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Unloved Jewel

Ugh, another post where I WISH I had my better camera! Ah well, you poor readers will have to suffer through some more indoor iPhone photos (sorry). This mani was me playing around with another new favorite polish, The Unloved by Emily de Molly.


I do not understand AT ALL how this polish could be named “The Unloved.” There is so much love here! Deep reddish pink jelly base (magenta is probably accurate) with large and medium holo circles, medium and small hexes, tiny glittery bits, and small squares. So much glitter, so little time! I did not have to dig for the bigger glitters in this (they are everywhere) and the jelly-ness is perfect (you can see all the glittery layers!). Shown here is three thin coats. In warning: this is difficult to remove!



The design on my ring finger and thumb were inspired by Madah Santana…and I don’t think I did her design justice. I already have a thin nail art brush, but I either need an even thinner one or I should just give up and use acrylic paint. I feel like it’s cheating, but how else can I get super tiny lines?!


Anyway, hope you enjoyed! I’m going to try and do some more nail art bits to showcase this polish as Monet’s Garden (from last week) since the photos really aren’t the best. Any designs you want to see? 😀

Comments on: "Unloved Jewel" (11)

  1. Tamara Kossoff said:

    I see this photo as sharp and clear as can be. What phone gives this photo? My 4S is NBD but I don’t like photographing so that may contribute to the disaster. What is your “good camera?”

    • So, the sunlight photos are all taken using my iphone 5S. Most of the other photos on this site are taken using a …10? year old camera (canon powershot SD1000). The ones in this post were taken with my other camera, a canon powershot SX260. I find the SD1000 best for macro shots, but it honestly hasn’t been made in YEARS

  2. Tamara Kossoff said:

    I don’t know what brush you are actually using to get a very thin line but if you check out Robin Moses’ tutorials you will see how she cuts extraneous outer hairs from brushes to get an ultra thin tip. She may use stripers instead of detail brushes or the same technique for both. (The Lowe-Cornell short handle detail brush in 18/0 has three circles of hairs so cutting out the outer rings to get a thinner stroking brush may eliminate part of what makes it so good, though.)

  3. Jeannie C. said:

    How do you get your Emily de Molly polishes to dry? I painted 3 very thin layers of both Cosmic Forces and Oceanic Forces and each layer took over 2 hours to dry! And, the circle glitter pops off, even with top coat. Any tips?

    • wait, really? Thats odd! Um…I paint a thin layer (that is important because even though thick get more glitter, it will never dry) and I wait about 10 minutes in between coats (basically I paint both hands then move back to the first hand). 3 thin layers and everything works. I always add fast-drying top coat, but things tend to dry within 20-30 minutes. I mean, if I tried to floss my teeth or something I’m sure I could still dent it, but it is mostly solid. And I’ve NEVER had circle glitter pop off! Eeks! Are your nails super curvy?

  4. That polish is stunning! All the different glitters are amazing. I love the nail art that you did as well!

  5. There is so much beautiful depth in The Unloved! Your manicure is so lovely, as always!

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