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Berry Pretty Circles

This post was edited and written in FEBRUARY. Yes. I am terrible. In my defense, when I edited the art and wrote up the post, my computer spontaneously decided to delete all that I had written! Why do I bother typing things up as I go! This is insane. I can’t be too mad, as this is my new favorite polish (ooooooh prettttty) but still. I took NOTES and EVERYTHING. And now it’s gone. Regardless, it works for Purple Day and it has waited long enough, so here we go!


I bought Berry Good Looking by Cupcake Polish because EVERYONE recommended it in their “favorites of 2015” list, and if 4+ bloggers all recommend the same polish, I am going to buy it. That never happens. It was a great idea…this polish is INCREDIBLE.


Berry Good Looking is a bright magenta strong linear holo. This is two thin coats (I maybe could have gotten away with one) and my camera is SPAZZING. The sunlight photos are the most color-accurate. Its almost a hot purple-pink with holo that makes me dizzy. This polish you guys, this polish. It didn’t even stain!


I went ahead and did a double geometric stamp with Emily de Molly plate 03, because I did not want to cover up the holo-y goodness. I’m pretty sure I used a light purple (Malia by Zoya? Royalty Reinvented by L’Oreal? One of those two) and a white. No idea which one! This is why my posts shouldn’t delete themselves 😦



Anyway, if you are in the market for a truly incredible holo, go buy Berry Good Looking. The whole internet agrees with me! Or I agree with them. Either way. Maybe I’ll make my bridesmaids wear this at my wedding, it’s the right color and has the appropriate level of WOAH! 😀 Then again, I don’t really want anyone *cough sister cough* tripping walking down the isle, so maybe not…


Anyway, happy Purple Day! Tomorrow begins the color combo part (which, clearly I’ve been using multiple colors this whole time so whatever).

Comments on: "Berry Pretty Circles" (4)

  1. Any post that contains the phrase happy purple day has gotta be good. What a stunning polish!

  2. This mani is so cool! It reminds me of sci-fi for some reason. Also, yes, that polish IS gorgeous!

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