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Dot Matrix

I feel like (based on the title) this manicure should have something to do with math and linear algebra, but it doesn’t. Sorry! What it does have to do with is some interesting nail stickers from Lady Queen Beauty.


I’m actually pretty torn about this. The stickers I was sent were mis-printed. On the website, there appear to be brightly colored 3D dots evenly spaced in a black background. What I received was brightly colored dots placed incorrectly, such that only about 40% of the color was visible. You can see it in the photos.

I don’t think you were supposed to need a base color for these stickers, but I grabbed a silver because with the off-placed dots, my naked nail would be very visible! The silver actually ended up looking really cool (its Sterling Silver by Sally Hansen).


So, I was initially rather upset by my wrongly printed stickers. However, when I went to use them, they actually looked really interesting! I expected something thick and bulky that would be hard to stick to my nail…instead, they were nice, thin, flexible, and really easy to work with. I almost didn’t even apply top coat, because they stuck so nicely!


Unfortunately, the sizes seem to jump from small to medium very quickly, and then right up to extra-large. I had to cut one of the stickers down to size for my pointer nail (the three smallest sizes went pinky-to-middle) but it wasn’t hard to do. Once the stickers were on, I cut off the excess with a scissor and then used a nail file to file off the little bit remaining at the free edge. The stickers didn’t come with instructions, but I thought it was pretty straight forward!

I do love the texture (I am a textured nail art fan) and I like the material and the idea…I just wish they double-checked their products before sending them out! From far away these nails look incredible, but close up they look silly because of the off-centered dots.


Hence, I am torn. I like everything except the actual look of the final product, and i don’t know if I just got a bad set or not! Regardless, you can find these stickers (they come in sets of 14) at Lady Queen Beauty for $2.19, with an extra 15% off using the code BPLC15. Enjoy!

Comments on: "Dot Matrix" (6)

  1. Well damn they look good from a distance though

  2. Their math is WAY off. I put 5 of them in the basket and when I added the discount code it took of a whopping 32 cents when it should have been $1.61. Plus it was suppose to be 1.94 each for 5 of them but it still shows as 2.15 each. With both discounts the total should be $8.25 but it is showing $10.43. Something is real hinky there. Considering the quality of the set you got and the failure to take off the proper amount….they can keep them. =)

    • 😦 thats terrible!! For some of the on-sale stuff they refuse to take a further discount (which I guess I understand??) but thats just…plain weird. I wonder if they are converting from a different currency to dollars and back again and numbers are getting lost? I’m sorry either way!

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