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Golden Kitty Stripes

I would like to preface this by saying that I don’t like cats. I am a dog person. But the theme today was “cat” so I tried to avoid cats as much as possible…hence just the accent nail. Also, I wanted to use these awesome differently-sized golden stripes from the Born Pretty Store and this provided an excellent distraction!


I love striping tape. It’s awesome. But sometimes I want to leave the tape on my nails, and most of the colors (other than my silver) bleed and lose their color within about 24 hours…so if I put on pink striping tape, by the next morning it is pinkish-silver, and usually it starts peeling up from my nails a day later.


When I saw that the Born Pretty Store not only had tape designed to stay on your nails, but that it came in different sizes in one pack, I knew I had to try it out. This is the gold set, and on the package are at least 6 sizes of tape. Some of the stripes were so close in size that I couldn’t tell them apart…I made these nails by picking every third stripe to apply. I am pleased!


Although these are stickers, they are very thin (unlike some of the quasi 3D stickers I have gotten in the past from the Born Pretty Store) and despite being thin and tiny, they reposition easily. The tiniest ones were prone to curling, but that was rather easy to deal with (I just had to keep them away from the wet nails on my other hand).


Long story short: I kinda of love this tape. Gold, non-bleeding, and differently sized. This would not be great as removable striping tape, as the gold is edged with a small clear border (I assume to extend the sticky area) on the smaller stripes. But it looks great on the nail!


You can pick up these stripes from the Born Pretty Store for $1.49 (plus additional 10% off with the code LY5X31). They also come in silver. And now, say bye to the darn cat!

Comments on: "Golden Kitty Stripes" (2)

  1. Lara Leaf said:

    When I first saw your mani, I wondered how on earth you got such neat gold stripes! I have seen gold tape manis and they have looked good but I know the problem with peeling. And the gold polish stripes just never give you That Look. It is great that this type of tape is now available!

    • I know! I gave away my gold striping tape (which is why you really only ever see silver if I leave it on my nails) and it NEVER looked like this! I absolutely love these 😀

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