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Stormy Heart

This is it, the final boring mani that I wore to interviews! Although if I am being honest, this one is not all that boring. It is also February  which means I am permitted to start posting hearts (not that I have any other pink manis prepared…I spent the last few weeks wearing subtle pink and so I have been avoiding the color altogether. Can I make a blue Valentine’s mani???). Anyway, have some shimmer and some hearts!


I knew what I wanted to do with this mani, and trialled three different grey/grey combos before settling on this one. I am a little sad because the hearts take up so much space you can barely see the base! This only matters because the base is Crystal Crown, which I have just now realized was discontinued at some point in the past. This is awful because it is easily my most-used grey, and the bottle is half empty! Ooops. I need to keep a better eye on when indie polishes discontinue my favorites!


But anyway, this was basically advanced stamping with grey and white over grey. It looks rather nice for all that, and was suitably almost-subtle and heart-shaped!


~ Grey shimmer: Emily de Molly – Crystal Crown
~ Grey: Zoya – Dove
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BM – 620


Happy Friday! And this ends the run of boring manis. Now all I need to do is actually pick where I want to be next year (and for the next 10 or so years, yikes!) and get started on some actual Valentine’s manis!

NO POST – Out Shopping

Hi all! I thought I had a post prepared for today. I was wrong. So here, have a picture of me and some of my non-Indian friends in sarees. Because…colors.


Enjoy black Friday shopping, regular posts will resume Monday!

Engagement Inspired

So, this is a special post. Yes, it is going under “delicate” day for the 31 Day Challenge, but it also stands alone. On September 6th, my boyfriend of just under 4 years proposed to me. This nail art is inspired by my engagement ring 😀


Nail art first, read to the bottom if you want the proposal story! I don’t like diamonds (seriously, all that fuss and money for a clear stone?) and I do like colors, so he got me sapphires! Thus, this mani is blue and silver (palladium isn’t a nail polish color).



Simple, but delicate…silver swirls on blue, with some hidden dark blue glequins along the side of my nails! Can you see them?


~Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~Silver: A England – Excalibur
~Stamp: Bundle Monster – 314


I got a lot of comments at the surprise engagement party about how I needed to make matching nails, so this was my response!

—-The Engagement —-

So, my boyfriend has been aware of my reluctance to be engaged, and was equally aware that I had no plans of ever being with someone other than him. He decided stage a rather elaborate proposal, involving 40ish of our closest friends, fancy dinner, lanterns, candles, and lots of tasty food!


He and I always get dressed up for dates (even if we aren’t going someplace nice…it’s just a thing we do for fun) and we had plans to go to Morimoto (fancy Japanese place) and try the tasting menu since we always order normal food when we go there. So we get all dolled up and head out to the restaurant. After dinner, we take a taxi back and he suggests walking around the park to work off some of the calories. He made a point to tell me to wear comfortable shoes while I was getting ready, so I agreed (we do this occasionally).


Oddly, he gave the taxi driver directions to the park three blocks from our apartment, rather than the one we usually go to (which is Rittenhouse park, 5 blocks away). When we get there, I see a circle of people holding lanterns and candles standing in the grass. It is around 9:30 at this point and dark out…and I only see the faces of the two closest people, neither of whom I recognize (they were my boyfriend’s lab members). The conversation went something like this:

Me: Woah, it looks like there is some type of church youth group thing going on in the park! Look at all those people with lanterns in a circle! How odd. (one of my friends was wearing a white robe…turns out it was a Leia costume from star wars, but I couldn’t tell from far away. She looked like a nun.)
Jerome: Let’s go join them!
Me: Are you kidding? That’s weird! No, let’s just walk.
Jerome: I think I see some of the kids from my lab. Come on!
Me: Nope. You can go join them if you want, I’m going to stay here!
Jerome: Come join me!
Me: Nah. I’m wearing shoes with pointy heels, I’ll sink into the wet grass!
Jerome: Oh! I didn’t think of that. Um…you can take my hand if you want


At which point I took his hand (which was shaking…I should have gotten a clue!) and we walked to the circle of people with lanterns. The circle opens up, and I assume we will stand in the circle. But no, we keep walking…to the center of the circle. At this point, despite the dark, I can see people’s faces. I recognize two people (one friend from high school and one from college) who should NOT BE IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME and it hits me that he was about to propose. I had roughly 30 seconds before I knew I needed to turn around and respond (during which time I was muttering out loud “What the f***. What the f***. What the h*** is going on?! No way. No way.” I was also trying to determine what an appropriate response was (I couldn’t say “yes sweetie” or anything cute like that because we don’t do cute nicknames…and calling him “hippo” in front of everyone seems odd), and how to handle the fact that I was at the time wearing a ring on my ring finger, that I was afraid of losing if I removed it. I decided I had to take the ring box (with the ring in it) and put it on once we got back to the apartment where I could both see the ring (it was too dark out to see it) and not lose the one I was wearing.


Jerome: Eva, you have made the last four years the happiest of my life, and I want you to come explore the future with me. Will you marry me?
Me: Yes, you idiot!


Then lots and lots of hugs from people in this giant circle of friends…and it starts to rain! So we head to our apartment. It has been (magically) set up with flowers and electric candles and food and cake, and we have an impromptu engagement party!


It was overall a rather wonderful experience, even if I was in no way prepared to be engaged just yet! Friend flew in from Boston, Ohio, DC, California…even some of our med school friends in residency who were on call that weekend managed to get out and be there!


Anyway, that is the story. The actual plan (according to boyfriend) was to have everyone light a paper lantern (a-la-Tangled) and float them into the sky when we got out of the taxi. Unfortunately, it was far too windy near the river where he proposed for the candles to stay lit! (He had apparently tried a dry-run at a park on campus and it worked fine there) so he settled for the lanterns instead.



**Bonus** one of my best friends snapped a picture of my face the first time the boy called me “fiancé.” Enjoy.


Top Coat Comparison

A month or so back, I was sent a top coat to review by Glisten & Glow. After a month of use, I am finally ready to report back! The top coat is called HK Girl.

Prior to receiving this top coat, I had primarily used drugstore brand top coats, mostly Revlon and NYC. Although I liked Revlon a tad better, it was $6, versus $1 for NYC, and since I go through top coat at a prodigious rate, I figured the extra $5 was just not worth it. Then entered HK Girl.


How it stacks up:
Dry Time – HK Girl takes ~2 minutes to be dry, and ~10 to be totally dry. Yes, I mean that. If you bump your hand into something after 2 minutes, nothing shows. You can wash dishes after 10. Holy crap. In comparison, NYC and Revlon both take 10-15 to be “dry” and more like 45 to be really dry.


Shine – HK Girl goes on a bit thin, so you might need more coats to achieve a smooth shine if you are using glitter. I found that 3 coats of HK Girl is about equal to 2 coats of NYC. Both dry to a very high gloss.


Wear Time, Tip Wear – On me, HK Girl has lasted up to 5 days with almost no tip wear and no chipping. Average is 3-4 days. Revlon and NYC have lasted 5-6, but they show significantly more tip wear. It’s actually interesting…HK Girl has little-to-no tip wear, but actually shrinks from the base of the nail. I get top coat and the last applied layer of color pulling up from the cuticle edge of my nail! None of my other top coats do that, they tend to pull from the free edge. This means that my nails look a bit funny, but that the polish doesn’t chip as easily and I don’t break off the top of my nail as much!


Smudging – Like all nail artists, one of my biggest fears is smudging my art when I add top coat. Sure, you always try to float on the top coat and apply it quickly, but the truth is that fails often. Both my Revlon and to a slightly lesser extent my NYC smudged polish, especially very thin lines. HK Girl does not. I don’t know why. If you try (and yes, I did, for the sake of SCIENCE), you can make it smudge lines. But the truth is, for preserving lines without smudging them, this is the best thing I’ve tried!


Color – HK Girl does not dull holographic polish. Yes, you read that right. It might even enhance the sparkle! Both of my other top coats tend to dull holo polish down to simply silver-ish glitter. It is so bad, that if I know I plan to wear a holo polish I will forgo top coat. HK Girl is amazing here, and I feel comfortable top coating any holographic polish now! I can’t speak to how it works over foils, because I don’t own any foil. But it works great for holo polish!


Smell – I know, Eva, what is SMELL doing here? Well, I had to add it. The truth is, HK Girl STINKS. I don’t know why. I have a few smelly polishes, but none are quite as bad as this in terms of pure chemical scent. The smell disappears when the polish dries, but while you are using it, it really does smell funny!



Overall: I love HK Girl, primarily for nail art and holographic polish. My current uses are over any thin polish (if I didn’t put on a bunch of layers so I don’t have to worry about pulling from the cuticle revealing a different color), over delicate nail art or stamping, over anything holo, and to dry a layer fast. What this means is that whenever I need to use striping tape or stamp, I reach for HK Girl. One coat, 5 minutes, and I am ready for the next step! SO AWESOME. However, if I want to cover glitter polish and make it lie flat, or I used many layers of polish at my cuticle edge, I reach for NYC. I am really glad I own it, and I will be buying a second bottle when this one runs out. It is invaluable for speeding up nail art time, and I love that I finally own a top coat that does not dull my holographic polishes. It is worth it for the smell!

If you want to try HK Girl by Glisten & Glow for yourself, you can pick it up from Glisten & Glow for $6.99, or Llarowe for $7.25. Happy polishing!

Public Service Announcement: Glue!

Glue. Normal, good, old-fashioned elmers glue. If you like glitter polish, just go buy some. Squirt it into an empty polish bottles (I know you have some). Paint it on your nails, let it dry, and go straight for your lovely shiny glittery polish.

When it comes time remove, just peel it off! If it doesn’t completely come off (nothing is ever that easy with polish removal), run your hands under warm water and push it off with your other nails. You guys have not seen this manicure yet, but it is 4 coats of pure glitter polish….gone 🙂


Think about it. If you were anything like me as a child, you used to smear glue on your hands and when it dried peel it off. Same thing applies when you use polish! Just don’t paint all the way to your cuticle bed (you want the polish to stick directly around the edges, as the glue is water soluble…so glue the middle to the edges of your nail, with a thin border of just polish around your cuticles).

IT IS WONDERFUL. I can finally wear glitter polish without hating myself when I remove it. Takes 5 minutes to remove (although application is longer, you need to wait for the glue to turn clear, about 15 minutes).

Ok. Sorry. I’ve just been trying this a few times and it has changed the way I view glitter polish. Bring on the shinies!! And yes, it lasts through showers and daily life. I’ve worn it for 3 days so far, before removing the polish because I was bored (not because it flaked off).

Pink Nails…?

So, remember how I said that Pink Diamond was a hot pink polish and that it stained? Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned.


But really. I have hot pink nails. Luckily, I just plan on covering them with polish again…but for those of you who sometimes have nude nails, I recommend multiple layers of base coat before using that polish!!


Even after adding base coat it still looks pretty awful. And yes, I peel off my polish which is why there are awful patches on the nail. Also, I am still waiting for the part that was damaged by the gel polish to grow back. My nails are a mess 😦

Miyazaki Paintings

It’s a Sunday! That means I don’t have to show you nail art today. I have a different type of art…actual painting! While I prefer tiny canvases (aka nails) I do occasionally (…once a year) do real art. On my anniversary. With my boyfriend. This year, our theme was Miyazaki!


I went ahead and painted Haku, the river spirit dragon from Spirited Away. I have to say, I am pretty darn proud of myself! I don’t usually paint large things, and when I do they tend to be abstract.


The boyfriend picked a simpler but more recognizable set of characters…Totoro and the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro! I had to help him touch up some of the lines, but he did a REALLY good job! And for the first time, did not get super-crazy-frustrated midway through painting and threaten to stop :-p


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow it’s back to nail art 🙂

Glitter Giveaway!

Remember how on Thursday I said I would be giving away some awesome glitter? Well, here we go! Just fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win 12 pots of glitter, courtesy of the Born Pretty Store! Since there is no polish, this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don’t win, you can always buy yourself some lovely glitter, for $4.59 (it’s option #2). Don’t forget to use my 10% off code if you do! (LY5X31)

Here is my set, yours is still wrapped up all pretty (see first photo :-p)!


Adventures in Israel

So, as some of you requested, I am posting my 19 favorite photos (of 700 or so I took) from my 11 days in Israel! The country is beautiful and incredibly varied given how small it is! There are a few of me, but mostly of…other things. Like ibexes. I  like ibexes.

Looking out over the Nachal Arbel Trail in northern Israel

Northern Israel and the Sea of Galilee. We were staying for a few days in the city of Tiberias.

I like cliffs. And terrain. I wanted to stay here and climb around but the organizers wouldn’t let me!

Water treatment plant (+ fish farming?) on the border between Israel and Jordan. We passed by on our way to the sulpher hot springs (which felt really cool and smelled REALLY bad).

Jaffa has weird doors that don’t lead anywhere! But they are very cool looking.

Jaffa, just outside of Tel Aviv.

Entrance to the tiny caves we crawled through! They were called Hibert Midras, the Jews used them to hide from Roman soldiers wayyy back in the day.

Tiny (awesome) cave entrance.

Eating dinner at the bedouin tent! We stayed overnight with the bedouins  (ok “bedouin disneyland”….one giant tent slept all 50 of us), went star-gazing (so many stars in the Negev Desert!!) and then woke up to go camel riding and hike up Masada. The table has 5 americans and 3 israelis.

Sunrise at the bedouin tent. Deserts are beautiful.

Camel shadows! This doesn’t tell you guys anything, but I loved the photo so its going here anyway :-p

Our camel processional.

View of Masada from the base.

Ok, I guess I just really like desert photos? This is from the walk up Masada.

From the top of Masada, overlooking the Dead Sea (where we went swimming!)

We hiked to Nachal David to see a waterfall, and on the way found a whole family of ibexes! They were so close.

Outer wall of the inner city of Jerusalem.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is the most holy place on earth for Jews, as it is the closest remaining structure to the second temple. Men and women pray on different sides.

The old city of Jerusalem.

That’s all! I have (as I said) hundreds more photos, but these were my favorites. It was an incredible trip!

Playing Around

This is NOT nail art. This is what happens when I swatch a polish (I realized I had no go swatches of Zoya Alegra and I want to do a Zoya swatch spam when they release their new years promotion!) and I want to see how it looks paired with another color. Namely: super glittery pink + neon green? How does that play out?


Honestly, I this might be too bright of a color combo for even me to wear (and we all know I wear some crazy stuff) but we shall see! Any thoughts on the color combo?

Mini updates!

It is so hard to decide on the few special polishes to bring home with me for the holidays! Today commences my 2.5 week vacation from lab (goodie!), including 1.5 weeks of NO NAIL POLISH in Israel! I think I might try a gel nail kit before I go just to see if it actually lasts for two weeks and stops my nails from turning into tiny nubbins :-/

In other news, Nail It! Magazine just posted two tutorials of mine (one of which for some art you haven’t seen yet!) If you want to check them out: Reindeer and Wreaths.

Finally, I am in one final nail art contest this year (hah, cause the year ends in a week), and I would really appreciate if you would go vote for me in the China Glaze Color Your World event! You get to select up to 3 nail art submissions and vote. You do need to enter your email and then click on a link they will send you to validate your submission.


Have some happy holidays! (And yes, that is my holiday card. Me (R2D2) with my boyfriend (C3P0), a christmas tree, menorah, and our 3 favorite stuffed animals, Howard (giant teddy bear dressed as Chewbaka), OCD (stuffed dog dressed as an ewok) and Flavi (small teddy bear dressed as a jedi). We don’t do ‘traditional’).

All I Want for Christmas…

Ok, so again, I’m a Jew. Thus, no Christmas. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting holiday gifts! I actually keep a running list of all the polishes (and polish-related accoutrements) that I am lemming. It’s a hidden list, but I’ll show it to you!

Ta da!

Yup. It’s been hiding out under the Polish List 🙂

I also need to find a new way to store my polish (or spruce up my current holder). I just can’t see all of my polishes anymore! Some are 4 rows deep! And that is no good. Any suggestions? I have very limited space (darn city apartment) so I was thinking about investing in a rotating rack…


Any special polishes you want for the holidays?

Holiday Giveaway!

Hello readers! In addition to partaking in the Keeping it Festive Holiday Giveaway, I am having my own little giveaway! Well, I will be having three of them. This is the first!


You have one week to fill out the rafflecopter (below). All that is required is your email and to follow me on Facebook (sorry, no exceptions) with bonus points for wordpress or bloglovin, and for tweeting! US entries only (sorry international followers!!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prizes are Wonderous Star from the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday collection, Black Chrome by Nubar, and a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to enter the other giveaway as well 🙂

Guest Post for Me?

Hello lovely readers! I have a hunch many of you paint your nails. Possibly even do nail art. How would you like to have a guest post on my blog?

As a standard 25 year old Jewish American girl, I am going on birthright (I get a free trip to Israel) this January, for around 2 weeks. I need some guest posts to fill the time! If you are interested, please email me at eklinman (at) gmail. I want to show off some nail art by others while I am away!

In other news…

  1. One of my manicures made it onto Zoya’s Facebook page! I was super excited (until I realized they didn’t credit me or link back to my blog. That was a bit of a bummer. But oh well)
  2. The full tutorial for my Birch Tree nail art is up at Nail It! Magazine, you can find it  here if you are interested!
  3. If you have not already, go check out the art in the Nail Polish Canada nail art competition! If you like my nails (or just think I should get more polish :-p) please vote for me!
  4. Go enter the massively awesome holiday giveaway!


Keeping It Festive Giveaway!

I have teamed up with Ariel from Lacquer is the Best Medicine and a host of other lovely bloggers and nail polish creators to bring you guys a truly epic holiday giveaway! It is open internationally (some of the prizes at least) and will run through the end of December!

I will also have my own little giveaways, hopefully soon.

Go ahead, enter! It’ll be fun, I promise :-p

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! =)

Lucky Ducky!

I somehow won three giveaways in the span of two weeks! Two of them were from bloggers (nail art contest – mini OPI Spider Man set, and German duochromes by random draw), and one…just appeared. I probably entered to win it but I have NO idea from where!


My favorite part about this though, is the polishes I bought. I got (as I mentioned) 6 zoyas for $22 in the “team spirit” sale, and then another 2 for $8 with the halloween sale. This brings my zoya total to 24 polishes. Heaven.


I grabbed them all of my polish shelf, and started arranging them…so many colors! I’ve decided I need to swatch them (well, re-swatch the older ones and obviously the newer ones) before zoya does their new years sale, so any of you lovely ladies with few-to-no zoyas can have the benefit of my swatches when you pick your sale colors! (Last year they did a 3-for-$10 deal a few days after new years, it was how I got my first 3 zoyas. Clearly, I have never looked back).


I ordered them by finish as well…cremes, shimmers, and glitters. Maisie is in a class by herself.


SO MUCH POLISH! I’m actually running out of room. I don’t know what to do about this. My polish numbers just swelled to almost 180!

Thoughts and Inquiries

No nail art today, it’s a weekend! Although I am spending the whole day swatching some delicious new Zoyas (and maybe others, if I get around to it).

News first: I have a twitter for Flight of Whimsy! Well, more like I have had it but never linked to it. This account will be used for 2 things
1) Blog posts – whenever I make a blog post, I will also post to twitter
2) Giveaways – I love free polish, and try to win many giveaways. If you too would like to enter some of them, my twitter might be a good place to start!

Question second: I have swatched a good many polishes as part of nail art (usually the base for my nail art). Would it be helpful if I linked back to the swatch in my Polish List page? So you could click on the name of the polish and be taken to a picture of the swatch? It would be a lot of work on my end, but if you guys are trying to find colors (as I occasionally do) it would be pretty useful.

Final question: As I mentioned somewhere this week, I have a little list of my favorite manis that I keep hidden away in my head. Do you guys want a separate page for them? Would anyone ever look at it? It would only contain the absolute best (well, in my opinion) of what I have painted in the last year. [Currently 14 manis, one of which I haven’t shown here yet, and will be in an upcoming Nerdtastic Tuesday].

For anyone who read all of that, thank you! 😀
…and extra kudos if you have any idea what the top 13 are, other than the Peeping Rainbows from Wednesday!

Nail Art Winner…Somewhat

Hi Folks!

I am making a special post just to announce that Iriel from Why Only for Parties won my nail art giveaway! There is a bit of a hassle though…she lives in Argentina and I meant to make it US only! So, I will be trying to ship out her package this weekend. If it gets too expensive, she’ll be getting a different (non-shipping) prize, and the package will go to the second place winner. Which is even MORE complicated because second place was a two-way tie…but I know one of them lives in the US and one does not (yes, I just stalked two of you who submitted nail art). So the US second place winner will get the prize if I can’t ship it to Iriel!

Sorry for the mess up and delay 😦

If I need to move on to the back-up winner, she will receive an email this weekend.

Moral: SHIPPING FROM THE USA SHOULD NOT BE SO EXPENSIVE. Ok. Sorry. I need to be rich so I can send nail polish all over the world to deserving nail artists!


Hi readers! I know it’s 1am (at least on the eastern coast of the USA) but I thought this deserved a heads up.

Want a $0.50 bottle of Zoya nail polish? (Retails $8). Go to and Add to bag any random spoon. Then click on nail polish and choose a color you like and add it to the bag. At check out Use the special code: ZOYATREAT and woo free polish, just pay for the spoon. Shipping is also free. Not a bad deal!

SO MANY COLORS! Between this, the 6-for-$22 with the Team Spirit and today’s buy-one-get-one halloween special I think I just got 9 new Zoyas. NO MORE POLISHES in November. But wheee colors!

/nail polish rave

Vote for Me!

This is shameless. I know I won’t win, but it would be great if I made it into the finalist round for the Cirque du Freak contest with Bundle Monster! I want to win more stamping plates…

So please go vote for me!

Thanks! (The art that is on my nails will appear here closer to halloween)


Coming tomorrow in nail art land: another giveaway! This time with a contest 🙂

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