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Terracotta Angles

As some of you guys might have heard (through me or otherwise) Mentality got a bad batch of suspension base that was causing sensitivity and nail-lifting for some people. I was one of the bloggers to experienced lifting of my nails, but it took us (the bloggers) 2 months to figure out what was causing it! Once we figured it out, Mentality reformatted their polish, and I can safely report that the new formula doesn’t irritate my nails at all. If you want the full story, check out Betty’s Beauty Bomb’s post here. I don’t think Mentality handled the situation the best, but I’m glad it got addressed. On an unrelated note, the new base (and thus polish) smells much better than the old base. However: if you bought from Mentality polish within he last year and especially last 4 months, and you noticed your nails feeling more painful than normal, lifting from the nail bed, or tingling oddly, don’t use the polish!! In my experience there is slight pain and tingling within 24 hours, but nail lifting doesn’t occur for at least a few days. Unfortunately, the people behind Mentality have more or less shut down. They are no longer offering refunds or replacements for bad polish, and as of Monday morning fired the bloggers without telling us (although it sounds like most of them had already stepped away…I was offline Sunday night and so missed a lot of drama!). So, I’m going to go through and swatch what I have from them, but I am no longer affiliated with the company.


Starting today, I’m going to go through and re-swatch all the newly reformatted Earth Tone Mattes (originally the Textured Earth Tone Mattes…I’m glad they did away with the texture as well). I have to say I am impressed. The original collection dried to a semi-matte (more of a suede finish than true matte), were slightly streaky, and looked all in the golden-pink range. This set, although it has only one new color, dries down to a true matte, is almost entirely streak-free, opaque in 1-2 coats, and the colors are “true”. For example, today we have Terracotta. Which looks EXACTLY LIKE TERRACOTTA. So cool! Two thin coats here (I could have gotten away with one), dried down fast, easy to work with. This polish is a pretty milk chocolate brown, like earthen clay.


The design was inspired by nailsbylaurak. I should know better than to try and hand-draw a stamp design! So, my lines are not perfect, but its cute anyway. On my accent nails you can see what Terracotta looks like with top coat, the slight shimmer returns! The polish is something between a shimmer and a metallic with top coat.


~ Brown: Mentality – Terracotta
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube

Although I’m not usually a fan of neutral colors, I am so far enjoying the Earth Tones collection. I also like that they are true mattes, which I still think Mentality makes best. Honestly, I’m also glad to have the nail-lifting issue resolved. It was disconcerting to not know what was happening to my poor fingernails! And I’m a tiny bit glad that I have access to information as a med student to know that it isn’t serious, just rather ugly looking. Which is to say if your nail lifted from this (or really anything else) cut it short and let it grow back.


Mentality has run out of their new non-irritating base at this point, so there is no reason to try and order polish right now. Since I am no longer a blogger for them, I won’t know when (or if) they get this polish back in stock…or any of the others they sent me last week. I guess we just have to wait and see!

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  1. I love your blog and nail art, but just worry that you are swatching these, since we now know that the issue wasn’t limited to that particular set of neons. I have some older bottles, but I don’t feel comfortable using them now, and hope you don’t feel any sort of obligation to. I hope you recover fully and quickly, and I’ll continue to admire your beautiful nail art. It’s not my intention to be a pot-stirrer, so please feel free to delete my comment if you feel it’s inappropriate, or makes you uncomfortable in any way…I won’t be offended, as I realize it’s a hot-button issue. I’m just an avid reader of your blog and I interact with you, probably more than any of the others I frequent, so I didn’t feel right just reading and going about my business without stopping by to express my concern. 😘

    • ❤ that makes me feel warm and fuzzy! For what its worth, the really old bottles (with sticker labels) are 100% fine (I've been using the two bottles I have in that style without problem) and the new square bottles are fine (like this one posted here…I've been wearing them for about a week at this point with no pain or anything). All the intermediate ones are in a sad yet pretty pile on my floor mentally labeled "sad pretty sparklies" that I don't know what to do with!

      • Same here. I’ve used some to color code keys, so far, lol. I’m not very artsy, but I’ve been trying to think of crafts I can use them for. Too bad I don’t have the patience for dragon eggs. 😊

      • I’m holding on to a few of the more glittery ones in case I DO try dragon eggs…but most of the ones I have are not exciting enough!

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