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Pink Bars

I think I might have gone a tad bit overboard with stamps this time around! That being said, look how well they line up! Maybe at some point I’ll get over just how awesome clear stampers are…but not today :-p


This mani was inspired by Mdolla’s nails although being honest I should have left the black nails just black! The pseudo-argyle pattern does look cool, but I think it would look better plain.


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Light pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamping black: Mentality – Black Opaque
~ Stamps: BP – L020, BM – 315


I wanted to use the small-and-large lace stamp from the corner of Born Pretty plate L020, but mine won’t pick up! I think I had this problem before with this plate (well, this corner of this plate) and it makes me sad. I just got yet another new stamper (whee collecting things) so I should try with that one at some point too.


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow yet more stamps 😀

Irish Argyle

Let’s see how many green posts I can do this week! Most of them are unintentional (really), I just LOVE the color green! This mani, however, was intuitional. Meet Irish Argyle!


After my color fail with argyle + textures back in January, I decided I need to re-try it with better colors. While staring through my collection, I came upon the beautiful textured forest green polish Mistletoe by Julie G, and inspiration was born!


I honestly don’t know if I prefer the green-on-orange or the orange-on-green. Regardless, I think I’ve got the “no seriously don’t pinch me see GREEN!” thing down for today! Now if only the obnoxiously drunk college kids would stop being so darn noisy outside, I would be happy :-p



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Orange: Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Green: Zoya – Holly
  • Orange textured: Julie G – Sugar Rush
  • Green textured: Julie G – Mistletoe


Hope you enjoyed! And remember, green = no pinch 😀

Preppy Argyle (fail)

This is the second time I have tried argyle, and it just isn’t my thing! I think the problem here were the colors…I was at the eye doctors and had my eyes dilated. I then tried to pick colors and use them while I couldn’t see. This is the result.


My inspiration came from a truly beautiful bit of work by Newly Polished, but she has a good eye for color and was able to draw thin lines! Oops. No matter how hard I try (and this is not the first time) I should not pair magenta with pale blue. It. Does. Not. Work.



  • Pink: OPI – Vision of Love (will be reviewed later…in a better manicure)
  • Silver: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside
  • Blue: Zoya – Rocky


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these…somewhat! I promise my second scheduled post isn’t a total fail. Just a somewhat fail. There is a reason I am posting these while I am away and don’t have to remind myself that I make color mistakes 😀

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