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Sweet in Blue

Just a simple blue-on-blue mani! I wanted something simple and fast, and came across some art melcisme. Her art is nude and white, while mine is blues…but its the same idea. Tiny flowers with glitter!
All of the 3D pieces in this mani came from the Born Pretty Store. They sent me a nail art wheel with gold, silver, and black studs in various shapes. Since I am sorely lacking in gold and silver 3D pieces, this is pretty awesome! There are caviar beads (like what you see in the center of the flowers on my ring finger), pearls, rhinestones, square studs, and circle studs (like what is on my ring and pointer fingers). This might be my favorite nail wheel!
The zig-zags were made with nail vinyls from KBShimmer. They are also awesome. I want to pick up more nail vinyls at some point!
~ Light blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
Hope you enjoyed! You can buy this awesome nail wheel for $3.06 from the Born Pretty Store. Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code, LY5X31!


Usually, I try to avoid lots of 3D elements on my nails…they tend to fall off quickly! Luckily, I only plan to wear this for two days so if a few disappear it isn’t a huge deal.


This is just a combination of light pink rhinestones, light pink caviar beads, purple polish, and copious top coat! The purple polish (which looks blue here because I have never once managed to photograph this polish right) is Let’s Talk by Sinful Colors.



I love Let’s Talk…except it bleeds! So I really can’t wear it if there is ANY nail art involved. This saddens me. But, that makes it fine for rhinestone art! And the color is stunning.



Isla and Elsa!

Ever since I received Shimmer Elsa, I wanted to pair her with Zoya Isla because the names are so close! This is the first ‘name pair’ I’ve done. It was fun!


I started with a base of Isla, and when she was dry I taped down the middle of my nail. I added one coat of Elsa to the side of my nail, and quickly removed the tape. I reallllly tried to not hit my cuticle because wow is glitter polish hard to clean!


After a few minutes, I added light blue striping tape down the middle. Gold would have been better, but my gold striping tape was a gift to a friend! My accent nail got a half-moon outlined by blue caviar beads! I love using caviar beads as accents. I still don’t get why they would go on a whole nail!


Unfortunately, after adding top coat my blue striping tape became silver. Hence, my outdoor photo is less-than-blue. It still looks ok, but next time I buy striping tape I’m not getting it off ebay!


Hope you enjoyed!


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Creative musings in bright colors

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