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I have been putting off posting this for almost two weeks just due to the sheer number of photos I had to put together. But, without further ado *drumroll* I present swatches of the complete Textured Earth Tones collection by Mentality. All of these polishes were provided to me for review. Read on for swatches, thoughts, and my picks (at the end).


I am going to go in some odd sort of reverse rainbow which makes sense to me. This means I am starting with the white in the collection, Spackle. Spackle is a fun polish, a soft white with a faint shimmer that almost looks golden in direct light. It took two coats to be opaque, and (as with every other polish it this collection) dried very fast but was prone to pulling and bald spots if you didn’t work quickly. It took me about two tries to figure out how to apply polish from this collection, but once I got it everything went well!


Like the others in this collection, Spackle is matte and slightly textured. I like it.


Up next is Pozzolana, a beautiful deep grey that almost passes for pewter. I love love love this polish. Deep, sophisticated, and gritty without being harsh. Pozzolana took two coats to be opaque, and needed to be applied fast to avoid pulling. She was actually the first of the Earth Tone polishes that I tried, hence some of the visible lines on my pinky. She shows the texture a bit more than some of the other polishes, due to the almost metallic finish.


Pozzolana was very easy to control; I think I had next-to-no clean up with this!


The third polish is black, Asphalt. A very nice, simple, black slightly textured matte polish. No complaints. Went on well, dried fast. Need to be careful not to overwork. I did a comparison post here showing the difference between black creme, matte, textured matte, and true textured if you are curious.



Onto the colors! Up first is the purple, Yi Xin. The top picture is color-accurate…the bottom picture is a prime example of my camera not being able to handle purple. Yi Xin is a medium-light purple with very strong grey overtones. Honestly, when she isn’t with the rest of the collection, I sometimes forget that Yi Xin is purple and not grey. Applied same as the other polishes in the collection.



Kaolin is the blue Textured Earth Tone polish, and she might be one of the most vibrant colors in the collection. A nice true blue with just a hint of grey, slight shimmer/metallic finish that shows off the texture nicely but is also a bit prone to brush strokes. I like this color!



There were only a few disappointments for me, an Illite, the green polish, is one of them. This wa probably the polish I was most excited to play with when it arrived…it almost looks like a green/gold duochrome in the bottle! Unfortunately,  it fell flat for me on the nail. Illite took three coats to be opaque, and was a bit gloopier (technical term) than the others in the collection. It also just looked a bit…thin. I bet it would look great on darker skin, but I confess myself saddened by this polish. It looked so awesome in the bottle!



In contrast, Loess blew my mind. I don’t tend to go for yellow polishes, but I thought Loess was awesome. This polish is a bright golden yellow with hints of a metallic sheen. She had no issues with streakiness unlike some of the other more metallic polishes, but still managed to show off the textured finish! Opaque in two thin coats.



The other gold-ish polish is Arriccio. She is Loess’ nude little sister (that sounded less dirty in my head). Somewhere between a yellow and a nude, Arriccio is pretty but slightly confusing. She has a great finish (two coats, minimal streaking) but the color just didn’t sit right with me. Not enough yellow to be a yellow, but too much yellow and orange to really register as a nude.



Terracotta is a true orange. This color just screams “fall” to me, and I love it! Opaque in two thin coats, it was one of the more densely pigmented polishes in the collection. It also had more of the large textured bits than some of the other polishes, but I still love it. It is almost a copper color, and is more creme than metallic (although it does still have some shimmer to it).



The last three polishes are all pinks: a very pale pink, a light pink, and a regular pink. Lightest first! Gesso is a very very pale pink nude, almost a white. Very soft and delicate, she is probably the most feminine polish in the collection. I could see wearing her to a wedding. She also has a nice glow-from-within that sets her apart from the others, as well as being slightly less textured. Opaque in two coats.



Stucco is a light pink with strong grey overtones. She dries slightly more orange than I expected from the color in the bottle, and has more of the larger grittier textured bits than any other color. I think I might have gotten some unmixed pigment in mine rather than just textured bits! Oops. Pretty feminine shade, but not quite right on my admittedly reddish skin. Opaque in three thin coats, fast drying.



And we have reached the end! The last polish is a true pink, Cocciopesto. This polish also has the distinct honor of having an impossible to spell name. That being said, I like this color quite a bit! It is a pink metallic with a textured finish, hints of shimmer, and a nice shine that makes it look a bit like pink satin. It is not a dark color, but still stands out nicely as actually pink. Cocciopesto was almost opaque in one coat, but I did two. This is one of the only colors I could see my mother liking (I think that is a compliment?), the other being the almost-white Gesso.



~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My take on the collection: I like the finish on these polishes. It is a nice change from the heavily textured and gritty polishes we see from OPI, china glaze, and Zoya. I don’t really like the “mega-hex” thing that Zoya has been doing, and I far prefer the slightly textured approach that Mentality has taken! It also helps that these polishes remove like cremes, not glitters. Phew!

My top 4 polishes from this collection, in order, are Pozzolana (grey), Loess (gold), Gesso (pale pink nude), and Terracotta (copper). I also really liked Cocciopesto (true pink), Kaolin (blue), and Spackle (white). I would pass on Illite (green), and Arricio (yellow nude), unless you have darker skin.

All 12 of these polishes can be found at the Mentality store: Each is $6.75, and there is free US shipping. Go check them out!

Comments on: "Mentality: Textured Earth Tones Collection" (6)

  1. Nice review of the polishes! Isn’t it weird how the color can change so radically in shimmers? You don’t know what color to call it when it goes from one to another color depending on the light and angle, right?

  2. I really like the subtle textures these polishes have and I love the black, white and grey.

    • the grey is really REALLY stunning. I love the white as well…black is fun, but i already have all other types of black textures! But seriously, fun polishes, opaque, and pretty!!

  3. I like the black and the white.
    And a yellow that you like ! wow

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