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Nail Vinyl Fail

Oh god. This is AWFUL. I intended these for “pattern” day in the 31 Day Challenge but they are so so terrible that I couldn’t post them. I almost didn’t post them here. I’m cringing.


So, where to begin. I started with a grey-to-purple holo gradient using Diamond by Darling Diva and Vallis Sanguine by Gothic Gala. That went nicely. I even put down a liquid latex barrier to make clean up easy!

Then the trouble began. I pulled out the nail vinyls I was sent to review from the Born Pretty Store and started trying to pull them off their plastic backing…and they fell apart. The pattern is a checker board, and whole checks were falling off! Tearing, ripping…it was awful. I stuck the vinyls to my wrist before applying them to my nails (like I do for tape and really anything I plan to pull off my nail, just to make them a tad easier to remove.


Once on my nails, the vinyls were super stiff, and wouldn’t bend to my cuticle bed. I pushed them down hard, and tried to do an inverted purple-to-grey mani using Margo by Zoya and Sugar Cube by Salon Perfect (I started with a light grey creme, but it wasn’t opaque enough so I switched to white). The gradient went on fine…and then I went to remove the vinyls.

DISASTER. They broke into pieces as I pulled them off, some refused to come, and all this polish had seeped under the vinyl! I was using a makeup sponge, how was there seepage?! I can only imagine how awful this would have looked if I had actually painted the polish on rather than sponged it. Ugh.


What you are seeing is what it looked like after I tried to clean up the super super messy edges with a tiny brush and acetone AND two layers of top coat (because things were sticking up everywhere). I give up. Only my thumb came out even close to ok, and that was after clean-up as well. I’ll try the zig-zag pattern (it was two patterns, 5 pieces each, on one piece of plastic) but I hold very little hope for them.

In summary: Total And Complete Failure. Do not recommend. If you want to see if you can beat me at nail vinyls, you can find them for $4.59 at the Born Pretty Store. I’ve seen some pretty nail art with them, so either I got a bad batch or I am just as bad as I think I am at this! Don’t judge me for my terrible nails today 😦

Comments on: "Nail Vinyl Fail" (4)

  1. Don’t beat yourself up…it happens. In fact, whenever I attempt to use tape or vinyls, it happens to me. I know I need to practice, but I’m easily frustrated and extremely impatient, so it’s been months since my last attempt with tape. Or vinyls. Or water marbling. Sigh. 😊

    • See, but watermarbling has a very distinct learning curve, as does tape. I know I’m good at tape…and the vinyls really rather dramatically do not work. 😦

  2. Uh-oh… these arrived in my nail mail today! (Fortunately I got them when on sale) I was worried about using them already as I’ve never used vinyls before, but now I’m super worried. I’m afraid your nails do look terrible, but I’m so glad you shared! It’s such a shame as BPS stuff’s usually great.

    • Agreed! This is the second dud I’ve ever gotten from them, and given how frequently I review their nail art supplies that is pretty impressive. Maybe I just got a bad set and yours will work better…good luck!

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