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Top 10 Polishes of 2015

Now, I’ll be the first to admit this list is skewed. I didn’t buy many new polishes this year. Polishes that I DID buy tended to be on sale (and thus are likely old polishes rather than brand new ones). Additionally, about 70% of the initial list would have been Mentality polishes, which are clearly no longer in the running. So anyway, here are 10 really good polishes, and two honorable mentions.

My very favorite polish of the year: Giada by Zoya. There is something about this metallic purple that just captivates me. I have both darker and lighter shades of purple, but I find myself drawn to this one over and over again! I actually bought half of Zoya’s fall collection, but this was the only polish that made the list.


#2 and #3 are both wonderful gold polishes. For some reason, I was more of a gold-nail person than a silver one this year. My second favorite polish from this year is actually also a 2015 release, ILNP Fame. A super sparkly pale gold holo glitter liberally sprinkled with gold flakes. It is stunning.


#3 is also a gold holo glitter. Unlike Fame (the #2), Irresistivel by Jade is a more rose-toned gold that almost looks like a sparkly nude in low lights. In bright lights it glows like rainbows!


#4 Is the last of the truly “new” polishes on the list. It is another ILNP, a muted purple taupe called Long Walks. Long Walks also has holo shimmer, gold flakes, and a subtle pink flash. I got it as a polish to wear to work, but ended up loving it more than I expected to.


#5 is another Zoya polish, but sadly this one is discontinued. Veruschka is a fantastic dark green matte polish, that dries to a true matte finish. Moreover, when topcoat is added the green turns metallic and slightly shimmery. I absolutely love it. Sadly, Veruschka was replaced by the slightly lighter green semi-matte Honor this year, but you can still find it at other non-Zoya retailers if you want it.


#6 is another color we have already seen, the third purple on this list! Also the third Zoya and another older polish, although this one is still available through Zoya. The color is called Monica, and is a very dark blue-leaning purple. I have used this polish at least 5 times since I bought it…which is actually really impressive given that the polish is not a nude, black, gold, or silver.


# 7 begins the super glittery portion of this year’s top 10 list. My very favorite of the new polishes I bought in this category was technically bought late in 2014 and was released in 2013, but if you don’t own it and you like glitters you need to get it. Monet’s Garden by Emily de Molly is a mix of glitter sizes, shapes, and colors in a green-teal jelly base. It is shockingly pretty.


#8 is yet another glitter! This one is actually a Sephora X polish that I got in the sale bin (so I don’t know if it is still available) called Outburst. Outburst is basically just a mix of holo glitter hexes suspended in a royal blue jelly, but it looks fantastic.


#9 is actually a polish I got on sale from KBShimmer which they no longer sell…but I’m sure you can find it if you want it! It’s called Falling for Hue, and is basically the most Valentine’s Day polish ever created. It has pink, purple, and red glitters of various sizes in a white crelly base.


#10 was a bit of a hard decision, between two Zoyas from the same collection. I settled on India, an dark red polish with tons of gold shimmer. The second choice was Yuna, a blue-leaning-grey with larger gold glitters. Ultimately, I prefer red over grey, so I had to select India!


Runner up #1 is a pale minty green creme. I own three almost identical colors (I should do a comparison post) but of the three of them, this is the one I keep reaching for. It is called No Worries by Glitter Gal (and has a much better formula than the almost-identical Tiana by Zoya, and is slightly more green-leaning than Green with Envy by Maybelline).


Runner up #2 was a bit of a surprise to me, as I was going through my photos. I don’t tend to like girly colors, much less pale pinks! But here we are…I actually really enjoyed wearing Freshwater Pearl by ULTA. If you need a very subtle pink color, I recommend it. Go figure!


That’s all! What were you favorite polishes this year? Are there any that I absolutely need to buy?


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