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Neon Blossoms

Oh wow these nails ended up bright. Fun, very colorful, but eye-searingly bright. Which I suppose is what happens when I reach for one of the brightest corals in my collection! This design was inspired by @nails4cocktails. I wanted something with bright colors and cherry blossoms, and this caught my eye! Hillarously, I actually did both of her cherry blossom manicures without knowing they were by the same person, within a week of each other :-p


~ Blue shimmer: Sinful Colors – Cinderella
~ Pink: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
~ Neon pink glitter: Cadillacquer – End of Silence
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BM – XL158


Hope you enjoyed the further flowers! Sadly the actual cherry blossoms outside are starting to fall off, although my allergies are pleased by this change (for now, until even more flowers show up to set them off again)!

Neon Fronds

This mani was fun to wear and a pain in the butt to photograph! Also a pain to edit. That bright orange-red is really messing with my color correction!


The base polish here is a new-to-me beauty called End of Silence by Cadillaquer. This polish covered perfectly in three thin coats, and dried quickly (although if my memory serves me right it dried semi-matte due to the neon component). Regardless, the application was smooth despite the glitters. Honestly, my only complaint is that the color is SO BRIGHT that it is spazzing out my camera! And let’s be honest, that is hardly a complaint.


I ended up stamping some negative space leaves, just because. Obviously my black polish is not intended as a stamping polish, but the end result was a red-grey that I didn’t mind. I did end up adding pale peach highlights to the long stems of the leaves, because why not? They picked up the color of the glitters. This whole mani took maybe 45 minutes.


~ Neon coral: Cadillacquer: End of Silence
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Pink: L’oreal – Orange you Jealous?
~ Stamp: UC – Lovely Leaves 2


That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed. Friday’s post is…remarkably colorful :-p

Brightly Stripped

Neon colors are the BEST when I don’t have any interviews! This was inspired by a pinterest pin, but I couldn’t find the original nail artist so you’ll just have to trust me that this is a bit more neon and less pastel, but otherwise close :-p


Two brightly colored manis in one week? Yes please! This the focus of this mani is the stripes I figured it fit well for today. It was painted last Fall (which tells you guys how long I’ve been saving some of these manis).


At some point I need to create a folder of ‘colors that work well together that you’d never guess but should absolutely combine’ because without the inspiration for this mani, I would never have thrown coral with neon green and teal! But it works 🙂


~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Neon pink: WOW – #371
~ Coral: L’Oreal – Orange you Jealous?
~ Neon green: Essie – The More the Merrier
~ Neon teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Purple: Zoya – Malia
~ Neon purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On


I also just thought I should share, I am for some reason playing “this is halloween” on repeat on my computer and it is making me very happy :-). Hope you enjoyed!

Flaming Pink

Whoops! I apparently forgot to write this post until this moment! So it’s going to be a bit short (and forgive me if it is disjointed, I am very sleep deprived).


The art here is inspired by urban nail art…but for some reason I didn’t copy over the link? I don’t even know. Tired Eva makes bad decisions about planing and the like. Either way, urban nail art had a pink shimmery gradient and black flames, and I decided I wanted the same! But then I went and picked the WRONG base polish…


So, my background color here is the second lightest of the pinks (the absolute lightest is really more of a pale orange so I went with the medium one for the base under the gradient), and that was a crucial error. It is a polish called Peony by Ruby Wing, and I hate it. Really, I do. It is both scented AND filled with undissolved chunks of something. This polish makes me tear my hair out! I meed to find a buy a dupe so I can get rid of it.


~ Pastel peach: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Light coral: Ruby Wing – Peony
~ Bright coral: Essie – Sunday Funday
~ Bright pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Shimmer: ILNP – The Magician
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


What’s even worse is that I forgot one other crucial fact about Peony: it is a solar-active polish that changes color in sunlight. When I was going through the photos I started getting upset…all the ones taken outside in the sun looked like there was no gradient! And then I realized Peony’s color range is coral pink to bright pink-red. So my gradient disappeared to just bright red in the sun. :-(. I give up! The indoor photos are good, the single outdoor one is just sad.

Pinky Swirl

I haven’t done water marbling in a while, and I figured it was time! Looking at these photos, I wish I had picked a few different colors, but all said and done this at least isn’t awful (I know, high praise) :-p


I used another new polish for the base, a shimmer silver called Ornament to Be Together by OPI. Honestly, while I enjoy puns in names as much as the next nerd, OPI is making their names a little too punny and a little too long. Oy. Anyway, it took three coats of Ornament to Be Together to get to this level of coverage, and I honestly still have some visible nail line. That said, in addition to the fine silver glitter that makes up this polish there are actual holo shimmers, which is a first that I’ve seen from OPI! It doesn’t hold a candle to most indie polishes, but still. Not bad in terms of glitter payoff (but still too thin for my nail line).


Since the silver wasn’t super opaque, and one of my other OPI polishes appeared to be a jelly, I decided to try and make a jelly-based water marble where the silver shined through at least the red. It worked, but the red was so thin that the other colors pushed it out! So the shimmery red is just a red jelly with the silver shimmer shining through.

IMG_1836 copy

~ Silver: OPI – Ornament to be Together
~ Coral: L’Oreal – Orange you Jealous?
~ Pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Red: OPI – My Wish List is You
~ Dark red: OPI – All I Want for Christmas (is OPI)


My strongest takeaway from this is that I totally need to try a full-jelly water marble over glitter at some point. I know my Zoya jellies will marble, but I tried my others and they don’t speed at all, so I would be suck with pink, red, purple, and blue, which is not the best combo. Anyone know of a yellow jelly that marbles?

IMG_1838 copy

Hope you enjoyed, and happy Friday!

Trailing Flowers

YOU GUYS. This polish is amazing. And I quite like the design I ended up with as well! I am drooling over my own photos. This is rare.


The polish here is called Grey Opal by Polished for Days. It is yet another excellent example of why everyone should join the Polish Pickup Pack! Grey Opal covered perfectly in two thin coats, and control of the polish was excellent. Honestly, I have been painting my nails for years and even so I almost always need to clean around my cuticles with acetone after I am done applying my base color. With this polish, I had no need…it went exactly and ONLY where I wanted it to go! I am impressed.


The polish has a grey jelly base with lots of silver shards, coral shifting flakies, and teal shifting flakies. It is very fun to look at, between the orange and the teal and the glitter! It somehow manages to be both fun and elegant. I loved this polish so much I ended up checking out the Polished for Days store and OMG it is amazing. I want most of it (many of the polishes seem to have as much depth to them as this one, which is just incredible) and I officially have a new indie polish crush for jelly/flakie/shard combos!


Anyway, I ended up making floral stamping decals using a coral polish that more or less matched the pink-orange shade of the flakies, and just going with it. I did paint in some green leaves, but they barely ever made it onto the nail (they were all off the edge, oops)! I want to say this is fitting because yesterday was the first day of spring…but it is 32 degrees out and snowing!


~ Grey glitter: Polished for Days – Grey Opal
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Coral: L’Oreal – Orange You Jealous
~ Teal: Essie – Naughty Nautical
~ Stamp: BM – XL158


Hope you enjoyed! And seriously, if you are as addicted to polish as I am (which if you are reading this, I assume you are) go check out the Polish Pickup Pack. And thank me later 😀


Day 2 (look at me :-p) is “orange”. While as it turned out I didn’t have quite orange-y orange nails, I did have these sitting in my to-edit folder, and the main holo color is totally an orange! The others are black and coral, but so be it.


Tape manis always look so lovely 😀 then again I am biased, I don’t mind the time it takes to put them together and I think the payoff is worth it. Although I think doing that accent ring nails with just tape would have driven even me insane…sometime stamps REALLY make things easier!


This was inspired by Live Love Polish, mostly because I am terrible at coming up with enough designs for skittle nails.


~ Orange holo: Emily de Molly – Scorched Earth
~ Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
~ Black: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ Stamp: BC – 06


There will not be a post tomorrow (yellow sucks…maybe I’ll find something I want to do for next year out of what everyone else in the challenge posts! If I am not back in the hospital this time next year, who knows!). Anyway, I am excited for Green Day on Sunday!

Coral, Pink, and Gold

I had been missing water marbles…so I went ahead and did one! I have been seeing a lot of pink + coral + gold, so I used that color theme.


Ever since I got Clearwater by Pipe Dream Polish, I have taken great glee out of water marbling over a metallic polish that would NEVER otherwise be usable…like Good as Gold by essie. Metallics do not marble!


This was fast and dirty…I just did a fun looking pattern in the marbled polish and dipped my whole darn hand in at once. I usually don’t do that, but I didn’t feel like wasting a whole bunch of polish and I was getting impatient with myself. Despite my rush, the whole thing came out looking alright!


~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Light pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ Light mauve: Essie – Eternal Optimist
~ Pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Coral: L’oreal – Orange you Jealous
~ Clear: Pipe Dream Polish – Clearwater


Hope you enjoyed! For Friday of this chrome week we AGAIN have a multichrome polish, so enjoy in advance!

Rainbow Fishtail

Rainbows! It’s been two weeks, but it is rainbow time again! I actually had three different sets of rainbows pulled out, and picked the brightest one to save until today 😀


This was inspired by Nail Machine, although her blog seems to be defunct! Oh well. I wish nail artists would stop disappearing :-(. I also wish my nails were just a tad longer for this…she only used 7 colors and I had to grab a teal (ergo, I have 8) and the color blocking is much more closely spaced that I would have liked!


But still, bright colors = best colors. I wish I’d be able to do another rainbow gradient soon…but alas, this is basically my last post before I start my surgery rotation.


I have a bunch more nail arts lined up, but I don’t think any of them are rainbow! Maybe when I reappear (aka have time off med school) in September I’ll make another one.


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Pink: Essie – The Girls Are Out
~ Coral: Essie: Sunday Funday
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Yellow: Spoiled – Mind Your Own Beeswax
~ Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Teal: Essie – Naughty Nautical
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Purple: Zoya – Margo


Hope you enjoyed! As a reminder, all future posts (other than this Monday’s) will be scheduled. Happy July, and any last things you want me to read should be posted before Monday afternoon…I head back to work on Tuesday!


I don’t even know. I was trying something and it looked boring so I added some more and then some glitter…and somehow we ended up here.


My first mistake was using a coral. I love the look of my coral polishes…I just don’t like how they look on ME! Oops. I knew there was a reason I never wore them. Then I made some black and white stamping decals and cut them into strips. The strips looked ok.


Then I added another thinner set of strips. But now it looked weird again. So I added some gold glitter dots. And this is just too much. I kinda hate it and kinda don’t mind it. Yay…?


~ Coral: L’oreal – Orange you Jealous?
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: B. Loves Plates – 03 Mind Blown


That’s really all I’ve got today. No more coral for me! Friday’s post it better, I promise!

Peachy Party

This mani is something between awesome and a disaster. I had an idea and it didn’t pan out so I kept tweaking it. And somehow we ended up with pastels and neons in bright colors. And holo glitter. For fun.


So, there is a LOT going on here. We have a rough pastel gradient, some cut-out polish pieces, and a glitter topper. The gradient, although made of pastels, is even more subtle than I was hoping for, but I refused to move on from my pastel obsession into something easily observable. The cut-out geometric polish patterns are months old…and as such had dried and become brittle by the time of this mani. Oops!


Going forward, I’m going to try and store any decals/polish intending to be cut up and used on nails within a week of creating the decal. Otherwise the polish is just too darn hard to work with! That’s also why I ended up adding the glitter topper…some of the geometric pieces wouldn’t lie flat and I was getting impatient!


~ Pastel yellow: Maybelline – Citrus Collide
~ Pastel orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Pastel pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
~ Coral: L’oreal – Orange you Jealous?
~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Glitter: KBShimmer – I Only Have Ice For You


If I eve try this again, hopefully it will come out better! I hope you guys enjoyed this, despite the eclectic nature :-p


Another water marble! Wheee! This one is composed of freakishly bright colors in a combination that by rights shouldn’t work, but somehow does.


I basically grabbed the entire essie 2013 summer collection and went to town. I left the light blue out, because I didn’t need both the blue and the purple. Voila!


I was going to actually marble with these, but they don’t like moving once they are on the water, which is why I ended up just dipping my nails into the lines! Only my ring finger and thumb got even an attempt at marbling.


Just for a bit more over-the-top color, I added fuchsia rhinestones. Yay!


~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Light purple: Essie – Full Steam Ahead
~ Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Coral: Essie – Sunday Funday
~ Purple: Essie – The Girls Are Out
~ Teal: Essie – Naughty Nautical


Hope you enjoyed!

Printed and Coral

I am always drawn to the coral polishes whenever I get sent a Mentality collection. This was no different! The art over the polish was inspired by hanick7107.


Meet Extirpate, a beautiful neon matte coral polish. I cannot for the life of me spell this polish correctly (it’s also probably the first Mentality polish where I had to look up the definition of the name! My education fails me). Extirpate took two thickish coats to be opaque, but dried fast.



I just followed hanick7107’s nail art to make this, and it was pretty fun! I don’t usually do things that look like prints, it isn’t my style. But I liked this one! The purple and green are also from the neon matte collection. Even if they are just dots 🙂


~ Coral: Mentality – Extirpate
~ Black: Mentality – Scoundrel
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Purple: Mentality – Nix
~ Green: Mentality – Quash



Hope you enjoyed! You can pick up Extirpate (or any of the other neon mattes) from the Mentality Shop for $6.50. Happy shopping!

Coral and Lace – 31DC2014

Day 2: Orange! This art has been waiting patiently in my completed box for almost a month. I have to say this is the easiest bit I’ve got this month, because all the complicated parts are a water decal from the Born Pretty Store!


The decals were super easy to use. I didn’t have to cut the decal to size before putting it on my nail, because it is acetone-soluable. So, I just soaked it off its backing, attached it, and then cleaned up (like I normally do) with a brush and some acetone. Voila, 5-minute nail art! The orange/coral polish is Sunday Funday by Essie.



Interesting note about the decals…there are only two sizes of box! If you look closely, my pinky and ring finger have smaller checkered boxes and lacy bits, while the other three fingers all have bigger ones! I kept staring at my nails trying to figure out if I was imaging it.


If you want some awesome lacy decals for yourself, head on over to the Born Pretty Store. The set I have is 1706, and they are $1.93. Remember to use my 10% off code LY5X31!


In Shallow Waters

This post fill many requirements. It is my “nautical” post for the OMD2 Challenge, my “summer nail art” entry for the Nail Polish Canada summer contest (which you guys should TOTALLY GO VOTE FOR) and the tutorial for it will (hopefully) be published at Nail It! Magazine in the next week or so…once I write it up.


The interesting part of this mani is that it is a duplicate of one I did almost exactly a year ago. Only this time, I have longer nails. And slightly more time. That being said, I still love fish. And seahorses. And just summer underwater stuff in general. So if I had to re-do one mani, I think this wasn’t a bad one to choose!



– Light blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
– Medium blue: L’oreal – Not a Cloud in Sight
– Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
– Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
– Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
– Light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme



If you like these, please vote! It’s been a while since I won anything. And if you want to know how I put these together, head over to Nail It! Magazine in a few days!

Coral Floral

I love rhymey titles! Coral floral! I received these beautiful floral heart water decals from the Born Pretty Store and wanted to try them over tone-on-tone stamps (because these are the things I think about). It has been a while since I played with my coral polishes, and what better excuse than for the OMD Challenge coral day?


I have on two coats of a darker coral, stamped with light orange, and then I added my water decals. There are two types, a full circle (see the thumb) and a 3/4 circle (see my middle finger). Most of the ones on this mani are the 3/4 circle patterns that I cut up to place around my nail. These water decals were a delight to work with…thick enough to reposition (I replaced one of them 4 times without it wrinkling or ripping) but thin enough to disappear entirely under top coat.




  • Coral: Essie – Sunday Funday
  • Orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
  • Stamp: BM – 314


I am really happy with how this mani came out! If you want your own cute heart-flower water decals, check out the Born Pretty Store. They are $2.86. Don’t forget to use my 10% off code, LY5X31!

A Nail Divided

Today’s GOT challenge was “yellow/coral.” Well, I hate yellow but I decided to go with it anyway…especially since I have a whole bunch of coral polishes that I keep forgetting I own! So, I used both 🙂


This manicure was inspired by Peace, Love, and Polish but with changed colors and more dots! I really liked the style of hers, so I kept it, and kept the concept of using only creme polishes (I really wanted to use shimmers!)


I am really pleased with this! The best part? Depending on how I hold my nails, it looks like I just have a cool yellow-to-coral gradient, or just polka dots on white! I think I need to try the just polka dots concept. They look adorable 😀



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Yellow: WOW – #301
  • Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?


Thus completes the GOT challenges! It was a lot of fun joining with other polish fans to pull out my oldest polish and play with it. I rediscovered some fun colors I forgot I had, and forced myself to use colors I hate (ok, mostly just today).

Fire Through Glass

Continuing my Halloween theme, today we have fire, and fire through a stained glass window!


This was my first attempt at making my own nail decal. I stamped the design on my two middle fingers onto the stamper, hand-painted in each “window” shard, added two thick layers of top coat, and used it as a sticker!


In the future (and to any of you lovely ladies who want to try this) I recommend doing only ONE coat of top coat. Two was too thick, and as you can see one of my decals snapped when I tried to bend it to my finger. Both were too thick to really look great. I do so love the fiery gradient on my other nails though!



  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
  • Coral: Ruby Wing – Peony
  • Pink: Essie – Sunday Funday
  • Yellow: Revlon – Electric
  • Neon yellow: Forever 21 – Yellow
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 208

Despite using a color changing polish, there was very little color change on my nails. Maybe I used too much topcoat?


Hope you enjoyed!

Swirls and Dots

This is the final installment in my summer long combinations of teal and coral (to match a dress that I wore to two weddings and thus had 4 different nail arts for). Of the 4, this might have been my favorite. A new stamp, and some awesome water marbling!


The stamp here is Bundle Monster #322, one I had been wanting to play with for a while! It didn’t come out perfect, but I love the concentric circle theme!


This is the FINAL foot shoot…I just had to show how the nails matched my epic shoes! I swear its not for my toenails. LOOK AT THE SHOES.


I’m a little glad I won’t have to be working with this color combination again soon, I am honestly a bit tired of it! It was fun to challenge myself to find 4 ways to combine teal and coral, but enough is enough.



  • Teal: Essie – Naughty Nautical
  • Blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
  • Orange: Julep – Natasha
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 322


Hope you enjoyed!

And as a side note, the wonderful Jacqui over at Craftynail is also doing a blogiversary giveaway (we are almost blog birthday twins…that’s just complicated to say). So, if you haven’t, go check out her blog and enter her giveaway! Open internationally and it ends tomorrow night!

Swirls on the Diagonal

My sister’s friend presented me with a challenge: she wanted pink and white, suitable for work, with striping tape. She liked the idea of a diagonal mani, and I put together how it would work! This also gave me the chance to use one of my new favorite stamps, BM-201.

This mani started with a white base, followed by stamping in coral and then adding a coral diagonal. I cleaned up the (not exactly straight) line by adding striping tape over it, and then finished with top coat.


Unfortunately, this mani did not last terribly long, as my sister’s friend joined us for crab dinner and scraped off quite a bit of polish when trying to pry open crab legs! C’est la vie. At least I got photos :-p


White: Julie G – White Orchid
Coral: L’Oreal – Orange You Jealous?
Stamp: Bundle Monster – 201


I don’t know if this counts at 100% work-appropriate (working in lab means I can wear whatever I want on my nails!) but it is pink and white, and at least cute and not terribly glittery!

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