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Burning Bush

This manicure should really be entitled “Eva’s impulsive buys when things are 75% off at Rite Aid” because I really do have enough nail art supplies. No really. I do. But then I saw these nail foils and I’ve never gotten to play with nail foils before…so I got them. Because nail art supply sales are one of my kryptonites (I’m really going to pretend that is how you pluralize it).


I saw this fun bit of nail art using foils over at Nail Lacquer and since this was my first time I figured that would deb an easy thing to quasi-mimic. I have no idea what she was going for, but I decided that I could use my new RAINBOW (!!!) metallic foil to make it look like fire. And then maybe add branches to my fire. And some red glitter at the end because I like glitter. So, TA DA!


The red here is Siren by Pure Ice, and the black is my trusty Black on Black by Sinful Colors. Everything else is NAIL FOIL! (I promise I’ll try to stop with the caps lock now. I’m just excited.) The instructions with the foil state that you need to “apply the nail glue and wait 40 seconds.” What they actually mean is wait until the white glue turns clear, and then wait a few MORE seconds and THEN add the foil. And press and press and wiggle a bit. It helps if you put on less nail glue rather than more…the foil is more likely to stick rather than turn to foil-mush and get stuck back to the foil’s backing. Live and learn!


Honestly, for a first attempt, I think I did a pretty decent job! I have high hopes for my next one. I still don’t think I am ready for a full-foil mani (too much of a perfectionist) but some smaller things, sure!


If you wanna try playing with foil, just make sure you also have a water-based top coat on hand…not a quick dry one. The set I bought came with 3 foils, a tiny thing of foil glue and a tiny thing of water-based top coat…so I didn’t have to worry about the foil shrinking (in fact, unless you look very closely you will have a hard time determining which photos here are pre-top coat and which are post-top coat.) So make sure if you JUST buy foil and not a set that you have the right top coat!


Enjoy! Now to search the depths of pinterest for more foil-based manis to fiddle with….

Comments on: "Burning Bush" (6)

  1. I haven’t yet played with foil either and I do have some in my nail art supplies so…no excuse. Though I am now inspired by your fun mani and grateful to have the tips you supplied on how to best apply it…thank you! And, sorry, now I’m going to tease you: I didn’t have any thought about your plurization of kryptonite (actually, no, I did think it was great you used the word), but…and here comes the tease…”gotten?” 😉 Have a good weekend, Delphi

    • oh hush you!! :-p grammar (well, and spelling…) have always been my weak points. I majored in engineering for a reason! But yah, play with foils! They are surprisingly fun 🙂 and good luck!

  2. This is amaze-balls!

  3. I feel like I’m having a full blown blonde moment…. But I don’t see glitter. I like glitter too, because GLITTER! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be inspired enough to take a chance on foils.

    • hahahah! its subtle. around the red-est part of the foil I added some red glitter. if you click the photos to make them zoom in, you can see it. but you make a valid point…it didn’t add much and just made it harder for me to remove the mani :-p

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