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In Shallow Waters

This post fill many requirements. It is my “nautical” post for the OMD2 Challenge, my “summer nail art” entry for the Nail Polish Canada summer contest (which you guys should TOTALLY GO VOTE FOR) and the tutorial for it will (hopefully) be published at Nail It! Magazine in the next week or so…once I write it up.


The interesting part of this mani is that it is a duplicate of one I did almost exactly a year ago. Only this time, I have longer nails. And slightly more time. That being said, I still love fish. And seahorses. And just summer underwater stuff in general. So if I had to re-do one mani, I think this wasn’t a bad one to choose!



– Light blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
– Medium blue: L’oreal – Not a Cloud in Sight
– Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
– Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
– Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
– Light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme



If you like these, please vote! It’s been a while since I won anything. And if you want to know how I put these together, head over to Nail It! Magazine in a few days!

Easter Eggs

Hello readers! Today I have another easter mani for you guys…eggs and a bunny! Created this using two KBShimmer polishes so it could be entered into their facebook-based contest, so if you love me/the manicure/just feel like making my day a little better (I got 5 hours of sleep. Ugh), please head over to the Facebook page (here) and “like” my mani! It’s the last one.


Honestly, the eggs didn’t come out as sharp as I would like. If these were real eggs, I would feel a bit like a 5th grader! But they are still somewhat cute. The bunny on the other hand…adorable 🙂


And yes, I know, why is my pointer my accent nail? Because I forgot and painted my ring finger white. So all that was left was my pointer and darn it I wanted a bunny! Besides, this is nail art. Do I really have to follow rules?




  • Blue: KBShimmer – I’d Rather Be With Blue
  • Purple: KBShimmer – Plum Tuckered Out
  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Yellow: WOW – #301
  • Orange: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
  • Green: Essie – The More The Merrier


Enjoy! And happy easter weekend.

Pysanky – Hungarian Easter Eggs

Every now and then, I need to remind myself that I can actually do fine detail work. A friend of mine challenged me to do pysanky, or hungarian easter eggs, on my nails…so I did. This manicure took 2 hours to complete, and I have to say I am proud! I am also submitting these to Nail Polish Canada’s easter challenge, so please go vote for them!


I started by looking for photos of pysanky that I liked. Here, you can see two that I ended up going with (they are circled). The others I free-handed or based loosely off internet designs.

many eggs

black egg

So far, people seem to like the design on my ring finger (blue/black) or pointer (brown/yellow) the best. Which is your favorite, reader? And do you think this was worth two hours of my life? 😀


Unfortunately, Lucy of Lucy’s Stash already submitted some similar egg-themed art for the challenge, so I doubt I’ll win (she really is better than me at detail work, and woah her nail length! So jealous!), but it would be great if I could get at least a few votes. You just have to select “flightofwhimsy” from the pulldown menu.




  • Orange: Zoya – Thandie
  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Blue: Zoya – Yummy
  • Brown: Zoya – Louise
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow – HK Girl


I tried to limit myself to just a few colors. It mostly worked! Stay tuned for more spring/easter nail art, I have a quite a few looks to show you guys!

Mini updates!

It is so hard to decide on the few special polishes to bring home with me for the holidays! Today commences my 2.5 week vacation from lab (goodie!), including 1.5 weeks of NO NAIL POLISH in Israel! I think I might try a gel nail kit before I go just to see if it actually lasts for two weeks and stops my nails from turning into tiny nubbins :-/

In other news, Nail It! Magazine just posted two tutorials of mine (one of which for some art you haven’t seen yet!) If you want to check them out: Reindeer and Wreaths.

Finally, I am in one final nail art contest this year (hah, cause the year ends in a week), and I would really appreciate if you would go vote for me in the China Glaze Color Your World event! You get to select up to 3 nail art submissions and vote. You do need to enter your email and then click on a link they will send you to validate your submission.


Have some happy holidays! (And yes, that is my holiday card. Me (R2D2) with my boyfriend (C3P0), a christmas tree, menorah, and our 3 favorite stuffed animals, Howard (giant teddy bear dressed as Chewbaka), OCD (stuffed dog dressed as an ewok) and Flavi (small teddy bear dressed as a jedi). We don’t do ‘traditional’).

Guest Post for Me?

Hello lovely readers! I have a hunch many of you paint your nails. Possibly even do nail art. How would you like to have a guest post on my blog?

As a standard 25 year old Jewish American girl, I am going on birthright (I get a free trip to Israel) this January, for around 2 weeks. I need some guest posts to fill the time! If you are interested, please email me at eklinman (at) gmail. I want to show off some nail art by others while I am away!

In other news…

  1. One of my manicures made it onto Zoya’s Facebook page! I was super excited (until I realized they didn’t credit me or link back to my blog. That was a bit of a bummer. But oh well)
  2. The full tutorial for my Birch Tree nail art is up at Nail It! Magazine, you can find it  here if you are interested!
  3. If you have not already, go check out the art in the Nail Polish Canada nail art competition! If you like my nails (or just think I should get more polish :-p) please vote for me!
  4. Go enter the massively awesome holiday giveaway!


Tinsel and Twirls

My first Christmas mani! Ok, so I’m Jewish, but that doesn’t stop me from loving all the holiday colors. And glitter. And mooched gifts 😀 This is also my entry for Week 2 of the Nail Art Canada challenge: Decorations (also, go vote)!


Of all the textured polishes out there, the one I had been lemming the hardest was Solange, by Zoya. I hate the color yellow (really, I do), but something about this super glittery golden yellow just spoke to me. I waited quite a few months, but finally caved on Halloween! Solange was 90% opaque in one coat, but I added a second just to be sure. Unlike most textured polishes, where there is glitter IN the polish but the base is a creme, I’m pretty sure Solange’s base is glitter. So much glitter. And sparkle. I love this polish. Two coats, fast dry time, excellent control with application.


I have a bad habit of doodling swirls during lecture (when I should be paying attention so I can teach recitation later in the week), and one of the doodles looked cool enough that I wanted it on my fingers! So I pulled out my two mani Zoya holiday colors, and went to work.


I think I like my accent nail best, with the color divide and 3D appearance of Solange, but I needed to swatch it! So the other fingers are primarily golden.




  • Gold: Zoya – Solange
  • Red: Zoya – Isla
  • Green: Zoya – Holly


Hope you enjoyed! Please go vote for my nails here!

Pine Trees in the Snow

Hi all! For once, I am showing you nails that I am actually wearing. I painted these last night. They are my entry for the first week of the Nail Polish Canada nail art competition!


I started with a base of two coats of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. It is a beautiful bronze-gold-green-blue duochrome. I am REALLY on a duochrome kick right now! Unfortunately, this polish bubbled a bit for me. But I still like it!



I then went ahead and painted on trees, highlighted them with a lighter green, and added lots of snow.




  • Gold duochrome: OPI – Just Spotted the Lizard
  • Dark green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
  • Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • White: Zoya – Purity


There is something oddly awesome about these nails, probably involving the color shift of the background! It looks like a hazy sunset in the snow, or darkness depending on the light. Love.


If you like them, please go vote for them! You just need to enter your email and select my nails. I really want to win! The contest goes on for 4 weeks (this is the first, with a new prompt every week) so if you would like to enter your nails as well, feel free to join!


Happy polishing! (and yes, the last photo was taken underwater)

Nail Art Winner…Somewhat

Hi Folks!

I am making a special post just to announce that Iriel from Why Only for Parties won my nail art giveaway! There is a bit of a hassle though…she lives in Argentina and I meant to make it US only! So, I will be trying to ship out her package this weekend. If it gets too expensive, she’ll be getting a different (non-shipping) prize, and the package will go to the second place winner. Which is even MORE complicated because second place was a two-way tie…but I know one of them lives in the US and one does not (yes, I just stalked two of you who submitted nail art). So the US second place winner will get the prize if I can’t ship it to Iriel!

Sorry for the mess up and delay 😦

If I need to move on to the back-up winner, she will receive an email this weekend.

Moral: SHIPPING FROM THE USA SHOULD NOT BE SO EXPENSIVE. Ok. Sorry. I need to be rich so I can send nail polish all over the world to deserving nail artists!

Nail Art Giveaway!

My first giveaway ended last weekend, and it is time for round two! Unlike the previous one (where all you had to do was prove you like my nail art) this giveaway involves making YOUR OWN nail art (scary, I know).


This giveaway is a nail art challenge. You have two weeks (ending Sunday November 3rd) to create anything fun that you want, made 100% with nail polish. You can use stamps and water and whatever else (striping tape and tape are ok, as long as they don’t end up ON the nail for the final product), but the only thing that should be on your nails (no fake nails please) is polish. No 3D stones, no acrylics. I want to see the power of polish! Do anything you want. I will reward creativity, color, and neatness.

There will be three judges: myself, and my friends Catie and Anna. You have seen both of their nails before, Catie’s fingers have been decorated with owls and wreaths. Anna’s fingernails have featured more than anyone else (other than mine) on this blog, with such entries as Harry Potter, autumn, Pokemon and dots. If there is no clear winner, my poor boyfriend gets a vote!

To enter:

  1. Email me a link or photo of your design at eklinman(at)
  2. Include in the email how you follow my blog (facebook, bloglovin, or wordpress)
  3. Be holding a piece of paper that says “For Eva” so I can feel special (and make sure the design is new). Feel free to post the design to your blog/instagram/crazy internet place, I just need to see it first so I can prove you made it for this!

This prize is comprised of 8 polishes…all of them in the blue/green/purple range.


The prizes:

  • Fergie – Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Sinful Colors – Dream On
  • Julie G – Blueberry Fizz
  • Mardi Gras – teal shimmer (un-named)
  • Wet n’ Wild – I Need  Refresh-Mint
  • Julep – Emilie
  • L’oreal – New Money
  • Julep – Maggie

The winner gets all 8 polishes! Happy polishing!  😀

Vote for Me!

This is shameless. I know I won’t win, but it would be great if I made it into the finalist round for the Cirque du Freak contest with Bundle Monster! I want to win more stamping plates…

So please go vote for me!

Thanks! (The art that is on my nails will appear here closer to halloween)


Coming tomorrow in nail art land: another giveaway! This time with a contest 🙂

Blue Me Away

This is the nail art design I submitted for the Rite Aid Nail Art Extravaganza finalist round!


These nails were actually inspired by the blue gradient that went into my Under the Sea design from yesterday. I was also informed that we were allowed to use striping tape in our art, and so I took off what I had been wearing and put these nails together!


Most of the nails are a dark blue base with a gradient sponged over striping tape. My thumb and accent nail are a gradient base with an inverted gradient sponged over. This was fun to make!



  • Light blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
  • Medium blue: L’oreal – Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
  • White: Revlon – nail art pen


Please go vote for me over at Rite Aid!! You can vote once per day. Two finalists will get $100 while the first place winner gets $500 and lots of publicity. Places are determined in large part by ranking based on fan votes….so if I can get into the top few based on lots of people voting I have a much better chance at reaching one of the top three positions!



Under the Sea

As part of the Rite Aid Nail Art Extravaganza, we had to make a nail art design using ONLY the polish supplied to us in the Kit I displayed yesterday. I put together four looks (although two of them were based off each other so really only three). Today I am going to show you the runner-up, and tomorrow I’ll show you what I submitted and ask you to vote for me!


This is my take on marine life. I asked the boyfriend what I should paint to “show off my skills” and he goes “anything fine and detailed. You’re best at that. Also, lots of colors”. So, ta-da! We have an angelfish, normal fish, a starfish, a jellyfish, and a seahorse.


The base for this is a beautiful blue gradient. I FINALLY own a makeup sponge, so I was able to make the gradient all smooth and pretty. I put together a tutorial (translation: I took a picture each step along the way as I made this) if you guys want me to put it together and post it let me know.


I didn’t do a mermaid at all, both because they didn’t give us a nude color (so she would be oddly colored) and because we were not allowed to use “known characters”…so no Ariel!


  • Light blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
  • Medium blue: L’oreal – Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
  • Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
  • Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
  • Light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
  • Dark purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On
  • Light light blue (bubbles): Essie – Rock the Boat

A lot of people like this (I had friends vote on facebook), but I figured that given our color palette, I didn’t think it would be unique! The colors just scream “sea” to me. I wanted something special. So, stay tuned for tomorrow!




Rite Aid Nail Art Kit

Hello! Just in warning, the next few posts are going to come fast and rather randomly. I want to show you (right now) what I got in the Rite Aid Nail Art Kit for finalists in the Rite Aid Nail Art Extravaganza contest (voting for the finalists begins Monday!!). I also want to swatch some of them for you, including the full Essie summer 2013 polish collection (I’ll try to swatch AND post the photos today. It might get a bit hairy, since I’ve never really done swatches of collections). At some point I’ll swatch L’oreal, although after seeing Essie its less interesting (spoiler: they are the SAME COLOR). I then want to show you art that I’ve made using the polishes I was given, including (hopefully on Monday) my finalists entry for the art competition (and then ask you guys to vote for it).

Anyway. Right now, I’d like to share with you the massive box of goodies I received from Rite Aid for being a finalist (top 20 most votes) in the nail art extravaganza!


Here is everything I received, except two “gel nail” kits (Revlon) which were just too big to fit into the picture. They are red and pink, and I have no idea what to do with them! In addition to the essie and l’oreal summer collections, I got three Julie G frosted gumdrops colors, three sinful colors (all three were Dream On…I don’t know what Sinful Colors was thinking!), two Revlons (both a shimmery pink called Allure…again, why?), a Fergie with lots of stars in it, a deep red Covergirl polish, a teal Wet n’ Wild polish, Sally Hansen base + top coat, a file, a black velvet flocking kit, a pink nail gradiation kit, gel perfect polish in nude, and three Maybellines. I was also given two white Sally Hansen nail art pens. Again, I don’t know why they were both white, but they are AWESOME.


As I mentioned, the Essie and L’oreal swatches might be a bit…redundant. I get that these are the “in” colors, but they are almost identical. Even Maybelline, who did NOT send a whole collection, sent the same darn colors! It made it difficult to create nail art. The main difference between Essie and L’oreal is that all of the L’oreal polishes are creme finish, while all of the Essie’s (except the green one) are slight shimmers. The neon green in both collections appears (at least to my eye) to be identical.


I already own the teal Wet n’ Wild I was sent (along with the frosted gumdrops), but oddly, the color was different! My old one (which I am keeping) is on the right. Its more of a creme blue with a bit of green. The newer ones is on the left. It leans much more teal/green! I didn’t swatch it (I want to use it in a giveaway, along with all of the other duplicates I was given), so I don’t know if the colors are actually as noticeably different as they are in a bottle shot.


And here are all the polishes (except the Julie G…I already put those away as I knew I wouldn’t be using them. My initial submission was almost entirely Julie G frosted gumdrop polishes, and I wanted to do something different). So, a nice assortment of brands, but a bit lacking in color!

Have any of you guys used the Revlon gel kits? I’m a bit weary of using something that is supposed to stay on for two weeks, and needs to be removed by soaking my nails in acetone for 20 minutes. That just does not seem like a good idea!


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