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Gothic Tribal (fail)

Oy Zoya, what am I to do when you make AWFUL polishes? Anise is the second of the free trio that Zoya gave away for their New Years promotion. It looks like a black with gold shimmer. It is, in fact, a dark dirt brown with subtle shimmer.


What Zoya (and I) did not yet mention is that Anise takes 3-4 coats to be opaque. The shimmer is just subtle enough to highlight all the flaws on my nails, without adding anything interesting. And it is somehow brush-stroky, despite being almost a creme. All-around fail. I would have loved a black creme.


~ Dirty black: Zoya – Anise
~ Purple: Zoya – Rea
~ Grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 604


This mani was in no way helped by my attempt to stamp. Which ended up off-center. So I went to go fix it with a light grey polish…and meh. This mani is just sad. Sorry you guys!

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  1. Black bases with gold anything in them never seem to work out the way they were intended – the black always makes the gold bits look brown or like some sickly green-ish/gold colour. That’s a bummer – Zoya ain’t cheap either. I’ve been having some similar issues lately with OPI – a basic creme typically takes four coats to get it opaque, and at $13 a bottle, that just shouldn’t be happening. It’s seriously irksome.

  2. Hi…I don’t know under what circumstances you acquired Zoya’s Mystery Trio. For me, I was lucky enough to find out about a sale they were having: get three full-size polishes free and pay only the shipping tax of $15. The deal included mini-versions of the Mystery Trio. However, the language in the deal made it clear the Mystery polishes would never be sold. I can’t recall if Zoya was blunt in their wording or if I just read between the lines, but it was clear to me the polishes in the Mystery Trio were attempts at new polishes but that Zoya knew they were fails, thus never intended to sell them. The mystery to me is only why Zoya would let polishes they know are inferior out into the world, rather than safely dispose of them. Perhaps they were thinking, “Well, maybe some people can use them.” and gave them away with the sweet deal of three free regular polishes with shopping costs being all that came out of my wallet. In any case, I’m pretty sure they never wanted their Mystery Trio to be taken as examples of their best work, let alone reviewed. Just my two cents. 🙂

    • I completely agree (and I got mine in the same sale where you got yours)…it just seems that the new years sale is a great time to get new people hooked on Zoya (my first zoyas were from the new years deal in 2012), and instead they hand out 3 free mini polishes which are basically awful. It just seems like bad marketing to me…if you want to convince buyers to pay full price for your polish, try to convince them that you make the best! You are absolutely right, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it or think it was a good idea on their part :-p

      • You do have a point. After I swatched the Mystery Trio and compared them to each other, it seemed like each polish leaned toward olive: an olive-leaning neutral cream, an olive-leaning brown sheer…what do you think? And, just curious, are you planning on reviewing the last of the Trio…the olive-leaning gold(ish) metallic?

      • I completely agree! And its odd, because olive itself is a pretty color, but other colors that tend towards olive are…not. And yes, I have some art with the gold one (Severine) that will be up…either Friday or next week. I just haven’t gotten around to editing the photos yet!

  3. It doesn’t look to bad to me… Maybe if you try it with a colour you like?

  4. I think these look awesome

  5. Yeah, I am not too fond of this color either. But the design you did is cool – I’d redo it at some point with better colors though!

  6. I got that polish in the Zoya trio in January and now based on this review dreading trying it. 4 coats!?! Your mani looks nice though.

    • heh, thanks. it took 4 coats to get rid of my visible nail line, but the polish I got was really thin. I hope yours is a bit thicker! (or that you have short nails so it won’t be super difficult)

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