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Vampy Red Fade

Somehow I managed to not get a single perfect picture of this manicure? It looked quite pretty while I was wearing it, but all of the photos do not come close to doing it justice! Oh well. The design was incredibly simple, just black polish, striping tape, and a red metallic gradient.


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Bright red: City color – Masquerade
~ Dark red: Confetti – Masquerade Ball


Anyway, I am sorry about the poor photos, I did try! Or at least I’m fairly sure I did. It just didn’t pan out this time around. We can’t win them all, and this one at least being red with some gold so it is totally fitting for peri-christmas :-p

Red Roses and Black Lace

A member of my husband’s family was very ill, and we were preparing for the likelihood that we would have to attend a funeral within a week. With that in mind, I went for a week-and-a-half with dark, appropriately somber, nails. These nails arose from that period of time, and I am not embarrassed to say that I love them (the person in question passed away later, so these did not end up being funeral nails, merely vampy nails with a funeral in mind).


Since these were intended for a particular occasion, and to match a particular (black) outfit, I consider them somewhat fashionable, and am posing them for “fashion” day in the 31 Day Challenge!


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Red glitter: Chirality – Ragnarok You Like a Hurricane
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Red: City Colors – Masquerade
~ Dark red: Zoya – Isla
~ Darkest red: Confetti – Masquerade Ball
~ Green: Zoya – Josie
~ Stamps: BP – L002, L003, MoYou Frenchy 14


That’s all for today! Stay tuned for some more awesome nail art on Friday. Hope you enjoyed, despite the somber tone!

Risen on Wine

This manicure was SO straight-forward that…I kinda forgot to take photos of it. 80% of the photos that I have are oddly out of focus and 15% are badly framed. Oops! At least it is a simple one I suppose!


~ Dark red: Confetti – Masquerade Ball
~ Red holo: A England – Rosebower
~ Stamp: EdM – 06


So…that’s all for today. Not much to say! Friday’s manicure is a bit more exciting I promise :-p

Marchesa Gradient Gown

Day 25’s theme is “fashion” which is a bit of a problem, as I am still wearing the same clothing I wore in high school (and I’m 29). That said, this years was a little easier than most! I’m also a little late in posting since I was traveling all day, oops!


While searching for fashionable gowns on google, I stumbled across an absolutely stunning dress by Marchesa. I want it. The colors and the pattern and the fabric and most especially the cut of the skirt. So, of course, I had to try and recreate it on my nails!



This mani took two days, mostly because I wanted a completely dry base color before I was willing to attempt to make a gradient using metallic polish. Usually, I end up with bubbles and messes galore, and I happen to be attending a wedding this weekend so my nails need to be flawless! So, I painted on the hot pink metallic base (Petites Color Fever – Raspberry Ice), waited a day, and THEN did the gradient (OPI – Cute Little Vixen and Confetti – Masquerade Ball). Success!


Initially, I was not going to put anything over my accent nail (which was going to be a black jelly with a pink-to-black stamp, but I gave up and grabbed one of my favorite glitterbomb polishes instead, The Unloved by Emily de Molly), but it looked too bright next to the completed gradient so I added a stamp that reminded me of the top of the Marchesa dress (BP – L049). I think it came out really well!


I am going to consider the fashion day a success this year, which might actually be a first for me! Also, my nails are super glittery and metallic. But I have to admit, I am not looking forward to trying to remove that glitter polish!

Lace Negative Space

This mani is a bit odd…it looked awesome in person, but the photos all came out weird! I’ve posted the ones that look best, but it still doesn’t capture how cool these actually looked.


The art itself was inspired by Baroquen Nails, as all the best negative space manis are 🙂


To make this, I started with two coats of a sheer nude, then two coats of a frankened sheer black jelly (making the right tone of jelly took forever!). Next, I stamped the lacy pattern, and then freehanded the red. Finally, I added the 3D bits!


~ Nude: Sephora X – Marvelous
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Red: Confetti – Maquerade Ball
~ Stamp: BC – 10


Hope you enjoyed! I doubt you’ll be seeing much negative space in the near future, as of right now my nails are a blotchy odd mix of yellow and bright pink. Silly staining polish!

Vampy Roses

I know flowers (other than maybe poinsettias) are not considered a winter design…but I saw these and they just screamed vampy Christmas flowers to me!


The pattern was inspired by nailsandtowelnailsandtowelnailsandtowel, and I just ran with it. Luckily, I had All Sparkly and Gold by OPI just sitting around…I think this might be the first time I’ve used it since I swatched it however many years ago. Sad, but thats what happens when you have too many gold polishes! Also, I had it in my head that it was difficult to remove…and it wasn’t EASY but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!


I really like how this design came out. Deep red and gold is one of my favorite color combinations 🙂


~ Dark red: Confetti – Masquerade Ball
~ Gold glitter: OPI – All Sparkly And Gold
~ Gold holo glitter: Cult Nails – Walk of Shame
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Dark green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Green: Salon Perfect – Loopy Lime


Hope you enjoyed! Get ready for MORE winter-y and holiday-y manis next week :-D.

Damask and Wine

Another Born Pretty Store review, done mid-surgery rotation! They sent me over some water decals to play with, and play I did! That being said, yes, my nails are still tiny.


I started with a dark shimmery red base called Masquerade Ball by Confetti. I wanted something the white decals would pop against that wasn’t just solid black, and I ended up really liking the combo!


These decals are beautiful. They come off easily in water, although they, if anything, dry too fast! You only get about 30 seconds to reposition them before they are stopping where they lay. I had some trouble on my first nail, which is why the spacing on the pointer finger is off. Despite that, I love the end result and it was fun figuring out where to put everything!


There are a bunch more somewhat similar patterns on the page of water decals that I was using here, certainly enough for many more manicures. It’s a pretty good deal I think!


If you want to pick up some quasi-damask water decals for your nails, head over to the Born Pretty Store where you can find them for $1.29. Don’t forget to use my 10% off code, LY5X31! Enjoy!

Disappearing Leaves – FAIL

This manicure is a fail. I thought it only fair to warn you lovely readers in advance. I wanted to play with Brown Sugar (butterLONDON) because it had been a while. The color looked like it would match up well with a deep red or brown, so I grabbed my stamper and got to work.


Unfortunately, the stamp I chose is not very deeply etched. Which is to say it works, but you only get a veneer of polish…certainly not enough to stand up against Brown Sugar when it is so well color matched! So I tried again, using the same stamp in red. Then I gave up.


Basically, there is a brown/purple glittery base, a red stamp, a brown stamp, and a smattering of sadness. Moral: don’t stamp over complicated glitters with closely matching polishes!


– Gold glitter: butterLONDON – Brown Sugar
– Brown: Confetti – Masquerade Ball
– Red: OPI – Visions of Love


Sorry for the lack of awesome today! (In other news, WordPress recently changed the layout and setup of how to make posts, and I can’t stand it! Ugh)

Golden Feathers

I love feathers. Possibly my most common hand-painted art is feathers. But I wanted something fast and easy today, so I went to nail stickers! And something about gold on a marbled red background just…gets me.


The stickers I used are from the same 12-pack I got from the Born Pretty Store a few months back. I love them. These feathers are the only non-flowers on the sheet! They are also ideal for (very) long nails…this is the first time I thought I could fit them!



The base for this mani is a marbled mix (saran wrap method) of three different metallic reds. I started with Zoya Isla, then dabbed on a darker red (Confetti Masquerade Ball) and a brighter red (City Color Red). I almost didn’t want to add stickers when I was done, the marble was so pretty!



For less than $5 (they are $4.73) getting 12 sets of awesome floral/feathered stickers is a pretty good deal! If you want some for yourself, check them out here and don’t forget to use my 10% off code LY5X31!

Golden Dots

Today is my boyfriend’s mother’s wedding! No, these are not the nails I am wearing today. But I just thought I should share the joy 😀


Today’s challenge was “dark” which is pretty vague. Since I am on a gold kick right now (…see yesterday’s post…) I thought I would keep it up with some gold water decals over a deep red polish (Masquerade Ball by Confetti)! I might add that I actually did these nails in 30 minutes in a hotel room in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my tweezers so the placement isn’t as perfect as I would like, but it still looks alright!


The decals (which I might add might be some of my favorites ever) were sent for review from the Born Pretty Store. The set comes with 3 different gold decals, 5 of each. The whole of each design will fit on your nails it if they are long enough, but my pinky just didn’t make the length-cut. Which is ok (I do not need a pinky nail that long!), since it still looks cool!



I always feel like cheating when I use water decals, but the speed and cleanliness of the design is totally worth it! These particular ones were also easy to reposition, and I can’t wait to use the other two sets. You can pick up a set for yourself from the Born Pretty Store for $1! Don’t forget to use my 10% off code, LY5X31. Happy polishing!

Aztec Sunset

I have a secret folder of pinterest pins that I turn to for nail art ideas. And by “secret folder” I mean “I like them instead of pin them elsewhere”. Today’s manicure comes straight from one of these secret pins!


I absolutely loved the gradient design by rubyrominaa on IG. I didn’t want to use the same colors, so I pulled out a fun gradient of my own featuring three pink-to-deep-red shimmer polishes over rose gold. Because…why not?



  • Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
  • Pink: Pure Ice – Raspberry Ice
  • Medium red-pink: OPI – Cute Little Vixen
  • Dark red: Confetti – Masquerade Ball


I forget how much I love doing gradients with metallic polishes! They are SO MUCH FASTER than using cremes. Although they are a bit harder to get off the surrounding finger!


By far the hardest part of this mani was placing 14+ pieces of striping tape per nail. But the end result was totally worth it! I might have to try this again with a green-blue pallet 🙂

Old Swatch Spam: Part 1

In preparation for the 31 day OMD Challenge that I’ll be (trying) to participate in during July, I am emptying out my (really really old) swatch bin, and saving my recent nail art for the challenge! Many of these are from months ago…the oldest dates back to December 2012. It is comforting to see how far my cuticle have come in a few short months, if nothing else!

This is a combination of two Milani 3D holographic polishes, Digital (pink) and Hi Res (purple). Both took 3 thin coats to be opaque, and are beautifully sparkly in the sun! See the full mani (with nail art) here.

Next up is a quickly drying peachy-pink, with a pretty silver shimmer to it. I don’t usually like pink polishes on their own, but this one is somehow special. This is two thin coats of Revlon Poppy. For the full mani, see this post!

This is one of the oldest from my unshown…from nail art I did in December! It was my first attempt with striping tape. Regardless, the two colors used here are City Color – Red (probably still my favorite red polish other than Zoya Blaze), and Last Chance by Sinful Colors. Two coats of each, and both went on beautifully…as evidenced by the fact that they somehow look good and I was still learning how to paint nails!

Masquerade by Confetti is a deep brownish red with beautiful red shimmer. I’d almost call in wine-like. In indirect light, it almost looks black, but when it is hit by light, the red glow comes out. Shown here are two coats of Masquerade, with two coats of Maybelline – Bold Gold on my accent nail. To see the nail art, please look here.

Rounding out my reds/pinks/nudes is one of my only nude polishes, Private Viewing by Wet n’ Wild. It matches my skin tone almost exactly, and thus looks very strange! I only wore it in a fully mani once, and it has since been relegated to the nail art-only pile. This is three rather gloopy coats (I was too impatient to wait for them to dry). The polish has a subtle shimmer that you can’t tell in the bottle! But it makes the polish a bit more interesting than a simple nude creme.

I’ll post some nail art tomorrow!

The Eye

The second part of my LOTR tribute: they Eye of Sauron! I LOVE the original of this, Chalkboard Nail’s version. Mine is not nearly as cool as hers, but I’m pretty happy with it.


I tried to make the lidless eye, wreathed in flame, suspended from the tip of the tower in Mordor. My background was yellow with grey sponged on using the saran wrap technique. I then covered progressive fingers in orange, red, dark red, and brown, to try and convey the flames.



  • Yellow (base): Revlon – Electric
  • Yellow: Nail Art – Yellow
  • Orange: Nail Art – Orange, Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Red: City Color – Red
  • Dark red: Revlon – Valentine
  • Brown: Confetti – Masquerade
  • Black: Kiss Nail Art – Black nail art brush
  • White: Kiss Nail Art – White striper brush
  • Grey: Sinful Colors – Muse


I had to add two layers of top coat to this mani, because it was so rough after all the layers of polish (and acetone that I would use to remove some layers to let the lighter colors through).


Overall, I think I have a pretty baleful nail!



Shiny Chevrons

After seeing a few posts pop up about trying to make one’s own nail stickers, I decided to give it a go.


Suffice to say, it was a mess. Maybe I was too ambitious…I went for full-nail stickers (despite never trying it before) and used glitter polish (ALWAYS a bad idea). The end result came off 24 hours after I put it on, took two hours to get on, and was a disaster to clean up courtesy of the glitter.

I tried my left hand first. I put down my clear base coat, then a somewhat fast-drying golden polish (mistake 1), and put on square pieces of my design (mistake 2) and didn’t wait for them to dry before cleaning (mistake 3).


For my left hand, I used a much slower drying nude polish, cut the pieces to size (I think this made the biggest difference in how they looked…I ended up not having to dig to find my cuticles and clean glitter off the sides of my flooded nails), and waited (mostly) for the coat to adhere before cleaning.


Regardless, I think this was something of a fail. Two of the nails popped off 24 hours later while shopping, one of my pinkies wasn’t even a defined nail because I gave up trying to get the polish out, and the glitter polish looked patchy on some of the nails. My thumbs I did ON the nail rather than using stickers, and I don’t think the chevron contrast is nearly as nice. So the sticker method gives better coloration….but its a mess!


Despite this, I somehow garnered compliments from two sales ladies, and the design was very shiny. Maybe next time I’ll try this without glitter polish, and WITH cutting the design down to size. Or just do a smaller design!



  1. Grab a plastic bag. Paint on it (I painted lines and then while they were wet dragged an unfolded paper clip through them to make chevrons)
  2. Wait for the polish to dry (overnight), then carefully peel it off
  4. Apply base coat and colored coat to nails. Wait till they are tacky (2-3 minutes) then press on the stickers. Make sure they are firm (roll your fingers over them and press down firmly)
  5. When dry (10ish minutes), clean. Then topcoat and pictures!


The polishes I used:

  • gold glitter: Petites Color Fever – 24kt Gold
  • Black shimmer (thumb): Sinful Colors – Secret Admirer
  • Purple (pointer): Zoya – Valerie
  • Green (middle): A England – Saint George
  • Blue (ring): Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
  • Red (pinky): Confetti – Masquerade
  • Nude undy (R hand): Wet n’ Wild – Private Viewing
  • Gold undy (L hand): Maybelline (color show) – Bold Gold

Valentines Watermarble

This has been in the works since my last/first watermarble! I wanted to try to marble hearts on my nails in pink and red. It needed something extra, so I added a dark blue, since the dress I’ll be wearing tonight is dark blue. I think it did the trick, and got rid of the over-the-top pink-and-red-lovey-ness of the whole mani!


Honestly, although bits and pieces of hearts are on almost every finger, they are only identifiable on my ring and third fingers of my left hand, and maybe the ring finger on my right hand. I accidentally double-dipped part of my left thumb (grrr) but otherwise things came out pretty well! I still need to work on spacing how I’m going to dip in the water…things never end up centered!


I used a lot of colors, and some went only on one hand.

  • White (base): Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Bright Red: City Color – Masquerade (red)
  • Deep Holo Red: Zoya – Blaze
  • Dark Blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
  • Dark Red/Brown: Confetti – Masquerade Ball [right hand only, and you can’t see much of it. It just spread really well so I used it]
  • Holo Glitter: Wet n’ Wild – Kaleidoscope [left hand only, and I only put it over the pink. It’s subtle but glittery!]
  • Silver Glitter: Sally Hansen – Diamonds [right hand only, and again only over the pink]


Basically, my left hand ended up very pink with some holo glitter, while my right hand ended up very red with some silver glitter. I LOVE what happened to the colors on my right thumb, when I put Masquerade and Blaze next to each other. I’m going to try that again, maybe with Blue Moon for my next watermarble!


So, few hearts…but Happy Valentine’s Day!


Holiday Haul

I was inspired by this post on Dressed Up Nails to do a haul post…even though I only got 10 new polishes (for me, this means that I increased my polish collection by 150%, I only had 20 or so before this!).

6 of these were a “gift” from my baby sister (we went to CVS together and found a lot of polish on 75% off sale, so she bought it for me), the other two were found at Rite Aid for 75% off right before I left for home for the holidays, and the last two were on 75% off when I got back.


All of my pretty new polishes!


New Revlons…I was wearing the silver on my New Years Eve ball nail


Randoms: the dark blue I was wearing on New Years, the deep red by confetti that I had on in the gilded garnet post, and the beautiful holographic polish I put on my sister’s nails for new years


Random colors that just looked pretty! I had to by 24k gold because it looked so much like the estee lauder polish I had on when I found it…and I wanted a sparkle gold!

I’ll make a real post tomorrow (probably) to make up for no nail art on this one 😀

Gilded Garnet

Real post time! So, other than just buying my first three Zoya polishes ever, I am also experimenting with other drug store brand polishes. While I was home for holiday break, I went to my local CVS (rather than rite aid!) and grabbed a bottle of their $2 polish…Confetti. I wanted to see how it stacked up against Sinful Colors.

This is a color I’d been wanting for a while (I’m into dark shimmers now apparently), and it is a really pretty deep red that looks almost black (or brown) in most lights, and shines brilliant garnet in the sun or direct light indoors. I paired it with black.

The application was a bit harder than with Sinful Colors (at least in my experience). I tried to do one coat, and even that took >2 hrs to dry. So I put on another coat the next morning before starting my nail art and just went for it. The end result was really pretty and overall I like my one Confetti experience so far, but I know that Sinful Colors dries in 30 min or less for me. 2 hours is not reasonable (although adding a quick dry topcoat on the second layer helped!). Moreover, I’m now on day 3 of wearing this nail art, and only two fingers have chipped slightly. That’s pretty impressive.

Nail polish: Confetti–Masquerade Ball (#041), Maybelline Color Show–Bold Gold (#70)




You can really see the red color shine through on my thumb




So, which is better…gold on garnet, or garnet on gold? The boyfriend didn’t like the gold fingers at all.

Also, I must say that most of my inspiration for this mani design came from Raggio de Luna…her nail art is absolutely stunning!

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