Creative musings in bright colors

Distorted Not-Houses

I really have no excuse for this monstrosity. I meant to paint spooky houses and moons. What I ended up with was some sort of weird robot-penguin thing. I don’t even know. I’m just gonna post them and get over it.


The base is a rather pretty grey-purple textured polish by Mentality called Yi Xin. Its subtle, for a purple. I like it. Good coverage in two thin coats.


My thumb is the only other good thing about this mani (the first good thing being the base color). I finally got my act together. Word of caution: do not paint nails at 1am on 5 hours of sleep. With your non-dominant hands. Gross. It was supposed to be halloween themed!


The other three colors are all from the Textured Earth Tone collection, the white (Spackle), the black (Asphalt) and the gold (Loess).


If you want to play with some purple textured goodness you can purchase Yi Xin here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Comments on: "Distorted Not-Houses" (11)

  1. For some reason, I like this design very much. I can’t tell what it is but it looks like some sort of “shelter” and the colors are nice together but one of the main reasons, for me, is that the lines are sharp. It makes me crazy to see jagged lines from a brush stroke.

    • hah! if it helps, most of the lines were made directly with the polish brushes. Hence, very straight!

      • It is beyond me how you can use the full polish brush and get even, thin lines. I spend long times conniving what to use to control polish: pen, detail brush and asking myself whether you can use a regular brush for polish and regularly wash off the polish without destroying the bristles. I know plastic bristles can’t be cleaned with acetone but I guess polish remover is OK and maybe natural bristles are OK with acetone but the acetone would destroy a plastic handle, right?
        Recently,I looked at your stained-glass-window nails with mendhi-dotted accent nail done in decal format and they look so nice, I think. Anything is better than having to do thin lines with my dominant hand, let alone with my non-dominant one.

        What circumference cup do you usually use to water-marble, please? I guess “rather small” is best, especially if you are doing another technique at least on the accent nails.

      • Mmm. so I clean (with acetone) using a very hard bristled brush meant for working with acrylics and oil. It is slowing falling apart, but ive had it for almost two years now and it still works. however, the handle is wood and paint and if I let that touch acetone it basically melts. luckily, the part holding in the bristles is metal and is fine.
        as to the water marbling…just a regular slightly opaque plastic cup that I got from a talk. Used to hold soda. Its somewhat small, but not tiny. I like it better than the large red plastic ones because I feel like I waste more polish with those, but they work as well

      • TX much!

  2. I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. The look like groovy spooky houses to me. I like them a lot!

  3. They’re cool! Especially the thumb : ) Be nicer to the creative you!

    • hahah! its more the perfectionist side that seems to be plaguing me recently. and yah, the thumb came out pretty darn awesome 🙂

  4. But I like them! They may have turned out a little more cartoon-esque than you pictured…but certainly not in a bad way! Looks like a lot of Halloween design I see on stuff at stores….cool!

    • yay! 🙂 thanks. You lovely readers always mange to make me feel…well, not like a failure when something doesnt go according to plan.

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