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Magenta Blocks

We have almost reached the end of my Eva-loves-zoya rampage! (Translation: my manis for the next few posts will not necessarily have anything to do with zoya polish, and if they do its just because I love it not because I haven’t played with it yet, other than Friday’s post). That being said, this post is the exception. When I ordered my newest batch of polish, I specifically wanted to find a nice dark pink…seeing as how I own exactly 0 dark pink cremes. I also wanted a medium dark purple, since the only one I have is very shimmery. I decided to put together color blocks with my new polishes to determine which I liked best.


I ended up with three polishes: Ciara (pink, middle), Veronica (pink/red, left), and Margo (pink/purple, right). Half the time I think I want to keep all three (they ARE slightly different), and half the time I only want one. Or two. Do I really need all three?


When they are all on different nails, it is pretty easy to tell them apart. On my pinky is a true red (Siren by Pure Ice), my ring finger has Veronica, middle has Ciara, and pointer has Margo. The problems began when I tried to color-block. I couldn’t figure out which color I had already added to which nail because THEY WERE ALL TOO SIMILAR! It was mildly traumatic.


Things got easier when I separated the blocks with pink striping tape, but even so, I was hard-pressed to identify Margo from Veronica from Ciara in certain lights.



The design I went with was inspired by Lucy’s Stash, but you can see her design far easier than you can mine! That was partially intentional, but I really didn’t expect to have this hard of a time.


So, readers, what do you think? Of my three new pinks, which one(s) should I keep and which one(s) should I donate to my sister? I keep going back and forth! I think I need to keep Veronica, she fills my stated goal well. But Ciara is such a pretty pink and is just a shade lighter and a bit less opaque, while Margo is a lovely purple (that being said, she is the WRONG purple…she is too pink/red for the gradient I had in mind. I needed a more blue-toned purple).


Also, which is your favorite? If I only had to keep one, which would it be? 😀

Comments on: "Magenta Blocks" (7)

  1. My brain hurts! I think I like Margo best but ciara fits the brief best. I’m not sure if that helps. So that would mean veronica for your sister. Hmmm yep my brain definitely hurts.

    • hahaha! I’m glad someone else is getting brain pain. They’ve been sitting on my bathroom sink STARING AT ME for days now and i can’t decide!

  2. I love this design it’s so beautiful

  3. I’d keep Chiara and Margo too if I were you, Typing this I see I totally agree with Annette.. No my brain hurts too.

    One question: You wear striping tape to better seperate the colours. Did you just put it for the pictures or did you really “wear” it? If you wore it, did it last? I made a nail design some days ago and accentuate the nails with striping tape too and it basically peeled off by the end of the day.

    • right, so i wore it…but it took some playing with over the last two years to figure out how. Basically, once everything is dry I do put on striping tape over the mani. I then add a (thick) layer of top coat and a little dollip of top coat just were the striping tape ends (so here, at the ends of my nails). even so, it only lasts about 2-3 days, but i do get some wear out of it. if you don’t add top coat or only add one thin layer it doesnt stay on well. sometimes i add two coats of top coat.
      hope that helps!

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