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Sorry about the late post…I am home for winter break and I forgot that today was not a weekend! But, better late than never 🙂 This was intended to be a fast-and-dirty manicure (as I try to do whenever I use a water decal) but it didn’t quite pan out as planned! Although it ended up ok, this mani took a lot more wheedling than I expected. I also figured it would be a half-moon mani, but it real looks more like the end of a fancy christmas tree ornament!


The first problem arose with the colors. Neither my red (Zoya – Blaze) nor green (Zoya – Ivanka) is completely opaque in 2 coats, so I had to improvise. I ended up with a red base and then green over it (once I put down the decal) but I had to go over the green 2-3 times, meaning my cuticle ended up quite a bit thicker than the rest of my nail!


Then the decal. This was sent to me for review from the Born Pretty Store…and I have to say I am disappointed. The pack came with two designs, this one and a double-ring half moon in gold. one third of the 20 decals (10 of each, for both hands) was rubbed off so the gold was barely visible. Normally decals take about 30 seconds in the water to move off easily…these took almost two minutes and I still had to more peel than roll them off easily. That being said, they looked lovely on the nail. It was a bit hard to make them stay where I put them (even once they dried down a bit) so I had to top coat them before I added the green color. All in all, not the best experience.


By the end, I had 2 thickish coats of red, top coat, decal then more top coat, 2-3 coats of green and MORE top coat. Very thick nails. However, it did mean my nails didn’t break while I wore this mani! I do think this is the first Born Pretty Store decal that I can’t strongly recommend, mostly because this decal is not for beginners! Interestingly enough, they appear to have taken the decal off their website. So, if you want a different decal, the Born Pretty Store is the place to go!

Comments on: "Ornamental" (11)

  1. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work! At least they turned out beautifully. They’re stunning!

    • thanks! and yah, i usually expect manis made with water decals to be easy…this wasn’t HARD but it certainly wasnt as easy as i expected!

  2. They do look nice. I’ve had issues with water decals like the one you mentioned. But it seems to be pretty rare.

  3. This one turned out SO elegant! Despite all the issues with finicky decals and layers of polish this looks fantastic.

    My only other thought is that you should have called the post “Ornamental, my dear Watson.” 😉

  4. Luckily photographs are two dimensional. So we can’t see how thick you nails are. So for me, they are very pretty!

  5. Tamara Kossoff said:

    This reminds me of when your hem falls down and you use either tape or staples to get it to stay where it belongs. No one noticed the problem and if you don’t say anything about it, no one ever will know.
    These nails look just lovely from here. You got to be so good at doing nail art, you now expect every single design you do to work out perfectly. Enough said (although now that I write this, I remember that as long as I have been commenting on your work, I’ve told you the very same thing: it is VERY GOOD so relax and be happy!!!).
    Have a good holiday season and a great new year ahead, hopefully filled with peace and good health and lovely nail art to admire.

  6. The manicure looks very pretty, and I agree that they do look like hanging ornaments. I think it’s a gorgeous look!

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