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Art Deco French

My work passed a regulation that french nails were ok but nail art was not. They neglected to mention which COLORS were acceptable, and did not specify how far one had to go before french became art…so in protest (and in acknowledgement that nobody actually cares) I did a fancy blue-and-silver “french” art deco design.


~ Blue holo: ILNP – Downpour
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur Renaissance
~ Stamp: MoYou – Steampunk 06


As expected, not a single person noticed or commented. I have since gone back to my regularly colorful nails (well, slightly toned down, its been a while since I had the courage to do full-on rainbows). Anyway, hope you enjoyed these not-subtle semi-french nails!

Golden Highlights

Kinda 1920s, yah? Honestly, if I had been thinking about it more I would have reversed the stamps, I like the idea of the spread fan shape coming from my free edge better, but too late! Also, my gold stamping polish has official run out and I will need more.


Honestly, I just wanted to play with 212 again, it is a subtle yet pretty polish, and one of the first I ever bought when I got into nail polish in 2012. My obsession with various types and finishes of polishes have varied over the years, and the dark vampy jellies with subtle shimmer and flakies (ok, I think in that particular family I really only own two polishes) don’t get worn very much at all! So here is some love, 212.


~ Black with glitter: OPI – 212
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamp: MoYou – Steampunk 06


That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed. Friday is…more stamping. I feel like I hardly have time to do freehand anymore, everything is stamps!

Gold and Nude

I figured these were subtle enough to wear while on my clinical rotations, and I appear to have been correct! No one noticed them, despite the glitter 🙂


I really just wanted something nude and gold, and I realized I hadn’t used the Dear Rus polish more than maybe once (twice??) since I bought it. It is a pain in the butt to remove because of all the glitters…but I figured if I painted it OVER a nude base it would be easier to remove! So this is one coat of Sparkle Milk 21 over I Nude It by Essence.


I also wanted to use the awesome geometric patterned section from BP stamp 43…it looks so cool! I still have grandiose plans to make a stamping decal out of this. We shall see!


~ Nude: Essence – I Nude It
~ Glitter: Dear Rus – Sparkle Milk 21
~ Gold: Revlon – Hypnotize
~ Stamp: BP – 43


Hope you enjoyed!

Art Deco Pink

I am wearing a pink/red/white/back dress that looks like it crawled out of an art deco design, so I had to do some nails to match! It helps that I got a new stamping plate from Emily de Molly with an awesome pattern on it 😀


So really, this is just what happens when you set me lose on my whole collection of pink and red cremes, and then tell me “with lines”! It was actually really fun to do!


I’ve been in the habit recently of just smushing or sponging a whole bunch of colors on my nail in a random pattern and stamping over it. I think this was the mani that started the trend, although I only realized that in hindsight!


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Light pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Coral: Essie – Sunday Funday
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Darkest red: OPI – Visions of Love
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: EdM – 21


Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pink and cool patterns! Tune in tomorrow for GREEN.

Art Deco, Pink – 31DC2014

I kept looking for artistic inspiration, and ended up just going with the theme of art deco. Why? Mostly because I love striping tape! The inspiration for this design came from Nuthin But A Nail Thing because lets be honest…if it involves really cool gradients, she probably came up with it.


This was actually surprisingly simple. White base, striping tape, pink gradient, black rectangles and squares. Despite that, I think I got more compliments on this than on anything I have in a while!



~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
~ Light pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Medium pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Dark pink: Station – Happy Wine-y People
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!

Art Deco

Apparently, the style of striping tape nail art that I like has a name: art deco. It has gotten big recently with the movie version of The Great Gatsby, but this was not inspired by the movie. This was inspired by the fact that Zoya makes too many pretty polishes and that I love striping tape.


For this mani I used two new Zoya polishes…Ziv (who I have been wanting since Christmas, but could never convince myself to buy) and Wednesday (who was a gift for a friend, but this polish got some gold under the cap when the first Ziv exploded in transit. Its one of the reasons I paired the two…so you don’t notice the occasional gold fleck in the teal creme). Ziv took two coats and is every bit as beautiful as I wanted her to be. Wednesday only took ONE coat, and looks like the creme version of one of my favorite sinful colors polishes, Mint Apple.


Unfortunately, Ziv took longer than I would have liked to dry, and I accidentally messed up my middle finger when I started taping. Two layers of top coat and some touch-ups fixed it, but it isn’t my favorite finger ever. That being said, I love this color combo! It reminds me of this from the Nailasaurus.


By the time I got to my thumb, I just started using up all the insane quantity of striping tape strips that I had somehow cut without noticing. I think it looks awesome!


Now I understand why people go nuts over creme polishes! I almost always just use shimmers….but the contrast in the finish is awesome. I am happy!



  • Gold: Zoya – Ziv
  • Teal: Zoya – Wednesday


Enjoy! And stay tuned for more fun Zoya manis. As of my most recent haul, my Zoya’s outnumber any other polish type that I own…13 Zoya’s, with Sinful Colors in close second at 12 🙂

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