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Blue Diamonds

With my new oval nails, I can finally pretend to be lacqerstyle! I am not NEARLY as talented as her, so I am sticking to some more simple manis (aka no insane flowers). Even then though, my lines are about 300% thicker than hers, but I still like how this one came out! Inspired by lacquerstyle’s blue diamonds.


This mani took a bit of time (mostly from having to paint so many thin lines) but it came out rather nice for all that effort! I am glad that I have so many blue holo polishes.


~ Light blue: Nfu Oh – #65
~ Light blue scattered: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Medium blue: Darling Diva – Blue Diamond
~ Medium dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam


I am NOT happy with Nfu Oh though…it is the first expensive polish I ever bought (at $12, back in 2012, before I ever got into blogging and could barely keep the polish off my entire nail bed), and it is now a formal disaster. It goes on patchy and then CRACKS! I have no idea what to do…the bottle is only about 1/3 used up, but it is mostly unusable. I had to paint over it with a similar-colored Milani polish just to make the whole thing lie flat! Not cool Nfu Oh, not cool.


Despite my feelings of betray towards Nfu Oh, holo polishes are fun! And I will shortly have a bunch more in RAINBOW COLORS (yay!) from Mentality to show you guys! Tonight, I am gonna try to water marble. With holos. Life is awesome!

Comments on: "Blue Diamonds" (4)

  1. myishia simmons said:

    I loved this design when I first saw it on lacquer style however I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, so I have to settle on similar stamped image. You did really well though. Did
    you do both hands? Shame on nfu!

    • haha! i can’t center my stamps so I don’t even try with designs like this. I only did it on my left hand…i always go off-handed so I have enough designs to update my blog daily (thats why if you scroll backwards you only ever see one hand at a time and it alternates)

  2. Would striping tape not have worked? You know, white base, tape and colour in the different sections?

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