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I was wracking my brain for thoughts of what to do for the “supernatural” theme. Unicorn? Pegasus? Dragons! And then it came to me…superheros! So I started browsing the internet, and came upon the truly fantastic mani by The Nailasaurus and just went with it! I happened to cut my nails fairly short right before doing this, so getting inspiration from the queen of short nail art was perfect!


I am actually impressed with myself. Interestingly enough, the hardest nail was the Captain America one…drawing stars on nails is freaking difficult!! Second hardest was the SHIELD logo (no surprises there). Black Widow and Thor were downright easy 😀


In case you are unfamiliar with the Avengers movies (which please go watch them, they are actually really awesome. Except Thor 2, which was rather pathetic), I will go through each nail/character! From pinky to thumb we have the Black Widow (the only female in the Avengers and a total badass), Captain America, SHIELD (aka one-eyed Samuel L Jackson), Iron Man, and Thor.


~ Light red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Dark red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)
~ Metallic red: Covergirl – Forever Festive
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Light blue: Zoya – Rocky
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Mentality – White Opaque
~ Gold: Revlon – Hypnotize
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur


I don’t even like the gold I used here, it is super yellow-toned, but it totally worked as an Iron Man faceplate! Win. I am thinking of making a whole separate page for nerdy nail art…then again, I am also thinking of completely changing the look of the blog. We’ll see if either idea goes anywhere! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


…I also somehow forgot that today was my 3-year-blogging-anniversary. Wow. I guess I’ll be having a giveaway after the 31 Day Challenge ends!



So this was a FUN manicure! I knew what I wanted to do when I started, but my initial idea was more along the lines of making it look like a brocade dress. The end result (gold swirls on black, beautiful deep green matte) really reminded me of the outfit Loki wore in The Avengers, so here we go!


As a side note, I am a bit of an Avengers fan-girl. I love what is being done with the Marvel universe and so now I feel a need to create a mani for each of the Avengers. Eventually. We’ll see how this goes.


In the meantime, check out the wonder that is Reclaim, a blackened green matte by Mentality! I seriously love this color (which is why I saved it for last. I am actually posting this out of order because I need you all to coo over this mani sooner rather than later :-D). It covered nicely in one medium-thick coat over black, and two thin coats on its own (ring finger and thumb). I absolutely ADORE the color! Its a deep emerald green that looks shimmery despite the matte finish. I might need to try top coating this just to see what happens!

~ Green matte: Mentality – Reclaim
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Gold glitter: Mentality – Rapture


The stamp was also provided for review, although you can’t see much of it I promise it’s pretty and transferred really well. It is plate 17 from the Born Pretty Store, and I love it! I was almost tempted not to cover it with a design, but I had to follow my plans (and I am glad I did!).


You can pick up the lovely Reclaim for $6.75 (and I strongly recommend you do!), or the Born Pretty Store stamping plate for $2.99 (my design is the upper corner of the top left design, and the whole design on my accent nails). Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!

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