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This is a really simple looking mani, because I had a new toy to play with and I wanted to see how it worked! My “crystal clear stamper” from B. Loves Plates finally arrived! It took one month and one day from when I ordered it, which is a pain, but it was shipping from Poland so I am not totally surprised!


I basically wanted to see if I could get the clear stamper to work. I started using a different plate with thin lines…and it failed completely. However, that is a plate that I had trouble getting to work even with the stamper I am used to (a harder non-clear one. A very very hard one, as it turns out). So, I switched to a plate that had worked for me before, grabbed my favorite stamping polish, and tried it again. Voila!


I’m sure you guys have been seeing reviews of these clear stampers all over the place, but I figured it can’t hurt to get some more advice. I got the stamper to work, but it took some messing around first.


1. Prime the stamper. I don’t know if this was necessary, but I cleaned my stamper with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser before I used it, because it was shiny and not picking up the stamp (although that might have just been the faulty plate, I have no way of knowing!)
2. Make sure the stamper is clean by using tape to stick off any dust.
3. Squishy stampers (like this) are different from hard stampers (like konad). You need to move FAST between putting down the polish and picking it up onto the stamper. You also need to use fresh/wet polish, rather than dried up polish or it won’t pick up. However, you get longer with the polish on the stamper before it dries and is unusable.
4. The only method that works to get the polish onto the stamper is a GENTLE roll. I kept squishing down and the image wouldn’t transfer, or would get all distorted! As long as the polish is wet, it takes VERY little pressure to get the image to transfer.
5. Just squish it onto your nail! You can do a bit of a rolling motion, but it is hardly necessary. The squishy factor means the head of the stamper bends around your nail bed. It’s wonderful.


I had been debating for months getting a rectangular stamper so I could have more control on how I positioned my stamps, or at the very least one of those super-squishy stamper since my hard one was difficult to work with. I am glad I waited, clear stampers are so cool! And my stamps are basically perfectly positioned. With minimal effort.

Anyway, my nail shape is weird right now (I broke a nail but wanted to test the clear stamper anyway, so I just re-shaped my nails rather than file them down. This shape is likely to last only briefly, I prefer square nails!), so sorry! The two colors here are No Worries by Glitter Gal and Good as Gold by Essie. The stamp is EdM plate 22. Enjoy!

Comments on: "Mint and Gold, aka Crystal Clear Stamper" (2)

  1. i got myelf one of those quishy stampers about three months ago. And I love it. I didn’t have to prime mine (never did that with any of my stampers), but I noticed some of the issues – or let’s say differences between ‘regular’ and squishy stampers, i.e. the polish needs to be wet, otherwise the stamper doesn’t pick up the images etc…

    When it comes to cleaning my stamper, I don’t use sticky tape. I use a cheap facial toner which works like a charm. 🙂

    • facial toner!? i don’t even know what that is! and yah, learning on the squishy clear one has been an interesting experience. I still can’t get all my plates to pick up, but it’s getting easier

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