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So…close…to…done… Anyway. Today’s challenge was “tutorial.” I wasn’t sure if this meant follow a tutorial or make one. So I made one. It is rather absurdly complicated and takes at least two days and three steps. Rainbow decals made from abstract patterns!


First, the pretty nail photos. Ooh, ahhh. I am not going to post the names of all the polishes used, but its almost entirely cremes, with one (orange) shimmer. The most important thing is to use an opaque black for the initial stamp!



I do not recommend storing any stamping decals for more than a week or so…they dry out even more and become stiff and breakable. The one on my middle finger was actually stored for 3 months (yes, the initial decal was made in the spring and I just never used it), and it started separating from the grey base after about a day. The other three stayed on just fine until I removed the mani 3 days later.


And now, onto the tutorial! The wording will be brief-ish.


Abstract Rainbow Decal Tutorial
Part 1: Making the Decal
1) Pick the stamp you want to use. I went with a Bundle Monster stamp with lots of open space for rainbows!
2) Paint black stamping polish onto your stamp, and scrape off as usual
3) Pick up the stamp, wait a minute for the black polish to dry on the rubber
4) Start painting in the stamp with the colors of your choice. Add enough color for it to be opaque, but do not make it very thick or it will bubble when you apply the decal
5) Finish painting as you desire, let dry for a few minutes
6) Add a thick coat of top coat over the decal. Make it thick enough that you can later remove the decal, but not so thick that it will not be malleable. I have found that ONE thick coat is enough, not two.
7) Wait. No really, wait. At least 30 minutes. I usually wait >1 hour. Remove decal with tweezers, and flip it inside out (so that the side with the complete stamp is convex.
8) Repeat until you have as many decals as you need. Let them dry overnight

Part 2: Prepping, Accent Nail
1) Paint on your base colors. I chose grey so that the color would still show but the black would appear opaque. My accent nail was black.
2) On your accent nail, add concentric rings of lines and dots
3) On your accent nail, fill in the lines and dots with the same colors you used in the decal. Wait for this to dry a bit before proceeding (so you don’t smudge it)

Part 3: Applying the decal
1) Take the decals you made and figure out the orientation you want, as well as which nail each decal will go on. Using sharp scissors, cut the decal to size (trim the corners to be angled, trim the sides to fit)
2) Over your base coat of color, add a thin coat of clear top coat and quickly apply the decal. Press down, from the middle towards the outside of your nail. Make sure the decal is firmly pressed and sticking. **note: make SURE your base color is COMPLETELY DRY before attaching the decal, or it will ooze out and be very nasty. The THIN coat of top coat will help the decal adhere, if the base is wet it will get destroyed**
3) Using 100% acetone, clean up around the decals, so none of the decal hangs over the edges of your nails.
4) Add top coat to the accent nail and decals. I have found that two coats is good to hold the decal in place and smooth it down. Don’t forget to wrap the free edge of your nail!

Comments on: "Abstract Rainbow Decal – 31DC2014" (18)

  1. I am in love with these.

  2. Great tutorial! Your ring finger doesn’t even look real, lol! It looks photoshopped (I know it’s not!). Awesome nail art!!

  3. Jeez louise, those are fantastic. Nice job! I haven’t done mine yet and I’m not sure either what’s meant by tutorial – follow one or do one?

    • no idea! i just went with making one. i seldom read other people’s tutorials at this point, I can usually figure them out just by looking. But good luck with whichever you pick!

  4. This is simply amazing !

  5. Awesome!! I interpreted it to follow someone else’s. So you totally went above and beyond in this one!! They look fantastic 🙂

  6. Awesome, loving the design and thank you for the tutorial. (running off to make decals now) 😀

    • have fun! its pretty straight forward. Just MAKE SURE IT IS DRIED before you try to remove it! …i may have ruined one. or two.

  7. Amy Falise said:

    I definitely want to try reverse stamping. I think it looks great!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. This is amazingly cool and very inspiring!

  10. […] have a full how-to for stamping decals sometime next week. In the meanwhile, you can look at an older post I did where I did a […]

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