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Murky Pond Blooms

This started out as a comparison between my three murky gold-green polishes. As it turns out, I REALLY love this color (as it stands my #1 lemming right now is Nine Zero Lacquer Singer’s Auto Salvage, which is basically the same color as all of these but with an intense amount of glitter). Anyway, I wanted to see how they stacked up! Of course, I had to add nail art too…I was wearing a cool shirt and I decided to model my nails after the shirt I had on (which is sad because I couldn’t wear it again the next day and perfectly match my nails, but oh well)!


In a Trance by Cult Nails (ring finger) has the least amount of shimmer, but covers nicely in three coats. It is the most understated of the three, but looks the most elegant on. Fotheringhay Castle by A England (pointer and pinky) is the only one with holo shimmer, and has more of a deep/metallic finish than the other two. It is almost a one-coater, which is incredible. Wallis by Butter London (middle finger) actually has a deep blue base with copious gold glitter, with the end result being this tarnished green-gold. It is deeper than the other two, but since the base is a jelly it takes 3-4 coats. That being said, it likely remains my favorite. I just cannot get over the depth and shimmer!



I ended up sponging on black polish somewhat randomly, and then double stamping the result with a plate sent to me from the Born Pretty Store. The plate has some fantastic geometric and random element patterns! I used two of them here, one in gold and then one in black. It looks wonderfully random! The plate is BPX – L020


I ended up hand-painting some roses and leaves to finish off the design. There was a part of me that wanted to leave the mani without the flowers…but the shirt I was inspired by has flowers and I actually think it really lightened up the resulting nails!


I am not going to list all the polishes I used…suffice to say it was a lot. If you want to pick up this random fun stamping plate for yourself, head over to the Born Pretty Store! The plate is currently on sale for $2.99, and personally I love the wacky designs on it! Don’t forget my 15% off code, LY5X31!


Hope you enjoyed!

Monochrome Color-blocking

I’ve been wanting to do a comparison between my blue-grey-with-gold-glitter polishes for a while now, and I finally figured out a way to do it that shouldn’t get me in trouble in the hospital! Elegant color blocks.


The design was loosely inspired off Sassy Shelly’s post, obviously with different colors. I ended up doing different design on my two hands, mostly because I didn’t feel like worrying overly much about line placement on my right hand (which as you can see currently has teeny tiny rounded nails).


Sadly, I actually think I like the random placement from my right hand better than the planned-out design on my left! Whoops.


Regardless, as you can see, the lightest polish (Memory Palace by Cadillacquer) is a pale grey with a blue tint, holo sparkle, and copper flakies. The medium dark (Timeless Vow by ILNP) is a blue with a grey tint, completely filled with holo sparkle and a smattering of gold flakies…it is more of a metallic-finish than the other two. The darkest (Yuna by Zoya) is a deep grey with a blue tint, filled with gold-green shimmer.


I thought the sparkle in these colors would all be complementary, but they are actually all different! I still think the design works :-). I also don’t think I had ever quite focused on the pretty golden flecks in Yuna before!


So there you have it! Memory Palace and Yuna are both grey-with-blue, while Timeless Vow is a blue-with-grey that has a much more metallic/holo finish. I am glad I own them all!


Hope you enjoyed!


Gah. I had such high hopes for this mani and they did not pan out! This is not my best work (although it isn’t a total fail I suppose).


I was trying to compare the two matte-finish Zoya green polishes: Honor and Veruschka. I bought Honor for a friend who really liked Veruschka, since Veruschka was discontinued. I wanted to compare the two before I gave Honor away just to see (sorry Amy, I wore this on one hand first!). Honestly, the two polishes are very very close. V is a little darker and more true-matte than H, but frankly its a bit hard to tell! I am glad I have V, I like the more matted finish a tad better.


Ok, so, Honor by Zoya is a medium-dark-green polish with a semi-matte finish (more of a satin than a true matte) with shimmer. The shimmer is a bit hidden in the matte state, and I did not add top coat so no photo, sorry! This is three thin coats of Honor. As with all mattes, it dried down gratifyingly fast!


I then went and directly compared to Veruschka…which is still a name I cannot spell half the time (hence the V earlier). I did one stripe of V up the middle of each nail (I have photos of that too, but they were a bit out of focus so unless someone cares deeply, I won’t be posting them). When that dried, I added another stripe of Honor, so that the design was a base of Honor with two thin lines of V and a middle line of Honor again. From the photo below, you can tell that V really is a half-shade darker, but you can’t tell the finish. V has a bit more shimmer (or it just stands out better against the darker finish) and dries down matte-er than Honor. That being said, I don’t think anyone needs to own both unless they REALLY like green mattes! As mentioned, I personally prefer V but only by a little.


~ Green matte: Zoya – Honor
~ Dark green matte: Zoya – Veruschka
~ Copper glitter: Butter London – Scuppered
~ Purple copper glitter: Zoya – Faye


The design came about because I wanted to rebel against my recent hospital time with some 3D dots…although they took forever to dry! There are two colors of dots (which you cannot see in the outdoor photos because they are both soo glittery), and the overall effect was…meh. But I tried!

Tiny Nails: Metallic Blue Mish-Mash

I am away at a conference this week, so all my posts are scheduled in advance! Which means you guys get a week of teeny tiny nails from when I was trying to get them to grow out properly after they were wrecked with the old Mentality polish. I took advantage of having tiny nails (and thus not feeling compelled to do something very intricate that would be ruined by different base colors) to swatch and compare all of my medium blue metallic polishes.


I really only have 4 medium blue metallics, the fifth (although looking similar in the bottle) is actually quite a few shades darker on the nail. Really, I should do a metallic blue ombre at some point…I think I can! All polishes were two coats except Yogo (pinky) which was one.


From pinky to thumb we have:
OPI – Yoga-ta Get This Blue
Mentality – Brute
Zoya – Estelle
Zoya – Tart
Sally Hansen – Blue My Mind


Yoga is clearly the darkest, and is maybe more of a scattered shimmer than a metallic. Brute dries matte and faintly shimmery, but is similar in color to Estelle. Estelle is the most metallic of the lot, with a lot of depth to it. Tart is lighter than Estelle by just a bit, but not nearly as deep (you don’t get the same depth of shine/black contrast). Mind is by far the most vivid and saturated, it has that odd smell that I associate with bright blues. It is also the most brush-stroky.


I don’t know that I could pick a favorite, they all have different roles! Tart and Estelle are very similar, and I think if Estelle had been out a year about when I bought Tart that I would have gotten Estelle instead (I like depth in my metallics). Brute isn’t that great on its own, but as a matte is beautiful.


Who knows! If you are looking for blue metallics, I hope this helps to clear some things up. Enjoy!

Magenta Blocks

We have almost reached the end of my Eva-loves-zoya rampage! (Translation: my manis for the next few posts will not necessarily have anything to do with zoya polish, and if they do its just because I love it not because I haven’t played with it yet, other than Friday’s post). That being said, this post is the exception. When I ordered my newest batch of polish, I specifically wanted to find a nice dark pink…seeing as how I own exactly 0 dark pink cremes. I also wanted a medium dark purple, since the only one I have is very shimmery. I decided to put together color blocks with my new polishes to determine which I liked best.


I ended up with three polishes: Ciara (pink, middle), Veronica (pink/red, left), and Margo (pink/purple, right). Half the time I think I want to keep all three (they ARE slightly different), and half the time I only want one. Or two. Do I really need all three?


When they are all on different nails, it is pretty easy to tell them apart. On my pinky is a true red (Siren by Pure Ice), my ring finger has Veronica, middle has Ciara, and pointer has Margo. The problems began when I tried to color-block. I couldn’t figure out which color I had already added to which nail because THEY WERE ALL TOO SIMILAR! It was mildly traumatic.


Things got easier when I separated the blocks with pink striping tape, but even so, I was hard-pressed to identify Margo from Veronica from Ciara in certain lights.



The design I went with was inspired by Lucy’s Stash, but you can see her design far easier than you can mine! That was partially intentional, but I really didn’t expect to have this hard of a time.


So, readers, what do you think? Of my three new pinks, which one(s) should I keep and which one(s) should I donate to my sister? I keep going back and forth! I think I need to keep Veronica, she fills my stated goal well. But Ciara is such a pretty pink and is just a shade lighter and a bit less opaque, while Margo is a lovely purple (that being said, she is the WRONG purple…she is too pink/red for the gradient I had in mind. I needed a more blue-toned purple).


Also, which is your favorite? If I only had to keep one, which would it be? 😀

Dancing Dots

So, I promised you busy a comparison post, and here it is! I keep my promises 🙂


We have, from pinky to pointer, a “true” matte+textured polish (Emotions by OPI), a Mentality matte+textured polish (Asphalt by Mentality), a true matte polish (Rascal by Mentality…best polish ever), and a black creme (Black on Black by Sinful Colors). As you can see, Asphalt is ever so sightly textured, which is to say it doesn’t have the velvety smooth finish of the true matte. It is, however, NOTHING like the “real” textured polish! As a result, it is much easier to remove and applies more like a matte polish. It does not glitter though.


If left to my own devices, I would probably stray towards true mattes and true textured polishes, but some of the Mentality textured mattes are really cool. I am putting together a swatch post for this weekend for you guys, and I’ll include there the colors that I really think are unique and worth getting with this finish.


Because I can’t NOT do art (really, if I walked into lab with plain nails I think I would die of shame at this point), I added some various sized pink dots in matching tones and finishes! The textured one is Make Him Mine by OPI, the matte one (middle and ring nails) is Coccopesto by Mentality, and the creme one is Private Viewing by Wet n’ Wild.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little comparison! Mixing textures is fun 😀

Brown Sugar and Faye

A few weeks back, I picked up two new butterLONDON polishes at the ULTA 21 Days of Beauty sale. Now, I love me some butterLONDON, but I do not love them at $15 apiece! However, I will pay $15 for two :-). One of the two I grabbed was my longest ever lemming (coming soon), and the other was Brown Sugar. I obsessed for at least 30 minutes between this polish and two others, but in the end I am glad I went with it!


My biggest fear was that Brown Sugar would be a dupe for Faye by Zoya. In ULTA, I kept holding them up to compare, so I decided the first thing I had to when I played with the polish was to do a swatch comparison! My ring finger has two coats of Faye, while all other nails have two coats of Brown Sugar.



Brown Sugar is a complicated polish. Copper and gold sparkles with larger light and medium pink glitter suspended in a deep purple base with red tints. Perfect control on the brush, and two coats for perfection. It dries slightly gritty. In contrast, Faye is a golden sparkle polish with a hint of copper in a light purple (almost lilac) base that leans pink. Despite the purple base and gold glitter, the two polishes are remarkably different on the nail! Brown Sugar is much darker and richer, and the pink glitter adds addition depth. Faye is more light, almost fairy-like. I love them both!


For the art aspect, I tried to add a banner with pink and brown across the top of my nails. While it looks fine, it isn’t anything to write home about. That being said, I love the polish and this art let me see a lot of it!


  • Copper glitter: butterLONDON – Brown Sugar
  • Gold glitter: Zoya – Faye
  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Brown: Zoya – Louise


Did you pick up any butterLONDONs from the ULTA sale? Anything I need to try?

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