Creative musings in bright colors

Neon Zags

Lots of new things today! Three neon stamping polishes (that I did not use in a stamp because I am a rebel) and a nail vinyl design. Colors!


I wanted to try two things here: first, would stamping polishes work to make a gradient over black (which usually doesn’t work with normal polishes) and second, the zigzag pattern vinyls from the Born Pretty Store work better than the awful checker board pattern. Here are the results!


Yes, stamping polishes will gradient over black. Hooray! I will get around to using all three of these in stamps at some point, but they were sitting there in a neat pretty row so I had to try this first. We have Yellow Opaque, Orange Opaque, and Pink Opaque by Mentality (new formula of course) over Storm by Zoya. This was 3-4 passes with the makeup sponge. I almost left it at just one, because you could see faint color but it showed up brightly over the holo flecks in Storm and looked incredible. I went for opacity instead, but someday maybe I’ll go back and try this again with a more see-through result!


Surprisingly, the nail vinyls mostly worked this time! I still had about 15 minutes of clean up (mostly at my nail bed, where the inflexibility of the vinyl meant that it wouldn’t sit flat against my nail and so the polish seeped under) but overall it worked and looks rather cool.

The zigzag pattern actually held together when I removed it from the plastic backing AND when I pulled it off my nail! SO MUCH EASIER. This made for a very fast design (if I had to apply all the zigs and zags by hand it would have taken forever), but took longer in cleanup so I don’t know how the timing would have worked out in the end with regular one-at-a-time vinyls rather than whole nail patterns.


Overall, I rather like the look of this! I still think the neon polishes worked better than the vinyls, but the vinyls were at least function this time around. If you want to pick some up for yourself (or something else from the Born Pretty Store like rhinestones or stamping plates) use my 10% off code LY5X31. The vinyls are $4.59. Enjoy!

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