can’t. So I made my own version.


The stamp I did use was another bundle monster, just a criss-cross pattern from plate 209. I then added a gold and then a dot of turquoise and then a blue dot at the apex of each crossed bit. It took an hour. Too many dots. And it STILL doesn’t look as good as the initial stamp! But I wanted it. So I did it. The end.


The base is a three-color gradient (teal-blue-purple), which was kinda fun to put together. Holo gradients are always fun!


~ Teal: A England – St. George
~ Blue: A England – Tristam
~ Purple: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Turquoise: Petites Color Fever – Figi


Enjoy the peacocky goodness! Tomorrows post is a bit more subdued 🙂

Comments on: "Peacock Gradient – 31DC2014" (11)

  1. I keep meaning to do the same thing. So many of my CYO2013 plates don’t work 😦

    • i know! one day i will stamp them all and send like 1/4 of them back for replacements. I just hate that its (possibly) my favorite design, and it fails.

  2. Wow very time consuming but very pretty.

  3. You made it work with what you had and I like the outcome a lot!

  4. It looks great – I just love that base gradient!
    I have the same issue with some Pueen plates – very few actually stamp well, but I haven’t taken the time to test them all or contact them.

  5. First of all: your nails look great. No matter what the stamping was suppossed to be like. I’m already thinking “do I have a similiar pattern I could do something like this with?”
    Secondly: aren’t the essie Metallics great for stamping? For me a good stamping design always relies a lot on the nail polish used and those polishes like Penny talk work exceptionally well for me
    Thirdly: as for stamping plates that work well: I am using Moyou plates and even though I’m not the best stamping person in the world, I think those work pretty well.

    • 1) thank you 😀
      2) yes. Penny talks (and similar metallics made by maybelline) work wonderfully. Which is why, when the stamp doesnt transfer using one of my ideal stamping polishes, I KNOW it isn’t my fault
      3) If I lived in London and shipping was free, I would be swimming in MoYou plates! But I dont and so they are expensive 😦

      • Ah yes, the shipping… I forgot that the plates have to cross a little bit more water to get to you then to get to me. Shipping to Germany was surprisingly cheap which is why I own some plates. They are definitively worth it.

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