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Flowering in Gold

So this mani came out better than expected! I wanted a copperish-green and I almost missed entirely! I started of with a coat of Dragon, which is of course totally opaque in a single coat…and then decided it was too dark! So I topped it with a thin coat of a different green and then STAMPED with Dragon (and some gold). Voila!


I did have to scour a bunch of plates for actual designs though! And with the combo of green and reddish-gold I think it totally works for a quasi-thanksgiving manicure 😀


~ Dark green holo: A England – Dragon
~ Lighter green with copper: Blush Lacquers – Nerida Singer
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: Whats Up Nails – B005, BPX – L018, BP – L067, BM – XL472


Luckily, I have part of tomorrow off, so I can at least join my husband and some of our residency friends for dinner, although I am on and overnight call on Friday into Saturday, so I have to hope that whatever awesome nail polish sales happen Friday will be ongoing until Sunday! I also need to apologize for some of the atrocious spelling and grammar at the end of Monday’s post, I should not write blog posts while exhausted. Oops! Hope you enjoyed!

Bronze Leaning Leaves

Although I don’t think the photos came out that well, I LOVED wearing this mani! The dark olive green with copper and stamped with copper…and just ugh. It was so shimmery!


I don’t have much else to say about this mani really? It has double stamping, which I remain proud of, and I absolutely love Nerida Singer when I can talk myself into wearing this polish. I still own too many olive green polishes and I refuse to part with any of them!


~ Green: Blush Lacquers – Nerida Singer
~ Copper: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Gold: Sally Hansen – Go for Gold
~ Stamp: Whats up Nails – B005


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Friday’s post is a bit less exciting (I don’t like the mani, but I feel compelled to post my failures so others do not repeat them!) so I wanted something pretty in advance!

Foiled Foliage

I think I am pun-y! Well, it isn’t a pun, the title is basically just alliteration but it still makes me happy. As does this mani! It is technically still autumn…and currently the ground in Philly is completely covered in leaves. It is pretty, crunchy, and utterly ridiculous. When I walk outside I feel like I am eating leaves!


The base polish here is intended, I think, as a topper…but I wanted to make it opaque! This is three coats of Raging Fire by Born Pretty over one thin coat of a dark red base. Honestly, this polish was almost completely opaque at two coats! The final coat was mostly for my pinky, which I had painted more sparsely than the others. Despite looking uneven, the glitter was actually quite smooth after one coat of top coat. That said, the polish itself is thick and a bit goopy…good for dense flakie placement but it would have been difficult to get a light coat of polish.


The flakies themselves shift from pink/red to orange/copper to gold and emerald green at sharp angles. Since the flakes are at slightly different angles to each other, it is actually easy to get the whole color shift! It was mesmerizing.


I then made stamping decals using a left design from plate Floral BPX-L018 with Essie Good as Gold and colored in between the leaves with OPI Visions of Love. It looks quite fun and glittery! I know I could have instead just painted the leaves of the stamping decal with flakies…but this was so much more fun :-p


And, surprisingly, this was pretty easy to remove! Since they are flakies and not true glitter, they dissolve with acetone. The dark red was more painful since the color tends to stain my cuticles. If you want to pick up this flakie polish for yourself, head over to the Born Pretty Store, where you can find it on sale for $3.69. Enjoy!

Shadow Swirls on Brown

One final Fall-themed mani! I think there are still some brown/gold/red ones coming up, but I figured those could be holiday-themed as well so I moved them later. Also, sorry, I totally forgot to post this during normal people hours (my sister made me paint her nails, funnily enough).


This mani was my attempt at late-fall shadow stamping. That is to say, I wanted to use a glittery golden-brown with gold, but I also wanted to give the gold stamp a black shadow! In retrospect, this would have worked a lot better if I had used a lighter brown base. With this dark brown it was both hard to see where I had placed the initial black stamp so that I could stamp over it in gold, and hard to see the shadow in the final design!


That said, I maintain that I like this design. Glittery and brown and gold? And somewhat geometric? Yep.


~ Brown: Spa Ritual – Starry Night
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamp: BP – 021


Well, also, this is Black Friday…so I hope you all had happy shopping! I had to stop myself from buying wayyy too much on-sale polish. But I want them alllll!

Harvest Patches

Fall-themed patchwark nail art! I rather love this design. I wanted to make some fun patches (because I loved the piece I did last year) and use only fall colors. Voila!


I realize this isn’t exactly Thanksgiving-themed, but it is close. Also, Wednesday’s post is 100% Thanksgiving (with turkeys and everything). Besides, scarecrows are maybe a holiday thing? Unless you live on a farm and use them for something other than looking cute :-p


In order to put this together, I had to come up with a set of three oranges that worked well together. In the end I just ended up using the oranges from the Washington DC collection, they were released last autumn and they are still seasonal!


~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: OPI – Freedom of Peach
~ Dark orange: OPI – Yank my Doodle
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Snow me Black


Yes, there are a few stamps on there. No, I did not write down the plates that I used (sorry)! But they look cool! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Turning Leaves

I took far too many photos of this mani! Moreover, my favorite ended up being one I casually snapped while walking to the grocery store (hence the odd lighting) but LOOK AT THE SHIFT!


The theme here was end-of-autumn leaves, when the leaves themselves are red-to-brown, so I used a bunch of red and pink and copper multichromes! This is the companion piece to the one from last week. Oddly, while I liked that one better while I was wearing it, I like this one better in photos!


You can maybe see the shift in the leaves? I can at least, so I am happy. This might be one of the first multi-shaded multichrome designs where I think the shift is both visible and adds something to the mani. Finally!


There is in fact one more leaf-themed mani coming up prior to Halloween, but just one (and its next week)! Friday’s post is a little more…thematic.


~ Green: ILNP – Mutagen
~ Pink-to-gold holo: Enchanted Polish – I Am the Walrus
~ Rose-to-gold: ILNP – Greatness
~ Copper-to-brown: Born Pretty – 212
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BPX-L018


That’s all for today! Stay tuned for something that is actually Halloween-themed rather than fall-themed :-p

Falling Leaves

I did two VERY similar manicures…one on each hand. Mostly because mutlichromes are fun and I at this point have too many of them :-p.


The other mani is shiftier, and will go up next week so that I don’t bore you guys with the same manicure twice, more-or-less. This one, although it shifts less, I actually think I like better (and that’s unusual)! The colors came together really well.


I started with a green multichrome base (this one shifts from an emerald green to a bright teal, and a deeper blue at steep angles) and then used advanced stamping (aka coloring in the design on the stamper) to add the leaves. Two of the leaf colors are multichromes, although the golden-brown one barely shifts (its mostly a gold to greenish-grey, but it was already a grey-gold to start with). The other one shifts from copper to brown, which is again, not a super big shift. I like it anyway!


~ Green: ILNP – Reminisce
~ Gold: Revlon – Hypnotize
~ Copper-to-brown: Born Pretty – 212
~ Gold-to-olive: Catrice – Genius in the Bottle
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BPX – L018


I will admit to staring at my nails and moving them around trying to capture the right angles for these photos…but I just gave up and picked ones that looked pretty and glow-y instead. So, pretend that they can shift at least a little? Meh. Still pretty! Now if only it would COOL DOWN around here…it should not be 80 degrees out in Philly in mid-October!

Patches and Scarecrow

It’s Black Friday! I had plans to go shopping, but they did not pan out…yet somehow I ended up posting late anyway, whoops!


Regardless, have some pretty appropriately fall-themed nail art! I know it isn’t turkeys, but this was the best I could come up with before the actual holiday 😀


The design was inspired by sensationails4u. I ended up using slightly duskier/darker colors for my patches than her, which I think works really well! More fall, less party. Or something. Scarecrow!


~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun
~ Red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)
~ Green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Black: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Pink: Essie – Eternal Optimist
~ Light brown: KBShimmer – Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana + Zoya – Dea


That is a lot of colors. And yes, I had to custom-mix the light brown because somehow I don’t own one (I should fix that…any favorite light brown creme polishes I should look into?). Hope you enjoyed your Friday!

Leaves of Fall

I needed something fast, fall-themed, and elegant enough not to (hopefully) get me in trouble in the hospital, and this is what I came up with!


It isn’t exactly a Halloween mani, but the colors are right so I’m just gonna post it now! I am actually hanging out on my “mini-moon” which is apparently what you call something that is too short to be a honeymoon (which is happening next year) but is still a small post-wedding vacation. Go figure!


The leaf pattern is stamped with a random mix of yellow and orange which was visible in real life, but unfortunately not particularly easy to see in the photos. Sorry!


~ Red: A England – Rosebower
~ Orange: Mentality – Orange Opaque
~ Yellow: Mentality – Yellow Opaque
~ Stamp: BP – 19


Hope you enjoyed! Happy Halloween!


I was going to do something wheat-like, and I found this plate! It is technically feathers but I thought it looked a little like fall-themed grain, hence thresh 🙂


The base for this gradient is one of the KBShimmer 2016 ‘misfit’ polishes called Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana, a pastel neon orangey-yellow. It is almost exactly the color of a goldfish snack! (I found this out while eating goldfish before I added the gradient. It was glorious). The polish is a bit streaky and chalky (as one might expect of a pastel neon), and dries to a semi-matte. I used three coats for even coverage, and although you could still a little bit see where I passed the brush, overall it looked rather nice! The color is totally unique in my collection and really quite fun. It is shown here with top coat.


I feel like I’ve been doing this color scheme gradient a lot (even if I haven’t shown some of the designs yet) but I guess it makes sense…fall and all! I tried to add yellow to the tips of my nails, but you can barely see it over the pastel orange base. Oh well, still pretty!


~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Light orange: KBShimmer – Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun
~ Red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)
~ Purple: Zoya – Monica
~ Black: Mentality – Black Opaque
~ Stamp: BM – XL209


As a heads-up, I should have a post ready for Friday…but wether or not I get ANY up next week depends on how much last minute editing I can do. My wedding is this Saturday (OH SHIT) and I am still rushing around doing last minute things for that! So in advance, if there are no posts next week that’s why!


Hope you enjoyed!

Fall Fail

I was trying to make something like this and I failed. Whoops! I needed it to be impressive enough that I wouldn’t get in trouble wearing it to the hospital and this just doesn’t quite make it.


I should have done entirely golden leaves. I tried to mix in a few shimmery browns and yellow…and instead you can hardly tell the brown from the gold and the yellow is too faint to see! Grr.


So, fall fail. It happens! I have a few more seasonal manis that I want to put together before winter hits, hopefully they come off better! I even made stamping decals for these just so I could get the placement perfect *sigh*.


~ Red: Zoya – India
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Brown holo: Darling Diva – Chocolate Diamond
~ Yellow: Revlon – Hypnotic
~ Stamp: BP – 19


Live and learn! Sorry :-p. The next few fall/halloween manis are a bit better I promise!

Clinging Leaves

I figured I needed to post this (with mostly green leaves) before the seasons changed all the way! Here in Philly the weather still dips into the high 60’s and the leaves are only somewhat changing colors! I don’t know why, they are usually bright red by this point.


The nail art was inspired by Sassy Shelly. I loved her base color set (mine are both darker, but just as nice I think). I don’t however have the stamp she used, so I had to improvise by making a stamping decal with leaves I DID have and then cutting the decals into pieces to only cover some parts of my nails! I think I made 8 total decals before deciding on which 5 to use. Even so, the one on my ring finger covers more than I really wanted it too.



~ Light brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Dark brown: Zoya – Louise
~ Dark green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
~ Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Stamps: Born Pretty – 19, 21


This took a while just as a result of waiting for lots of stamping decals to dry (and only having one stamper). Still, it looks fun!

Falling Leaves

This bit of art was inspired by lissamel9! I loved her fall-themed nail art and just went with it. Her nails are a bit longer than mine, and I get the feeling she used at least a little acrylic. But I prevailed!


I really love painting trees. I’m not the greatest at it, but its a lot of fun! Trees with awesome color-changing leaves are even better 😀


~ Blue: Essie – Rock the Boat
~ Brown: Zoya – Louise
~ Light brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Light orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Light green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green


Happy fall! I should have some of my recent favorite coming up later this week, so stay tuned!


Enjoy 😀

Autumn Glitter

Stripes! And chevrons! I am easy to please 🙂


I was going for a fall-themed color scheme, and I started with brown/orange/red/purple, but the brown was just a little too dark so I switched to pink. Now it is more bright than fall themed, but I like it all the same! The brown only makes a brief appearance on the edge of my thumb.


This mani was super easy and super fast. Base color, striping tape, and ta-da! Do you think it looks like fall though? Or just glittery?


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Red: Zoya – India
~ Orange: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Pink: Zoya – Allegra
~ Purple: Zoya – Valerie
~ Brown: Spa Ritual – Starry Night


With my nails so short, it is hard to make intricate striping tape designs. I can’t wait for them to get long again!

Fall Foliage

Today’s challenge was “pattern” and I seriously considered normal patterns (dots, cross-hatches, checks) and decided that a leaf pattern was TOTALLY a pattern so I did this instead! It’s even season-appropriate given that Fall just started 😀


The stamp I used here was sent to me from Lady Queen Beauty to review. The plate has 4 large patterns on it, and one small pattern in the middle. I’m fairly certain the theme is “ravenclaw” (as in the Harry Potter house) but I’m hard pressed to see how waves, leaves, and two different plaid-like patterns are ravenclaw! There is the house crest in the middle, but who knows. Regardless, I like this plate!


The plate is deeply etched, easy to use, and transfers well. As you can see, the leaf design (and all the others) are large enough to make a unique design on each nail. Also, I really really hate hand-drawing leaves, so I am glad to have something like this!


~ Yellow: Revlon – Electric
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Red: City Colors – Red
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Hehe – 028

Hope you enjoyed! The 31 Day Challenge is almost over…as always, I’m going to miss it but NOT miss painting my nails this frequently! Yikes!


If you want to buy this stamping plate, you can check it out at Lady Beauty Queen. They are also having a 99 cent sale for a lot of their stamping plates! Remember to use my code BPLC15 to get 15% off your order!


Falling Leaves

I gathered a lot of new polish in the last month! So now you guys get to see MORE new colors (which really just means more nail art that also happens to contain a swatch, as usual). First up is the perfect fall-colored glitter: DS Indulgence by OPI.


I found Indulgence for $2 on sale at ULTA, so total win! I love orange glitters, and I only own one other. Indulgence took three thin coats to be opaque…it is a red jelly based polish that is swimming with orange-gold glitter. I LOVE it!



I then added a gradient with brown glitter and free-handed on some leaves. I do wish I had a leaf stamping plate…free-handing them is more trouble than its worth!


~ Orange glitter: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Orange creme: Zoya – Thandie
~ Brown glitter: butterLONDON – Brown Sugar
~ Light brown creme: Zoya – Dea
~ Dark brown creme: Zoya – Louise


Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for another glittery OPI polish tomorrow 🙂

Birch Trees

This is another design inspired by the Zoya Victory Spirit Trio. Brown + orange + white (+ black). It was fairly easy, and looks pretty awesome!


Everything is freehanded with a nail art brush. Keep reading for a brief tutorial!


I’m impressed that the orange showed up against the dark brown. I am also impressed (read: proud) that you can’t tell which fingernail has an awful tear that I am just waiting to crack off. At least I got one more mani!



  • Brown: Zoya – Louise
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black Sheep
  • Orange: Zoya – Thandie



Hope you enjoyed! I’m loving autumn manicures 🙂

birch trees tutorial

1) After applying your brown polish, add thin white lines with a nail art brush.
2) Add even thinner white lines for branches, coming off the trees at an angle. Keep in mind that birch trees don’t have many branches, so don’t fill your whole nail!
3) Add black detailing to the sides of the trees and along the branches. Use only a tiny amount of black polish on your brush, it is easy to overwhelm, the trees!
4) Add small leaves in orange. I did this with the nail art brush, but you can also use a dotting tool.
Don’t forget to clean and top coat, and voila!

Autumn Watermarble

Remember those three Zoyas from the Spirit collection that I swatched last weekend? Well, here is my first art with them! An autumn colored water marble.


Unfortunately, Louise is a bit difficult to marble with, since it tends to get eaten by the other colors!


I was trying for autumn-colored flowers. Maybe I succeeded? Either way, I think it looks cute! Not the best example of water marbling, but not awful. I had never tried a flower center (middle finger) before! I need some practice.


Side note: how is it that water marbling takes so long? I always go into it thinking “oh! I just need to dip my nails in water, this will be fast!” and it ends up taking an hour! I blame cleanup.


Hope you enjoyed!

Autumn Trees

Today I present, for your viewing pleasure, another color changing polish. The polish is named ‘Zen Garden’, so I wanted to create something outdoorsy with it! Hence, a tree.


The color change in this polish is not nearly as marked as in the last one I showed you. Zen Garden shifts from a grey-purple to a grey-brown. Both colors are pretty, but I had to pay attention to notice much of a change! However, the formula on this was really nice, two easy even coats.


I was going to paint a different tree on each nail (as I have done before), but I decided to paint one tree stretching across multiple nails, a-la-Kayla Shevonne (Side note: look at her art if you haven’t before, her creations are BEAUTIFUL!) I put little tiny fall leaves on mine as well!


My stroke of genius was the thumb. I can never figure out what to do with my thumb! Then it hit me: tree roots. I’m pretty proud of that.



  • Purple/brown: Ruby Wing – Zen Garden
  • Brown: Maybelline – Downtown Brown
  • Orange: Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Yellow: Spoiled – Mind Your Own Beeswax
  • Green: Zoya – Holly


Thus begins my (probably sporadic) posting of fall nail designs! Enjoy!


A good friend of mine came to town for the weekend, and I did her nails while she was over. She wanted an autumn-themed mani set, so I went for brown, gold, red, orange, and yellow, with a bit of green. This was my first time doing something really complicated on someone else’s nails (my sister doesn’t count, she squirms too much!), and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (all but one nail) even though I broke my own rule of waiting an hour before taping to make lines.



I really like the way the pointer turned out, if only the colors weren’t so subtle!


Depth, and fun with striping tape


The pinky on her right hand shown here probably ended up being my favorite finger, I managed to get the leaf to almost be rainbow!





And because her nails are amazing, it sounds like the mani lasted almost a week 🙂

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