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Falling Roses

This might be my favorite nail art of this year. I am terrible at flowers. This mani though…I feel like I channeled my inter Lacquerstyle (who if you don’t know, is the absolute queen of intricate floral nail art)! This design was inspired by badgirlnails but I kinda ran with it.


The base here is a polish I have been waiting to use for MONTHS. It sat in my swatch section, patiently, while I grew out my nails (twice) and swatched all the Mentality polishes I was sent to review. Regardless, after lusting for this polish for over a year, I finally get to play with Falling for Hue by KBShimmer!


KBShimmer makes my favorite large glitter polishes (along with Emily de Molly) and this is no different. Falling for Hue is an awesome white crelly loaded with small and medium light pink and purple glitters, and medium red glitters that are slightly holographic. The red ones curl just a bit, but nothing a thicker coat of top coat won’t fix! Ever since I bought this (loooong before I actually wore it) I bookmarked badgirlnail’s design so I could play! This mani was not fast (the leaves took longer than anything else honestly) but it was totally worth it!


~ White with pink glitter: KBShimmer – Falling for Hue
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Medium pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance


The worst part is, I have new lemmings for KBShimmer! I’ve never even tried one of their creme polishes, because I can’t get over the glitters. If you guys haven’t seen R-E-F-L-E-C-T or Take the Punny and Run you are missing out! Now I just have to wait for another sale…


ANYWAY. Lots of photos. Because this mani makes me very happy. I debated matting it, but I knew I needed to wear it for 5 days (attending my baby sister’s college graduation…that’s a mind trip. She’s supposed to still be a little kid and she’s going out into the real world!!) so I left it glossy as matte coated polish tends to chip faster. Hope you enjoyed!

Comments on: "Falling Roses" (8)

  1. Annette said:

    Oh so cool, the polish and flowers match perfectly. Love it!

  2. Lara Leaf said:

    Your nail art is so sweet with the base polish! I can’t even stamp well, much less do freehand nail art!
    I love KBShimmer crellies, along with their other finishes. I have been interested in this one forever – one of these days… It’s just that they have so many different polishes and, when I do order from them, I usually have so many other ones I really need, so I keep putting it to the back burner, so to speak. I nearly fell over when she had her all-over event sale! Usually, the only way to get a polish on sale is when she is discontinuing it. And, yes!, I want R-E-F-L-E-C-T!
    I recently finally was able to get a long, long lemming of mine, a Chanel. And, of course, my nails have recently started breaking. I swear I am not going to use the Chanel until my nails start behaving again! It’s like they plan this torture!….
    Congrats on your ‘little’ sister graduating! Milestones

    • 😀 My nails peel like crazy and I basically trust Nail Envy (OPI) or everything would be dead. I refuse to buy polish not on sale (unless it is super limited) and the next time KBShimmer has a sale I’m going nuts (again). Falling For Hue is so much fun and I recommend it!

  3. myishia simmons said:

    I love your work especially your flowers, they’re so intricate nd you use polish and not acrylic paint now that’s some skills!

    • Thanks! I keep trying to convince myself that acrylic isn’t cheating….but I haven’t gotten there yet. So everything is 100% polish (or you know, stickers)

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