Creative musings in bright colors

As a celebration of my return to lab (for 3 weeks), this is my PhD defense mani! The idea was great, and honestly, I have NO IDEA why I expected these to look different than they do! Regardless, have some neurons.


When doing microscopy in the lab, I usually focus using the ‘bright field’ light, which turns all my neurons shades of grey on a lighter grey background. Mostly, you just see lots of axons all over the field of view, so I went ahead and painted that! I tried to get a 3D feel using a lighter and darker grey…not sure it worked out.


My neurons, the ones I care about, glow both blue and red…and the red tend to be little dots. So I painted one neuron per nail that is blue with red dots! Some of the nails have cell bodies, which have lots of red dots in them.


That’s about all I can offer by way of explanation. I wanted something that looked like what I was actually showing in my dissertation presentation, so I just pulled out two slides and stuck them together!


Happy PhD to me! Or something. I was officially granted my PhD (more or less) the first week of August, its been a bit fun to introduce myself as a doctor, if the wrong type for the hospital!

Comments on: "Bright Field and Fluorescence" (7)

  1. Congratulations on your PhD! And honestly, when I first saw the picture I thought it was camo! 😆 But after I started reading I understood what it was 😊

    • Btw I realize some reason it’s posting from my old blog, I’m in the process on fixing this (self hosting can be a bit of a pain, mind you!)

      • Fair enough! I’m too lazy to self-host, my old personal website went up in smoke when I graduated college (I lost the rights to the domain) and I haven’t been invested enough to re-teach myself html and css for a nail art blog!

    • HAH camo neurons thats kinda great. And thanks!!

  2. Congratulations on getting your official degree! This is such a cool mani! I hope I have a calm enough mind to do relevant nail art at my defense!

  3. Well, I went through Bluehost & still use WordPress for my blog, but I haven’t had to mess with html or css so far, thankfully because I’d be lost as a goose if I had to lol!

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