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Top 5 Polish of 2019

I totally forgot to post on Friday! Mostly because I was on vacation, but still. Thats embarrassing. Anyway, today begins my first of two “top” posts. I counted it up, and I only bought/received 31 new polishes in 2019! Which means it is unfair to do a top 10 because that was almost 1/3 of all my new polishes. Ergo, I will do a top 5 (+1 extra). Without further ado:

#5 polish: POP Polish – Watermelon Bubbleslick
This is one of the few polishes that I bought this year that was not limited edition (it is still available as far as I know). This is one of the polishes that started the whole pastel multichrome fad, and honestly, it is still one of my favorites. I like the color shift, the shimmer, the pastel nature, all that. I have been using it more as an accent over other colors (since it takes 3-4 coats to be opaque on its own).

#4 polish: Chirality – Ragnarok You Like a Hurricane
Ok, so first off, I adore the name of this polish. It is epic. Second, I am a sap for the red and black combo, and this does it perfectly. Sadly, this polish works well only over black (it barely ends up opaque at 4 coats and has so much glitter at that point that it is a pain to remove). So, two coats over black and you get red/black magic! It almost ended up in 2 of my top 10 nail art posts from this year (I ended up dropping one of them) but that tells you something about my palette 😀

#3 polish: Quixotic – It Rubbed Off From Friction
Every time I wear this polish people go nuts. I have not yet found a color combination for this that I love (white? black? grey?) but the polish itself is stunning and has that perfect amount of shimmer to glow-from-within. It manages to be both subtle and bold, I love it. Also helps that it covers well on its own (2-3 coats) and removes easily.

#2 polish: Painted Polish – Just One Look
Ummmm so this polish was actually also on my top 10 from last year, this is embarrassing! Whoops. Its still a beautiful purple and I think it says a LOT that I accidentally left this in my unused section and picked it AGAIN. Yikes.

#1 polish: Illyrian – Narrow Sea
This polish is amazing. It is one of my all-time favorite polishes, not just of this year. I cannot count how many times I have worn it, and I am sad that it is limited (yet another polish pickup) because I want a backup bottle. The deep blue and the red shimmer that glints green and the scattered holo…I die. It is also a two coater and removes like a dream. I wish all polishes were like this polish!

Bonus extra a-still-love-this polish: Dreamland – You Look Like Seafood
I adore this blurple flakie glitter polish. Whenever I wear it I get a ton of compliments, however, it is SO glitter and SO bright that I don’t wear it as often as the others on this list. Still deserves to be here!

Comments on: "Top 5 Polish of 2019" (1)

  1. These are good picks. I really like 1 and 4 😀

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