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Unloved and Shattered

First off, this is NOT a reflection of my relationship. I told the boyfriend what I was going to call this mani (and showed him the mani) and he immediately stated “all your nail friends are going to think that I dumped you and you are depressed!!” so just a heads up, I AM HAPPY. So happy. Because this nail art came out exactly how I imagined (and also boyfriend is adorable)!


I had been wanting to use The Unloved by Emily de Molly again with proper lighting (and my new lightbox!) but I couldn’t think of anything appropriate. And then I remembered the creepy shattered mirror stamp from the new Bundle Monster collection…and I just had to try a James Bond-esque bleeding shattered mirror concoction. Voila!


So, we have two coats of the stunningly beautiful The Unloved, one coat of the best silver metallic ever (Excalibur by A England) and Bundle Monster stamp 608. Also some blood (Valerie by Zoya) and hot pink/red rhinestones. This mani has all the good stuff 😀



I am not looking forward to taking this off though…I forgot to put glue down as my base coat so I am going to be scraping off circle glitters for hours. Sadness!


Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Anyone else doing some creepy anti-Valentines manicures this month? The rest of the ones this week are more normal lovey and all :-p

Comments on: "Unloved and Shattered" (26)

  1. Hehehe that’s what I thought. That bf dumped you or something. I absolutely love it though, not valentiney (don’t know if it’s a word, totally made it up) at all. Why don’t you use the foil method for the glitter?

    • The foil method destroys my nail beds, and my normal hand cream is just not quite up to par to re-hydrate them by the time i want to take images of whatever nail art I do.
      I’m glad I added the “no seriously I’m still happy” caveat!

      • Ah luckily I have a polish remover with olive oil and it’s actually very hydrating. Pity the company closed down. But I have 2 back up bottles that I now only use for the foil method.

      • Olive oil?! Huh! Go figure. My polish remover is the regular cheap rite aid brand stuff…I use too much to splurge on anything fancy

      • Family Dollar store has a polish remover with Argon that is the same price as regular – well, maybe a few cents more – and I couldn’t believe how much it moisturized my nails while removing old polish.
        I couldn’t find one around here, in Manhattan, so when I was outside Boston visiting family my son shlepped me to one of the chain of stores there and I bought five bottles while I could get it. If you can track down one of those stores, try the product!

      • Hrmmmm I haven’t seen any in Philly, but I’ll keep an eye out! It would be nice to have something that moisturizes rather than kills my poor cuticles!

      • I checked the store locator for Family Dollar stores and they have a number of stores in Philly but you have to check the distance from where you are.

  2. This is intense and I love it!

  3. Gorgeous! This is easily the best anti Valentine mani ever!

  4. I love the broken mirror nails.

    • I know! I really wanted to use the stamp as soon as I saw it but I couldn’t think of anything deserving of it…and then this popped up!

  5. i love anti- valentines mani. it’s good to stir things up

  6. Super cool. Well done. 🙂

  7. Oh wow, Unloved and Shattered looks beautiful. Things I never thought I’d say…

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